Woman Punched in Face at Times Square Subway Station 

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A woman was socked in the face at the subway station in Times Square - just days after a deadly stabbing spree. Ray Villeda reports.

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Feb 17, 2021




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Greer 5 days ago
If you not rich you gotta be crazy to live in nyc
June Cat
June Cat 6 days ago
No. Defund the police. Duhhhhh!!!!😒
Meg Yi
Meg Yi 7 days ago
They should had NEVER defunded the police in the first place.... 🤦🤦
Bob Harold
Bob Harold 7 days ago
Crime is down to in NYC?
E J 7 days ago
I NEVER feel safe when I'm In NYC. And I grew up in The Bronx, moved to the southern states 👍
Melanie C
Melanie C 8 days ago
I’m ready always prepared on the train! I’m a woman and I don’t take no shit! Cowards hitting elderly women! I’m not elderly bring it!!!
youngb1ood 8 days ago
It takes less than one second for a bullet to exit a gun and enter through your body. It takes less than 5 seconds for a stabbing to occur. Cops cannot prevent this shit from happening. Take your arms up people, it’s the right to bear arms. Your life or jail time, you choose.
General Warts
General Warts 8 days ago
missy Cat
missy Cat 9 days ago
I guess they got rid of the MTA police? so now they going to rush into the subway for a rew weeks and then it will be over as there is no police on the streets. stay well
Color Light
Color Light 9 days ago
Dont respect me i said no
david alen
david alen 9 days ago
What NYC voted in...and for...live with it... what a toilet
Jack Neet
Jack Neet 9 days ago
... For a few days. The police will peel off without announcement. And no one will notice.
Michael Valencia
Michael Valencia 9 days ago
How come there's always someone to punch someone with a maga hat on but there's one to defend these women?
Backdoor Man
Backdoor Man 9 days ago
How dare you assume she is a woman!
Trang Le
Trang Le 9 days ago
S Richards
S Richards 9 days ago
Lets just rename NYC as Gotham
L S 9 days ago
Crime is down, I'm from phila and from the outside looking in yall been on a wave past few yrs. This is like a culmination. NYC been trippin out hard these days.
Revelations The Lamb Diversified 777
There's some horrible Karens out there trying to fight.
Ruthless Reid
Ruthless Reid 9 days ago
What does suspect look like NBC we aren't mind readers?
Bush Whacker
Bush Whacker 9 days ago
Antifa does this on the regular
GMO TV7 9 days ago
Yea plylattttforms🤣🤣
Chris Gregor
Chris Gregor 10 days ago
The rank and file will always take the reactive approach, before being proactive. They try to stay under the radar, do as little as possible, finish their shift, and head home to rich whitey ville long island.
jarrod yuki
jarrod yuki 10 days ago
once yellowstone erupts, china germany and japan will take over the world.
Mr Mofo
Mr Mofo 10 days ago
Where is Bernie Goetz when you need him! I hope a vigilante starts killing scumbags all over New York! Thank the scumbag democrats for all the criminals on the streets!
jarrod yuki
jarrod yuki 10 days ago
never harm another human.
star shine
star shine 10 days ago
They should have had police in the subways already.....after that man pushed the woman in front of the train. All these other attacks wouldn’t have happened if police were present this whole time. And why don’t the subways have barriers on the platforms....preventing anyone from being pushed into a train? They have barriers in South Korea subways.....there’s no excuse to not have them here. It’s absolutely ridiculous that in 2021 people can still be pushed into the subway trains.
Lilo Rih
Lilo Rih 10 days ago
But defund the police?
BigGeno 10 days ago
Crime is down because we were sheltered and still sheltered in place sometimes. You got only about 60 percent maybe 70 percent of people back at work. Crime is not down!
Javier Cardenas
Javier Cardenas 10 days ago
Good luck getting good people to be police officers Officers need more pay more respect and more training After the refund the police movement who would want to be a cop
PabloBrown 3000
PabloBrown 3000 10 days ago
Only Karen's...not the innocent
shanswan waters
shanswan waters 10 days ago
Lol 😆!!!! Crime is down. Every time I turn on the news, it's something new with the NYC CRIME WAVE.
Yvette Robles
Yvette Robles 10 days ago
Koba TheDon
Koba TheDon 10 days ago
New york is awesome
michael murillo
michael murillo 10 days ago
Nyc needs yang. Now that is a man with balls that can change nyc. Not the mayor it has now.
********** 10 days ago
...What's wrong with people?
Donald Sawyer
Donald Sawyer 10 days ago
Times Square is deserted. Full of homeless
swift3891 10 days ago
Lying lady
ari20 10 days ago
Get rid of the mayor and bring back all Bloomberg laws...
Keri Monaco
Keri Monaco 10 days ago
I’ve been hearing New York City has a huge rise in crime. There were 16 shootings in one night a few months ago and wide spread shooting all over the city. Where’s the TMNT when you need them
Keri Monaco
Keri Monaco 10 days ago
New York City sucks
7toedcat 10 days ago
After months of opening jails, riots and subway attacks we expect law and order. DeBlasio destroyed NYC
John Boccuzzi
John Boccuzzi 10 days ago
Why was she studdering
Strong Island Handyman
Joe Biden’s America
Pie Mon
Pie Mon 10 days ago
Support the police and change the bail laws back.
Vida Twynham
Vida Twynham 10 days ago
They have been saying that for months! More police presence....yeah right, tell that to all those victims 🤦🏻‍♀️
Heart OakPig
Heart OakPig 10 days ago
At least someone wasn’t pushed onto the tracks this time and almost lost their life for it. That relieves my heart.
Hey There
Hey There 10 days ago
Show the public the video and give a freaking description! if he was black, white, or brown. Stop protecting criminals because of their skin color.
6100GG 10 days ago
Glad we're on a high floor.
Dokkalfar 21
Dokkalfar 21 10 days ago
Why is this news? That’s normal for that shithole .Bernard Goetz for Mayor
rob m
rob m 11 days ago
You people voted for this... now enjoy your "cultural enrichment"!
Adam Espinoza
Adam Espinoza 11 days ago
It's too bad there's a lot of racial attacks in New York against Asians Etc by black man if it was done by anybody else it would have been addressed a long time ago you won't see the story of this on MSNBC there such Hypocrites they talk about race every day but when there is real actual racism hate crimes they ignored because it's not a white guy doing it
lucifer experiment
lucifer experiment 11 days ago
fear ,fear ,fear ,,,
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez 11 days ago
Don't forget it's black Friday
Sakarno M
Sakarno M 11 days ago
Crime up run out New York
Ryvucz 11 days ago
About time, now add more Police.
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins 11 days ago
Watch someone try and push the Officer's on the tracks. These ppl are crazy out here. They have no limits.
Aquatic Typhoon
Aquatic Typhoon 11 days ago
Alternate title, elderly woman assaulted among harsh winter conditions 60 Feet underground.
Jenny Animal
Jenny Animal 11 days ago
All these news casters do is lie. Crime is not down.
KAL EL Krypton
KAL EL Krypton 11 days ago
people who were protesting against cops. Now wants them everywhere, HAHA 😂
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth 11 days ago
In NY there are no genders.
bos space
bos space 11 days ago
What's more dangerous? Syria or the NYC subway?
wnewfmer 11 days ago
To reduce crime you need a tough mayor, not DeBlasio... Criminals will walk all over someone like that....
fakenewsbuster jj
fakenewsbuster jj 11 days ago
Jason Haines
Jason Haines 11 days ago
Welcome to SHIT HOLE NYC!!! I guess all you morons who voted for your crime loving liberal trash are understanding that the criminals & politicians don't give a shit about the hard working everyday people. Way to go NY your so woke & progressive.
Chris Trudell
Chris Trudell 11 days ago
Could use a Charles Bronson down there
joanofarc33 11 days ago
“Crime is down.”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
King Delamuela
King Delamuela 11 days ago
Robin Bunny Buns
Robin Bunny Buns 11 days ago
HELLO! How about having cops patrol the streets and the subways like they used to MR DEBLASIO.... >:(
Antoinette Vinston
Antoinette Vinston 11 days ago
The world is coming to a end people are cruel innocent people's falling victim so sad yes pray for justice catch them get them off streets
Mu Jin Han / Fearless Mu
Thank you BLM for all these sh*t. Thank you for destroying our society through your defunding the police campaign. Criminals love you. USA will soon become Haiti.
Marlo S.
Marlo S. 11 days ago
C`mon Mayor Deblasio, where the heck are THE MENTAL HEALTH SOCIAL WORKERS AND Contact Tracers when you need them? Why aren't they patrolling the subways instead of these defunded police. BLM needs to start speaking up
Brian p
Brian p 11 days ago
It's a shit hole
Wheres My Dominatrix
Niggas got to much time on there hands ny needs make a brand new new York undercover tv show . Need to put plain clothes officers , that's how I use to get caught hopping the train 🤣🤣🤣
Greg K.
Greg K. 11 days ago
Defund the police ? ?
Izakokomarixyz 11 days ago
criminals are realizing that the police right now are weaker than they’ve been in decades...
Mark German
Mark German 11 days ago
Crime is not down stupid what are you talking about ?
SIKE01 11 days ago
it's only going to get worst! ALL seven candidates for NYC mayor are Democrats.
Justin H
Justin H 11 days ago
And just think, the jerk off city Council and Deblasio defunded NYPD by $1 billion dollars. Total disaster.
rgw1380rw 9 days ago
That loss isn't hurting them one bit.
scot60 10 days ago
Maybe they can send a social worker instead of a cop. That is the woke thing these days.
Wayne Leahy
Wayne Leahy 11 days ago
More Bullshit
What’s up with ppl targeting elders. Yk what it’s probably because their easy victims
Rob Metal Deth
Rob Metal Deth 11 days ago
And I'll be wrong if I carry my Mission Less Lethal and my Byrna launchers to defend myself AND others around me. I'd go to prison.
lorenzo rodriguez
lorenzo rodriguez 11 days ago
Everybody has got a comment until they get punched in the face
jeff cw
jeff cw 11 days ago
About time To little to late but better late than never
P4OE 11 days ago
Less victims because less people on the trains to attack . Doesnt mean it's better .
pinkphoenix1111 11 days ago
Cops will be there a few days tops. Then leave, until the next wave of bad crimes unfortunately. Smh.
Steven Zelinski
Steven Zelinski 11 days ago
What are people smoking saying crime is down? Its a nightmare thats getting worse cuz our mayor dont care. He needs to stop kissing up to criminals and let police do there jobs. PLEASE Mayor stop choosing crime over safety
Bert Hankins
Bert Hankins 11 days ago
What a joke. Who will ever go to ny for a vacation again?? That place is going to be dead
Azaria George
Azaria George 11 days ago
What is going on nowadays?
Aaron Samuel
Aaron Samuel 11 days ago
Bro c'mon man seriously this hate crime has got to Stop it's getting way too insane.
snowbunny426 11 days ago
The guy response is slow lol 😆
I FAMILYIH 11 days ago
Wtf is wrong with people 🤦‍♂️
Gloria Jacobs
Gloria Jacobs 11 days ago
Thank god I retired. Be safe workers out there. I now carry hot sauce.
Solomon Carter
Solomon Carter 11 days ago
Time for a new PC. His tenure is HORRIBLE!
S. Floyd
S. Floyd 11 days ago
Another "peaceful protest"? This elderly victim deserves better. Pursue hate crime charges for ALL perpetrators, not only for one demographic of people.
big june
big june 11 days ago
Wtf is wrong wit ppl freaking cowards go punch a grown man in the face! try that! Try me! man I wish a n!99@ would!!!!
Czerny A
Czerny A 11 days ago
So how about a description of the perp, huh?
hi 10 days ago
That's not allowed
Alan Zibelman
Alan Zibelman 11 days ago
You can't fix predators. Sentence people to death for heinous acts such attacking the elderly. I don't care if they have "mental issues."
Mary Matias
Mary Matias 11 days ago
Man....I tell you...the times we're living in☹️🙌🙌🙌😥
Who spilled My beans
I like police in the train, great idea
Who spilled My beans
Y’all ain’t tough. Stand up to someone your size sociopath