NYPD Steps Up Security After Subway Stabbing Spree | NBC New York 

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The NYPD is stepping up patrols through the city’s subway system following a deadly 14-hour stabbing spree over the weekend. NBC New York’s Marc Santia reports.

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Feb 15, 2021




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Truth Reigns Forever
Anyone believing they put out “500 additional officers” on the subways, I kindly reprimand you: “Don’t be so gullible” please. ☝️😐
Ismael Pediten
Ismael Pediten 7 days ago
I no longer read the “Defund the Police” comments what happened?
D. Jackson
D. Jackson 9 days ago
Subways on high alert everybody be safe that mess trending so you know the routine other states and idiots going copy smh
Tara Hower
Tara Hower 9 days ago
Just death penalty if you kill someone at this point 😑
Daniel d
Daniel d 10 days ago
34th street herald square is the worst
smith wesson
smith wesson 10 days ago
Clean up nyc of scumbags 👍👍👍
New Gaming Chair
New Gaming Chair 10 days ago
Moved outta NY at the right time
slapshot68 10 days ago
Should be a permanent thing
Salem Bishop
Salem Bishop 10 days ago
Cuomo and De Blasio are pro dissolve of the NYPD remember 😲They are disgusting and need to be jailed their dam selves for assault on the people of NY
Can NYC policeman keep their hands out all seasons at all times not putting in their pockets? Looks like they are idling not on duty.
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali 10 days ago
My food and bk
Cliff Johnson
Cliff Johnson 11 days ago
[Two Asian Senior Citizens Attacked on NYC Subway in the Same Day; Mayor Bill de Blasio called the attack “unacceptable” on Twitter This is unacceptable. We will NOT tolerate violence on our subways. Public transportation is safe for all New Yorkers.] I [Mayor Bill de Blasio] rode the subway yesterday and added over 600 officers to the beat. We will make sure public transportation is safe for all New Yorkers. So Mayor Bill you cut 1 BILLION dollars from your police budget, and now you steal 600 cops from other essential police services. Where are going to get the money to fill in the shortages of cops Dip feces Mayor Bill?
Joy Ace
Joy Ace 11 days ago
They should done this a long time ago it wouldn’t never happen glad you see the light about time lets hope it continue to protect people that needs to go to work and schools
Mag Rino
Mag Rino 11 days ago
This is a scary times to lives ! The pandemic not over , people losing job , families don’t know how to get foods on the table and police are not doing anything! It’s a scary time ! God the only people who can make it all better!
debra firestone
debra firestone 11 days ago
Not suprised
debra firestone
debra firestone 11 days ago
Oh did they defund the police maybe that’s why they are having problems now just like other cities hsve said crime has gone up segnificantly
Philip R Bailey
Philip R Bailey 11 days ago
pinkphoenix1111 11 days ago
Smh. This will last a few days then they will leave until the next crime spree.🙄
Bekim Uka
Bekim Uka 12 days ago
Get them and make sure they have 3 worm meals a day clean clothes and 🛏️... Make sure tax payers feeding him for as long he is in...
realdeal139 12 days ago
Lopez needs to be deported ASAP back to the dominican
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC 12 days ago
People are so cruel and careless... Why would you do this to some... 😔
Orlando Garcia
Orlando Garcia 12 days ago
Mta should add security to its staff and communicate with nypd.
GuizhongLin89 12 days ago
A little over a year ago they protested to keep the NYPD out of the NYC subway. Now the working class who actually need to use the subway are begging for there to be more police presence there. The ant-police protests throughout the US in 2020 in the name of BLM wasn't going to work in NYC. Too many gangs and psychopaths in NYC. The population density is not the same as rural towns in the Midwest.
Brian Ingram
Brian Ingram 12 days ago
Wow what took so long
Ernest Hamitaj
Ernest Hamitaj 12 days ago
Wee need the police 🚔
Mama Payne
Mama Payne 12 days ago
Where are they patrolling union and times square? You need police riding and patrolling the trains at the outer borough stations when the empty out and reload. Not at the 9/11 stations. A crazy woman was on the train today and not an officer on sight. They're patrolling the wrong stations.
SMECK 12 days ago
NYPD are all crooks
Jovan Rivera
Jovan Rivera 12 days ago
Nah you guys want to defund the police remember......
Ray 12 days ago
about time, nyc political always slow to act. till something happens
lu morbid
lu morbid 12 days ago
Kill or be killed
Ricardo Delacruz
Ricardo Delacruz 12 days ago
He killed 2 people wow guy out of pocket for that
C L 12 days ago
Chicken King
Chicken King 12 days ago
What a loser
Legendary DQ
Legendary DQ 12 days ago
De Blasio is truly at fault for this, no matter what anyone in New York says.
debra firestone
debra firestone 11 days ago
He’s at fault for a lot more then that
Tania 12 days ago
Oh please this has happened even before covid
Ace Naraiki
Ace Naraiki 12 days ago
Ravkrat 12 days ago
thoughts cops are bad though?
R ED 12 days ago
Uhm last summer they said we needed less police. What gives?
Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite
So they're not sending in the social workers??? But I thought everyone thought that defunding the police was a great idea???
Harlem9000 12 days ago
Put social workers on the trains to stop crime.... that’s what the left really wants
Jaire Jonas
Jaire Jonas 12 days ago
All it took was some murders, train pushers and sexual assaults
Donnell Brown
Donnell Brown 12 days ago
We need mta, police back in NYC
Fear GOD & Worship Him
REPENT!! REPENT!! REPENT!! Ladies and gentlemen.. GODS children. Repent & be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins & you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Acts 2:38) THE TRINITY IS VOID!! THOSE ARE TITLES. BE REBAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!! Everyone will have eternal life after this one.. but you decide whether it's Heaven or Hell. GOD Bless
Ricardo 12 days ago
I visit NY but never would want to live there.
kell money
kell money 12 days ago
Lol we don't feel safe with Ethier one at the train stations least can fight back if someone tries to stab me cops just shot
Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez 12 days ago
Eliminate these bums
Eddie N.
Eddie N. 12 days ago
to add 500 Police from where? Which community you are going to pull from ? DeBlasio defunded the police, remember?
Carmin Rodriguez
Carmin Rodriguez 12 days ago
Where are these cops going? Manhattan or all NYC
Justin H
Justin H 12 days ago
This is classic NYC government, react after people are killed. They should have had a strong police presence in the subway to begin with.
Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite
@Sankofa NYC bon voyage... just know that it was you who said that the cops NEVER stand on the platform, which automatically removed any validity of any point you may have had... enjoy the rest of your evening... oh and by the way, I never mentioned or implied that random acts of violence don't happen anywhere else... if I did, please show me, I'd really appreciate it... I don't want to find out that I'm actually forgetting my words like dementia joe...
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC 12 days ago
@Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite oh I am... We are clearly done... Now that your point has shifted to there is and was has been crime in America... 😂WOW MIND BLOWING!! How unique of it... Cause no where else has random acts of violence... That was the point you set out to prove and I helped you with... I helped you make that point... And dude I'm on Walton Ave in the Bronx right now literally as I type this... I live and work in the Bronx. Of course cops are on train platforms from time to time... There are cop stations and stands inside some train stations, so obviously. I think the point I was making just flew by you... But yo... Reply if you want, but this show sucks, I'm leaving 😂✌🏾
Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite
@Sankofa NYC you are always welcome to leave the theater 😉
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC 12 days ago
@Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite lol 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 🗣️ ENNNNNN!!! Someone hit the buzzer and show this man his boobie prize... Get off the stage! 😂🍅🍅
Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite
@Sankofa NYC thank you for completely proving my point.. it's appreciated much more than you can imagine.... with that said... welcome to Demezuela.. formerly known as America, land of the free... enjoy!!!! Oh, and after more than 4 decades in NYC, I think I might know just a LITTLE bit of public transportation and what goes on...😉 as far as police NEVER standing on the platform... then you must never have been at the 149th 3rd Avenue, or 149th grand concourse, 42nd st, 34th st, 180th st, Burke Avenue, Morrison sound view ave, 161st, fulton st, wall st,, and that's just a few in Manhattan and the bronx, I could go on about Brooklyn and queens... you might want to try again... but don't believe me, take a stroll on any of the number lines in the bronx, I guarantee you'll find cops standing on the platform... I know I have seen a few, unless I was hallucinating and imagining the arrests for not paying the fare....
robert holzapfel
robert holzapfel 12 days ago
i thought they wanted them defunded?
Harry Lime
Harry Lime 12 days ago
More NY chaos, just in time for the Democrat Biden and Bidenites to start a new campaign to further deny your right (2a) to self defense.
Anal Release
Anal Release 12 days ago
wow looks like they doin some hard work over....flashin they lights n shit hahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahaha
Ambitious Papi
Ambitious Papi 12 days ago
That’s how they communicate with one another and the train conductor.
Mitch Garbeno
Mitch Garbeno 12 days ago
NYPD is coming pokes as 💩. Crime is also not down.
Cynthia Z
Cynthia Z 12 days ago
Has the mayor been taking the train? Well, he should...🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
ripple chips
ripple chips 12 days ago
More like a fancy limo with a cocktail ! There in there own bubbles !
Amber A
Amber A 12 days ago
I thought the Geniuses wanted to defund the police. Now you want their help smh Nutty world.
ripple chips
ripple chips 12 days ago
There so damn corrupt power hungry evil and unprofessional these governors it's not even funny ! 🙄
Isayama’s Sleep Paralysis Demon
Crime isn't down! Stop lying! Crime has surged since the summer of last year. Crime is NOT down.
Legendary DQ
Legendary DQ 12 days ago
Crime is way up, and going up more and more everyday. This is what happens when we don't have the right leadership in NYC.
Anette Desire
Anette Desire 12 days ago
Wtf is going on in NYC
Johngottisentme 12 days ago
Get out of NYC while you can
Olu Hamilton
Olu Hamilton 12 days ago
Wtf TOOK ya'll so long!?!?
K l
K l 12 days ago
Should have at least two security guy per station. Most of the time they are sitting in the car doing nothing anyway. Let them sit down there.
Martin 12 days ago
should've done this a long time ago tf
Dawn Conner
Dawn Conner 12 days ago
Finally. Please
JBL NYC 12 days ago
Now they need to go after all of the minorities that jump the turnstiles!!
robr2190 12 days ago
There are no real journalists in mainstream media anymore. They are just puppets and clowns. Who only care about making money for themselves, and causing anarchy to continue to make money. Hypocrites!
Uncle Jeffrey
Uncle Jeffrey 12 days ago
Crime is down?
Jerry Peukert
Jerry Peukert 12 days ago
Especially since you were suicided.
Kavin Moore
Kavin Moore 12 days ago
NYC POLICE officers should've stepped up a long time ago and not wait until more innocent people get killed..smh
No Bueno
No Bueno 10 days ago
Remember defund the police
Ambitious Papi
Ambitious Papi 12 days ago
It’s not their fault, it’s the elected officials who calls the shots.
The 3rd King
The 3rd King 12 days ago
DEM- we should defund the police.................. rightt lets do that
Larry Baldwin
Larry Baldwin 12 days ago
And of course Rigoberto is a good Boy,onhis way to Church and then to help Homeless old Ladies
Jojo heartspaypay
Jojo heartspaypay 10 days ago
Promising rap career too..
robr2190 12 days ago
Cuomo killed thousands of elderly people in nursing homes. Needlessly and alone. That is a fact. All the mainstream media who decided to ignore and not report on this story. You all have the blood of those who died on your hands as well. You are disgusting parasites. Also all those entertainers who came out in support of Cuomo. You also have blood on your hands. For what? Dirty politics. Hatred. You all are disgusting disgusting dirtbags. Those people were so ones parents. Grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends. Live with that you pieces of sh@t.
rookforce1 12 days ago
A sign needs to be posted at every subway station: WELCOME TO THE TERROR DOME.
Quentin Parker
Quentin Parker 7 days ago
Crucifixtion ain't no fiction.
Brian Ingram
Brian Ingram 12 days ago
I noticed this in the summer bottom line police upset about defunding. There was no police in subway system but plenty of mentally ill people wondering about
Brian Ingram
Brian Ingram 12 days ago
Amen lol
Jerry Peukert
Jerry Peukert 12 days ago
2 men enter, 1 man leaves.
TheAsskickyoulater 12 days ago
Takes a couple of deaths to finally have them do something about it
Jojo heartspaypay
Jojo heartspaypay 10 days ago
Always. NY finished.
the future
the future 12 days ago
This is DiBlasio's doing. He shit on the NYPD and let violent offenders out of prison who did not serve their full time, what did everyone think was going to happen. Remember, he allowed the violent protests to happen with no repercussions to any offenders.
ROB Padilla
ROB Padilla 12 days ago
Why is it that something has to happen. 🤔 where was the police in the first place.
Leviathan Cain
Leviathan Cain 12 days ago
Too little, too late.😒
Josue Lopez
Josue Lopez 12 days ago
It only took a few people thrown off the platform and stabbed to death thank mayor!!
Mike Leonidas
Mike Leonidas 12 days ago
How can you have more cops when your stupid mayor DEFUNDED the police? Haha 😂
Gen_97gaMer 12 days ago
But but... What about the social workers, they were supposed to fix everything
RatedTypeR 12 days ago
I’m convinced psychopaths love to commit copycat crimes like it’s a fad in season. It’s almost like they have their own newsletter or social media platform, and try to out due each other. You have those that beat the elderly during the fall, those who break subway windows when it’s summer, those who slash & stab subway riders over the winter, and those who push ppl into the train tracks for the entire 2020.
MAN MAN 12 days ago
I though Dill Blasio was sending 300 spartans to the Sub underworld
Jose Malave
Jose Malave 13 days ago
Am a undercover officer am on these subway too searching for these bullys
Jack Rainwater
Jack Rainwater 13 days ago
Mayor Murder strikes again..
F Tran
F Tran 13 days ago
Can we finally agree that we need to ban assault knifes?
Josue Lopez
Josue Lopez 12 days ago
Only automatic assault knives lol
jonnyfendi2003 13 days ago
Rats in the streets of new york more civil than the actual citizens.
Richard Wind
Richard Wind 12 days ago
CUOMO ????
ripple chips
ripple chips 12 days ago
100% true they actually are
Anna Wilson
Anna Wilson 13 days ago
Dawg Face Gremlin
Dawg Face Gremlin 13 days ago
That flash light trick is going to be the game changer, in this whole operation, blind the shit out of the bad guy's, they ain't going to know what hit them. 👀
Marcos 12 days ago
That’s more for MTA then police lol
RatedTypeR 12 days ago
🥷 🔦 👮
Irving Arias
Irving Arias 13 days ago
They should of done this long time ago
mikey breakz
mikey breakz 13 days ago
blue man good. criminal bad. many blue man stop criminal bad men from doing more bad things.
mikey breakz
mikey breakz 13 days ago
catch the pushers and stabbers
Npc 24
Npc 24 13 days ago
This wouldn’t happen if they had some kind of knife control.
SCRUMS 1738 13 days ago
I have to pay now smh
Mike's Movie Club
Mike's Movie Club 13 days ago
Serial killer not stabbing spree fun time
Reviews Jobs and Skills for Life GET PAID
Bring back stop and frisk and don't search me because I'm black. Search every one.
Reviews Jobs and Skills for Life GET PAID
@Oh No suggestion to substantiate your argument further. My point is proven to slow crime especially with the younger teens and 20s who think NY AND CHICAGO DRILL music makes them hard.
Skid Row
Skid Row 12 days ago
Oh No
Oh No 12 days ago
That is a horrible idea
MAN MAN 13 days ago
Bring back Elvis, and the knight stick!
ruzzell907 13 days ago
This is going to be a domino effect.
MAN MAN 12 days ago
They need to bring back Charles Bronson
alberto love
alberto love 13 days ago
Now he is going to be in prison stabbing none violent offenders. I cant understand how sick psychopathic individuals who do crime for fun or do it for criminal organizations get to live and victims die.
Jojo heartspaypay
Jojo heartspaypay 10 days ago
Makes o e want to go full vigilante..thats an ugly word..
Donnavin Offical
Donnavin Offical 13 days ago
They can do all this but can’t get guns off the wrong ppl hands need more gun laws
Jerry Peukert
Jerry Peukert 12 days ago
New York already has strict gun laws, guns and ammo ranked it 51st in the country for gun rights.
TruthMercyRegret Phrophet
People need to get rid of gun laws
Donnavin Offical
Donnavin Offical 13 days ago
@Policelivesmatter * I’m just saying in general
Jeff Lawrence
Jeff Lawrence 13 days ago
Its OK Biden will reward him
Preston Rodriguez
Preston Rodriguez 13 days ago
Biden’s going to throw in a trip to Hawaii
Jennifer Convertibles
are you stupid?
Atsard- Dali
Atsard- Dali 13 days ago
There are eejits in this comment section.. PERIOD!! Get a life
Atsard- Dali
Atsard- Dali 13 days ago
Ok stop only patrolling the tourist heavy subway stations only..Go patrol West 4th (is a freaking Zoo), 2nd Ave F Train, Fulton Street, Delancey street, etc. Uptown and downtown platforms, can’t use the machines to buy a metro card as shady peeps harassing us. Maskless homeless colony’s of peeps hanging around the entrance of the non ticket booth entrances, smoking and doing drugs...barely being able to breath with a mask on the last thing we need is to get a puff of filthy second hand smoke stuck inside our masks inside the stations when were gasping for air in the first place.....
wnewfmer 13 days ago
The 500 cops should have been patrolling the subways already before these attacks. NYC needs a tough Mayor & Police Commissioner.....
common sense
common sense 13 days ago
Dibozo dont give a damn ...his wife stole all the money for Thrivenyc...mental health help.....God help nyc its done... worst mayor Ever!!!!!!!