Triple Shifts on Rikers Island: Lawmakers Respond to I-Team Report 

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Correction officers on Rikers Island say they’re on the verge of mental breakdowns - and now politicians are responding. Sarah Wallace reports.

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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 13   
Maria D
Maria D 8 days ago
Deblasip caters to criminals not the actual law abiding citizens. How dare they do this to them hold up hem accountable
LOUIE NYC 8 days ago
Bo ho ho,, quit your job let somebody else work that needs it
Don John
Don John 9 days ago
Start firing those that gives the rules
g t
g t 10 days ago
All the guards had to do was call the Federal department of Labor. It's against Federal law to work more than 16 hours straight. Hard to believe not one of the guards knew this.
Robert Fernandez
Robert Fernandez 8 days ago
Then they wouldn’t have a lawsuit.
AQNiNjA 9 10 days ago
Thats Astoria not Elmhurst
Mike Clemets
Mike Clemets 10 days ago
They had the posters showing the Spanish guy all happy to join the corrections
Flex Operations
Flex Operations 10 days ago
Niggas be like defund the police.
STEVEN MARLEY 10 days ago
Shut rikers Island down
Robert Fernandez
Robert Fernandez 10 days ago
The taxpayers are getting fleeced on overtime.
Maria D
Maria D 8 days ago
There’s not enough guards triple shifts means someone can die obviously your memory fails you
John D
John D 10 days ago
Vote democrat, and buy apple products.......
Pie Mon
Pie Mon 10 days ago
Impeach Deblasio and vote his democratic cronies out of office.
STEVEN MARLEY 10 days ago
I agree democrats are no good we need Donald trump back
KrazyKrzysztof 10 days ago
they were making so much money working triple shifts holy smokes off course they did not stop
KrazyKrzysztof 9 days ago
@Darren serignese u can start your own island and hire your own fire department, police, road building and repair maintenance team, a school for your children, and a city or state level university, if u dont want to pay taxes
KrazyKrzysztof 10 days ago
@Candie P next week they will be whining about low pay though
Candie P
Candie P 10 days ago
Did we watch the same video? Because it sounds like these officers want to go home to their kids and family.
Eat Everything
Eat Everything 10 days ago
i wouldnt mind working that long. give me a job!
Mike Clemets
Mike Clemets 10 days ago
Yeah right 16 hours in you get mad with the stress
Sosua Pimp
Sosua Pimp 10 days ago
You do not want that job