Video Shows Asian American Mother Attacked Outside Queens Bakery 

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A 52-year-old Asian American woman was attacked outside a New York City bakery on Tuesday, according to police. The incident left her with at least half a dozen stitches on her head. NBC New York’s Gilma Avalos reports.

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Feb 18, 2021




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How could anyone do this they are some of the nicest people in our country
Umesh Sagar
Umesh Sagar Hour ago
The problem is NO one even stood up for her
CrazyFolk 2 hours ago
But why is every news outlet making it seem like only black people are the ones attacking Asians? Asians are going along with that narrative too. Biden pushed an executive order to protect them, all while other groups are asking for the same support. I don't support violence, but it's hard to feel bad. They starting to learn who the real enemy is, sadly it's far too late.
Adrien Yb
Adrien Yb Hour ago
Roy Dub
Roy Dub 3 hours ago
́GuildYT Covers
́GuildYT Covers 5 hours ago
That was disrespectful and nobody helping her? Wtf was happening to people?
Leonardo Po
Leonardo Po 7 hours ago
A.L.M Asian Lives Matter 😡
fen miao
fen miao 8 hours ago
How are American Chinese treated in China? Are there any American Chinese? “There have been millions and millions of Chinese Americans but zero American Chinese” says Harvard’s Eric Liu. Korea Japan the same. Would any Chinese Korean Japanese defend you in their country?
Alpha wolf
Alpha wolf 10 hours ago
Yeah..... People don't stop fights because they are not sure what going on but if the person is asian and getting attacked, then im pretty sure they know what's going on....
Ig: longway2theguap
Ig: longway2theguap 10 hours ago
It’s crazy to me that in the videos where the suspect is white nobody mentions his race, but when the suspect is black everyone gets in the comments to attack black people saying they are the problem. As if they don’t remember Donald Trump fueling a lot of this with his “China Virus” comments. This isn’t about race or politics of the attackers as it’s obviously coming from all sides... it’s about the victims
Yuriza B
Yuriza B 11 hours ago
ripped up
ripped up 11 hours ago
Say it like it is, white people are threatened by Asians.
Glenn Kent
Glenn Kent 11 hours ago
Biden supporters.
johnyy09 12 hours ago
IDK why we have to make this about race right away. we dont know if this was because the woman is asian or just because they got into an argument over something. either way that man is wrong for pushing an elderly woman. But lets not make everything about race right away just makes this country even more divided.
Sneat 2 hours ago
Witnesses confirmed that “White guy” used racial slurs towards the Asian woman.
johnyy09 12 hours ago
The febreeze attack clearly a hate crime, this one could be but lets investigate before we jump to conclusions and create more hate
Dewa Ruci AB
Dewa Ruci AB 12 hours ago
Probably trump voter
STUPER HERO 13 hours ago
This is all propaganda. This has been happening for many years, why all of a sudden they are wanting to talk about these things.
Adrien Yb
Adrien Yb Hour ago
Oh sure
GJ Haokip
GJ Haokip 13 hours ago
This is Human rights in America😂
AlyssasAdventures 13 hours ago
Why is no one helping these people???
Mitch H
Mitch H 14 hours ago
What do you expect when the US media is pushing so much sinophobia
Elias 18 hours ago
Look at how calm the comments are compared to a similar incident when the attacker was black... nobody cares when it’s a white guy attacking people
Adrien Yb
Adrien Yb Hour ago
Atam Atam
Atam Atam 20 hours ago
Poor lady this man small ball big bully 😈
FBI AGENT 21 hour ago
Didn't she start it because he wasn't wearing mask and then she pull out a pepper spray and try to spray him? She got that coming to her mind you own business
PL G 22 hours ago
Freedom !!!
cesar 22 hours ago
Cov19 police citizens everywhere! Smh
Edwin BOTICTIC 22 hours ago
if americans do that to asians in america? it will also happen to americans in asia 100%
rain drop
rain drop 22 hours ago
As a russian mix korean, living in America has always been scary to me due to the fact that I hear rumors that they go harshly on people who aren't their race. Once a person at my school called me a "communist freak" because I'm russian?? And I always feel like I'm getting weird look in public because of my Asian like looks and cause my continent spread the "Asian virus" Sorry for my bad english
ben chan
ben chan 23 hours ago
any Asians that still wants to go to America then I hope u come home in a body bag! u have been told this is how they act over there!
Pac Man
Pac Man 23 hours ago
Celebrity yeah come to the boroughs that’ll never happen ofcourse Ha!!!!
Andrey daelo
Andrey daelo 23 hours ago
Thank God I ain't American
Mai Mai
Mai Mai Day ago
Oh my God so heart breaking
What the hell..... no one ,there were no anyone jump n help?....USA shame on u
B B Day ago
Those bystanders are taking the phrase, 'mind your own business' too seriously. Societies would not even exist if everyone had this mindset. Stand up for ppl facing injustice.
N Rosario
N Rosario Day ago
And they tried call him a black man.
I heard blk ppl was harming Asians this is not the case in this video.
Xanadools Day ago
What a tan that white trump supporter has😉
Dan S.
Dan S. Day ago
Lets use the liberal way of connecting the dots and assigning blame: democrats Billy de and his hanger ons run new yuck city - check democrats benito cuomo and his minions run new yuck state - check democrats joey biden and his cronies run the country - check YUP the democrats are racists and are inciting people to attack Asians
Frequent flyer weewee
Losers to that Pushing around AA. Come on pick on some one own size own race.. Losers.
Dimension X
Dimension X Day ago
Yet another reason to not live in New York.
jeffguan1 Day ago
Why is it not a hate crime? Coward!
Mohammed Ahmed
I don't know the full story, but there is no excuse for putting your hands on someone other than self-defense.
patrick jackson
People are just dicks in this world. Idc what race you are or the race you attack, there is no reason to attack ANYBODY.
kongming2005 Day ago
Wow I did believe comments will be deleted (by YT or the channel owner) but this time it really happen to my earlier post. "Is this Americans worried about facial recognition technology to be used in US to prevent crime and apprehend criminal after? If it is really a concern by the majority, perhaps it might mean something but is there any survey done? Only in video it shows how helpful and people will stand for the weak but in reality no one helps at all" Indeed it has made Americans great again in many aspects now
w Day ago
I don’t get why asian women marry white guys. This is what they are supporting
1JH Day ago
Pepper spay??at this trying time use the second amendment next time around
Lopic piclo
Lopic piclo Day ago
BLM ? lol I dont think BLM bullshit , WLM bullshit
Nature Guardian
I wish i could help her poor woman. he should be lock up!
Safet Cucaj
Safet Cucaj Day ago
Just wait until we hit herd immunity . I pray nothing bad happen to CHINESE diplomats at CHINESE embassy at 520 12th Avenue/
hope Day ago
Dont call him a man he is a coward men do not pysh women like that.
Van Der Linde
Whats happening to this country. Very sad.
Ashi Kojima
Ashi Kojima Day ago
She pepper spray him for not wearing a mask and then he attack her more like shoving her away
m. taylor
m. taylor 16 hours ago
@Ashi Kojima I reviewed this video many times and I see him holding his hands up, box in hand, to throw at her. It also looks as if he was wearing a mask but the image is blurry. The reporting is disorganized that it's difficult to get a clear idea what happened.
Ashi Kojima
Ashi Kojima 16 hours ago
@m. taylor why is he rasing his hand to protect his face if she didn't use it
m. taylor
m. taylor 17 hours ago
@Ashi Kojima I don't know what you are talking about...I don't see her spraying him, but I don't see a problem with having it in hand just in case. Odd how he picked her when there were many other people nearby. In fact, it is bad manners to curse at someone in the first place.
Ashi Kojima
Ashi Kojima 17 hours ago
@m. taylor so if someone cursing you immediately pepper spray him for just that both have no manners
m. taylor
m. taylor Day ago
He started cursing at her and got violent when she pulled out her pepper spray, so it has nothing to do with not wearing a mask. There were many other people standing nearby in line too, but he did not pick on them. He obviously singled her out because of her race.
Mr Akimbo
Mr Akimbo Day ago
1:47 Oh look, it's a non-white person being racist, astonishing, I mean were always told that only white people are racist.
BigFugitive Day ago
This is obviously in Flushing queens right on mainstreet
Tensai Juusan
Four times her size! What an absolute coward! My wife is Asian and has never experienced a problem living in America for over 20 years. But if anyone was foolish enough to attack my wife - god help them!
Breme Camero
Breme Camero Day ago
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for a good men to do nothing.
Mr. Eminem
Mr. Eminem Day ago
He's not only guilty... All those people near them are guilty for doing nothing... AMERICA IS A JOKE... MOST RACIST COUNTRY EVER
JJ_Realm Day ago
United States will never change. It will always be like this.
Slim jim
Slim jim Day ago
This is sad 😥
TP Day ago
firstly, arrest the hate crime gang leader Donald Trump, Pompeo, Ted Cruz, Nigel and others who instigate hate crimes against Asian and colors...also some media reporters.
Subhas Chandra Boss
America has gone to the dogs.
Marcus The Vietnamese
Imagine someday he enter chinatown and some asian people realize him
Jay R
Jay R Day ago
Attack on the Asians anime jaeger
Metabee21 Day ago
suddenly i feel safe from Malaysia since racism in Malaysia is Next Level(they are racist toward their own race too before the other race)
Deenish Doyle
What are the secret service doing to help?!!!
HD Green Screen
HD Green Screen 2 days ago
He is trump supporters
Chí Thiện Huỳnh
I find him
Marian Cadenas
Marian Cadenas 2 days ago
American have a big respect here in philippines and filipino in america they doing inappropriate things to discriminate us as an asian.. mga pota mo, mao ng daghan ug covid dra sa inyo...
Rob Davis
Rob Davis 2 days ago
Give bullies a taste of their own medicine
Mario Banks
Mario Banks 2 days ago
So you pepper someone for cursing you out? The mother was the one who attacked the man first. Good luck in court with this one.
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 2 days ago
It’s nyc what did you expect
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 2 days ago
New York is tuff
Humble Bee
Humble Bee 2 days ago
Black people this is not your fight
A man of luck and great knowledge
If i was there, this kind of attack won't happen.
BraveStarEric 2 days ago
They don’t consider this a hate crime because the attacker is white. I just read a story with a black attacker and it’s considered a hate crime. So basically white people somehow are the least racist people these days? Double standard?
Jspice Cue
Jspice Cue 2 days ago
Happening in cities run by liberal democrats
abc1234567893627 2 days ago
They attacked elderly and women as well. What a huge loser to pick up someone weak. He may be miserable in life too, good for him to be living that way.
Mu Hu
Mu Hu 2 days ago
Get guns like we do here in TX. Have a pistol with you, have a shot gun in your house, and have a semi-automatic in your office. Problem solved.
Park bwiter
Park bwiter 2 days ago
Most of americans who did that kind of actions were not educated they always think that they are ahead in all race but they just only know how to speak english
jacobe ksor
jacobe ksor 2 days ago
He is Biden support
Huong Giang
Huong Giang 2 days ago
Joe Biden & BLM and No Chinese!
Marcus 2 days ago
Hate crime? He gets hit with pepper spray so he pushes her away. A guy sprays fubreez while backing away and that's a hate crime? This is US-first. How many subway and street fights and attacks can be found with other races? This is bs.
mark f
mark f 2 days ago
a lot more will follow. punish China...and this will not happen
GLENNROCK_ 2 days ago
That means there calling for war on the street, ones the Asian start doing this shit there not gonna like it.
Yossra Attia
Yossra Attia 2 days ago
Isn’t it illeagal to touch a woman in public? Why is everybody just watching!!?!?!
Yossra Attia
Yossra Attia Day ago
So all of the police there dont care?
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 2 days ago
It’s nyc they don’t care
Rom Sawyer
Rom Sawyer 2 days ago
Look at this black guy 🤦‍♂️
Hasani Jitu
Hasani Jitu 2 days ago
Why would a white guy just attack an innocent Asian lady.
Carter Brown
Carter Brown 2 days ago
Those people are almost as bad as the smae guy
Agus Santoso
Agus Santoso 2 days ago
the meek shall inherit the earth
YO LIN 2 days ago
Wow I live close to that...
fucking leyah
fucking leyah 2 days ago
She went up harassing him and peppersprayed him first😂😂
Ice AP
Ice AP Day ago
And she had a reason to do that.
Anony Me
Anony Me 2 days ago
That's because he started berating her and threatening her. Of course she would've been scared if a grown man his size started verbally attacking out of nowhere just because she's Asian.
Gloria Vera
Gloria Vera 2 days ago
I hope he's caught and gets the max!
Lovemeloveme Always
She peppered sprayed him tho just bc he didn't have a mask doesn't mean pepper spray him. And I'm not saying it's right that he put his hands on her but in today's world U can't b doing the most and not expecting a response ijs
Chana Cam
Chana Cam 2 days ago
Cowards pick on people that are smaller than them.
Chana Cam
Chana Cam 2 days ago
I don’t see people defending her !
Tim avenger
Tim avenger 2 days ago
shotty reporting there ...
Josh Jimmy Kurian
Rather than helping people nowadays people more interested in putting hands in their mouth it makes them fell better in a nasty way
And windy
And windy 2 days ago
God bless you all 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤
Jack Tack
Jack Tack 2 days ago
Propaganda propaganda propaganda LOL this is so hilarious why in the hell would anybody be worried about an Asian LOL / race war
Jack Tack
Jack Tack 2 days ago
Mick Care
Mick Care 2 days ago
Wheres the start of the situation in my country she would be in jail for fire arms offenses he didn't physically engage till she sprayed him
Anony Me
Anony Me 2 days ago
He literally started berating her first, of course anyone in her situation would've been scared if a grown man his size started verbally threatening. Also remember this is America, and people have guns. She was only defending herself and he's the one who literally threw her to the ground, not even a slight push.
Greg Qualls
Greg Qualls 2 days ago
White male suspect only got a slap on the wrists.