NYC Restaurant Fires Woman for Refusing to Get COVID-19 Vaccine | NBC New York 

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A former waitress in Brooklyn says that her uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 vaccine cost her her job.
Bonnie Jacobson worked at the Red Hook Tavern, who she said asked her last week if she planned on getting the vaccine after it had been extended to restaurant workers.
"I was honest, I'm not going to do it quite yet," Jacobson said. "I do have my reservations about it, I need to talk to a doctor, just see how I feel. She said no problem."

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Feb 17, 2021




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Maria A
Maria A 2 hours ago
I will not be eating there! The part where companies can fire you for not getting the vaccine is inaccurate. It is unprecedented and would be decided in court. Also, companies/institutions who mandate vaccines run the risk of people stop buying there products and services or donating to their cause.
Kim4ever1234 4 hours ago
how is this real? ppl are so stupid
Dvore Truck 1274
Dvore Truck 1274 16 hours ago
God bless her
Ed Bradley
Ed Bradley 19 hours ago
No real scientific proof, only "science speak"! If you present the science your posts and comments get censored. What could be worse? Courts that are too complicit to hear the case and the results of scientific method study of this medical treatment (It's not a vaccine). By taking this vaccine (treatment) your risk of serious complications is greater than your risk of getting "covid" or of serious complications developing from "covid".
Fainaru Furasshu
Fainaru Furasshu 21 hour ago
>33 Really? Bonnie Jacobcon is probably not even a real person. This whole news segment is completely staged. Its purpose is to create fear among people that doesn't want to get injected with nRNA. "If you don't take the shot you'll become homeless."
Okanagan World News
Sue the bastards...
Marcus Ballentine
This is so wrong
Cassie Carlson
I refused the vaccine when it was offered by my employer too. Next day, they emailed me to let me know I was fired unless I received the vaccine. No heads up prior that it would be mandatory also. I lost my job a month ago... I contacted a lawyer. It's completely legal in ny state. Buckle up folks
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 2 days ago
Can employers fire people for being HIV positive or require them to be on PreP to continue employemt?
Question everything
If you want the vaccine, take it, but stop complaining about the ones that don't want it.
Thomas The Thank Engine
petru matei
petru matei 3 days ago
Sue them
Raging Rob
Raging Rob 3 days ago
Hopefully she Sues the restaurant for discrimination
Raging Rob
Raging Rob 3 days ago
It's starting
Jesse Aledonis
Jesse Aledonis 3 days ago
Sue them in court and make them prove there is a pandemic .They cannot because there isn't one and you will win!
Jesse Aledonis
Jesse Aledonis 3 days ago
The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons have been against this whole Covid scare from the very beginning including all restrictions!
Vanessa Uribe
Vanessa Uribe 2 days ago
Where can I read about it? Thank you in advance.
Houssam Nekkaa
Houssam Nekkaa 3 days ago
I'm getting the onion vibes
Junior 4 days ago
SgCy 4 days ago
So I guess international law, human rights and the constitution dont actually mean anything.
Ncrypt Solutions
Ncrypt Solutions 4 days ago
You can't force mandatory injections on people. This isn't Auschwitz. Im not getting the vaccine either.
Holly Holy
Holly Holy 4 days ago
Good. They talk about resisting? They ain't seen nothing yet.
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 5 days ago
We all need to do our part and inform citizens of there rights!
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 5 days ago
J and J is better than the rushed, never used en mass in humans before MRNA gene therapy "vacine". But there is no suffering. Covid is similar to a bad cold or flu. Nothing more. The deaths are not counted properly ("Covid deaths are counted as people who die with Covid, NOT from Covid"-Toronto Publiv Health). The suffering is 100% caused by the government imposing draconian illegal control measures and economic devastation on the people . We need to stand up and say no more, we demand our freedoms.
TheFire1290 5 days ago
It's really sad that so many idiots here still think the virus is a hoax.
TheFire1290 Hour ago
@Thomas The Thank Engine An autopsy doesn’t consist of just a PCR test, so your reply is pointless.
Thomas The Thank Engine
@TheFire1290 PCR test is too sensible it doesnt react only at covid 19 it reacts on covid like diseases
TheFire1290 Hour ago
@Thomas The Thank Engine Your question makes it clear that you have no idea how deaths are determined.
Thomas The Thank Engine
@TheFire1290 Man have lungs cancer and last time he was testing for covid it was positive he died two days after testing...Did he died from lungs cancer or covid?
TheFire1290 Day ago
@Thomas The Thank Engine No, I was correct.
good luck
good luck 5 days ago
I heard the place was changing its name from "Red Hook" to Black Shirts.
riptorn 5 days ago
And there's a lot of people who would think this is ok, I'm not sure what's wrong with people's thinking now days. People just don't know history or any actual facts they only know what the news tells them.
Admin Admin
Admin Admin 5 days ago
Google protecting company from negative reviews, corrupt and biased.
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 5 days ago
Sue the bastards. No, no you can't fire someone for refusing the vaccine. The vaccine are not even approved, its an emergency approval. This is BS. Ofc since the courts are disgusting traitors good luck for any average person getting there rights enforced.
TheFire1290 2 days ago
@Greg Natsumo Showing proof of vaccination doesn't require any additional medical information. Vaccine passports would be banned if that weren't the case, but you clearly can't think critically.
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 2 days ago
@TheFire1290Lol you gotta be trolling now. Even 5yr olds could comprehend this, let's try a simple exercise: Boss" "You must get the vaccine to continue working here" Employee: "Ah, what proof do you need?" Boss: "Immunization records or vaccine receipt/passport" *Shows boss documents which comprise medical history Therefore the entire transaction which decides your employemt is literally comprised of your medical history
TheFire1290 2 days ago
@Greg Natsumo Lol medical history doesn't apply to things that won't happen.
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 2 days ago
@TheFire1290 Your medical records, including immunization records, are part of your medical history-so yes, literally your being fired because of medical history. Try harder.
TheFire1290 2 days ago
@Greg Natsumo A vaccine you haven't received has nothing to do with medical history. It's really pathetic that common sense needs to be explained to you.
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 5 days ago
J and J is better than the rushed, never used en mass in humans before MRNA gene therapy "vacine". But there is no suffering. Covid is similar to a bad cold or flu. Nothing more. The deaths are not counted properly ("Covid deaths are counted as people who die with Covid, NOT from Covid"-Toronto Publiv Health). The suffering is 100% caused by the government imposing draconian illegal control measures and economic devastation on the people . We need to stand up and say no more, we demand our freedoms.
Greg Natsumo
Greg Natsumo 5 days ago
You want pregnant women to get the untested vaccine? Google Thalidomide
niklar55 5 days ago
There have been no tests to ensure that this ''vaccine'' is safe, its being tested on the general public. If you die, tuff luck! If you get sick, tuff luck! As the test was certified to give 95% false positives, by its inventor, as it is being used, 95% of deaths claimed to be from covid, are false. Famous quote, updated; ''If you dont read newspapers, (and watch television,) then you are uninformed.'' ''If you do read newspapers, (and watch television,) then you are misinformed.'' Apologies to Mark Twain. The alleged pandemic, is nothing more than a media led, panicdemic. The politicians have to go along with it, because they have to appease the sheeple people, that believe the bullshit media. I for one, will refuse the vaccine.
Yao Lee
Yao Lee 6 days ago
cootsuni Hates You
People should stop eating at his restaurant let him lose his business
Jedi2,000,000,000 10 hours ago
Anna Yu
Anna Yu Day ago
whatever are you mean
niklar55 6 days ago
She's better off not working for such a shithole company.
Ancient and Magical Landscapes
This is correct. But it is not enough. All restaurants need to be closed down for good. We are told that more and more pandemics are coming and even health departments say that vaccines might not be effective. A permanent lockdown has to happen. This will include closing all schools and universities. Teachers and Professors need to be retrained for post-Covid careers. A public school or college campus is an ocean of infections as are restaurants and bars. The future is staying home and staying safe permanently.
Bluckamey 6 days ago
I mean, I would probably do the same thing as the restaurant except i would have gave her a notice so she could look for other jobs first.
shaun shaw
shaun shaw 6 days ago
But the virus has a 99.8% survi.. Your fired.
No Focksgiven.
No Focksgiven. 6 days ago
Damn New York is a hell Hole. Already forcing vaccinations or else. Plus Coumo murdering all those people just to make trump look bad. Damn plus afterbirth abortions.....new York is pure shit. Complete fusion of State an Corps. Is this vaccine some kinda mark. A Mark that allows you to buy sell and trade an work an live a normal life? As long as you take your Mark. I mean shot. The shot with ucifer red dye. Just take it. Hmm crazy.
Veronica Deevers
Veronica Deevers 6 days ago
Tyranny require compliance. I do not comply.
spartacus jones
spartacus jones 6 days ago
It is NOT "legal." The private business is acting as a de facto state agent in furthering or enforcing a government policy, and is thereby subject to Constitutional constraints. The waitress is entitled to DUE PROCESS.
bigdeneen 6 days ago
Boycott that restaurant!!!!!
Kelly T
Kelly T 6 days ago
Sunday Pie
Sunday Pie 6 days ago
This story sounds fake. Sorry. Terminating someone by email? Why not terminate them via Twitter? That's not legal. Any lawyer can tell her that. Dumb dumb...
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf 6 days ago
The poll are fake. When was the last is you did a poll
Bill Mason
Bill Mason 7 days ago
Well....my testicles have really gotten smaller...... but post vaccine......Rollout......I'm alive...higher voice...... but alive
Jiang zhu
Jiang zhu 7 days ago
Screw that, sue them
GregorianLad 134
GregorianLad 134 7 days ago
The comment section restores my faith in humanity
Jedi2,000,000,000 10 hours ago
Joe Regan
Joe Regan 7 days ago
honestly QUEEN
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 7 days ago
Each to their own I say. The moment you start telling someone what to do is the moment you're saying "I'm above others" which is downright retarded. If someone does or doesn't want to take the vaccine who cares cause the moment you start forcing your way of life onto someone is the moment you've given up on freedom of will and hope for humanity. Or whatever I don't really give 2 fucks.
CRC C 7 days ago
mask don't work
Wesley Swafford
Wesley Swafford 7 days ago
I was working as an Amazon driver, and our boss told us he was bringing someone in to vax us as soon as possible. I asked if it would be mandatory, and he said that even if Amazon didn't directly require it, he would fire anyone who didn't take it. I refuse to take this vaccine, so my hours were dropped to zero (though I wasn't officially 'fired').
Dániel Kalocsai
Dániel Kalocsai 7 days ago
I get the outrage, but this is a complicated situation, and you can actually understand the company's side too if you think about it. I truly sympathize, and maybe there was a better solution, but I feel this was inevitable in her situation.
Troy Z
Troy Z 5 days ago
@Dániel Kalocsai I don't care what the rest of the world is doing. It's my body it's my choice not yours. Again go back to wherever you came from.
Dániel Kalocsai
Dániel Kalocsai 5 days ago
@Troy Z You realize most of the world has mandatory vaccines, right? This includes the USA, so I guess that nugget of wisdom was quickly taken apart.
Troy Z
Troy Z 5 days ago
@Dániel Kalocsai This isn't China you can't force people to inject a foreign object in their bodies if they don't want too. Maybe you should go back to where ever you came from.
Dániel Kalocsai
Dániel Kalocsai 7 days ago
Nope. Even thoroughly tested vaccines don't work 100% so you need to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Also you need herd immunity to protect those who can't (can't, and not won't!) get vaccinated. This "the vaccine either works or it doesn't" kind of thinking perfectly shows how black and white thinking has become.
Wesley Swafford
Wesley Swafford 7 days ago
No, not even a little bit. If YOU are worried about getting sick, then YOU can take the vaccine. Whether or not someone else takes it has no effect on you if the vaccine actually works.
Funky Fungi
Funky Fungi 7 days ago
There is no 'uncertainty' of vaccines. That is an ignorant position we are seeing far too much today spread by misinformation. I would love to extract the polio, rubella, measles, chicken pox, small pox and mumps vaccinations from her body and get the popcorn.
ntech62 7 days ago
Did anyone realize this kind of stuff is what Revelation was warning about with the 666 mark? Rev. 13 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Em D
Em D 7 days ago
This is unbelievable,they are already forcing this on everyone!!! wake up people,it’s happening
cynthia peake
cynthia peake 7 days ago
I hope all the employees there do as little as possible until they are fired and then they can collect unemployment.
Library Files
Library Files 7 days ago
Never eat there
bantumwt 7 days ago
We are becoming "1984."
Gio Dezera
Gio Dezera 8 days ago
Event201, a global pandemic "exercise" that took place in 2019, Fauci under the Obama Admin funding/working with Wuhan Lab with Corona gain-of-functions, yet they want us all to believe Covid-19 originated in a Wuhan wet market. 😂 World Economic Forum: Covid-19 presents an opportunity for a global reset. 🤨
Dman Deric
Dman Deric 8 days ago
Getting the vaccination won't prevent you from getting COVID. Thats a fact. Theres no point in taking the thing! Wake up! 2nd, it has HUMAN DNA in it. HUMAN DNA. If you have any brain cells left that should worry you enough to not get it.
Maggie Joseph
Maggie Joseph 8 days ago
Mark of the beast, first they give you the immunization card/passport and they stamp you.
Troy Z
Troy Z 5 days ago
@Maggie Joseph You are going to look pretty silly with a stamp on your forehead.
Maggie Joseph
Maggie Joseph 8 days ago
Now its voluntary .... shortly enough it will become mandatory...first proof of vaccine on the papers, before you know it; it will be required to a visible stamp on your hand or forehead....the vaccine is the mark, visible stamp is just the proof of the mark received.
Lyricallynn 8 days ago
This is the precursor to the Mark of the Beast. They are trying to get you used to this..... first it was no mask no service......now no vaccine no job! The Mark of the Beast which is talked about in Revelation, the last book of the Bible, means you can't buy or sell without it. It happens during the tribulation after the rapture. The Rapture is when millions around the globe will disappear who are true believers. Those left behind will endure a horrific seven-year tribulation. Don't be left behind.
Lyricallynn 8 days ago
Sounds completely unconstitutionall ...get a good lawyer
Lyricallynn 8 days ago
Smart girl!
Traveler Yolcu.
Traveler Yolcu. 8 days ago
good for her
Traveler Yolcu.
Traveler Yolcu. 8 days ago
good for her
Dees Cee
Dees Cee 8 days ago
Forced injections should never ever be legal. DONT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS
Bj Moon
Bj Moon 8 days ago
Wait a bit to have a baby, the coming Judgment will be no place for them.
Helen Rudolph
Helen Rudolph 8 days ago
See how your rights are slowly being taken away as from the seatbelt law and that's where it all started click it or ticket telling everybody what to do people can't think for themselves anymore
robert howg
robert howg 8 days ago
My boss will not require us to get the vaccine because 95 percent of the employees said if they mandate the vaccine we would walk off the job. Management therfore backed off.
Luke 6:35 But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones 8 days ago
I would not patronize a bar or cafe where the wait staff doesn't get vaccinated. 500,000 Americans already dead from covid. 0 Americans dead from the vaccines for covid. Is the math really that hard to follow?
Troy Z
Troy Z 5 days ago
@Joseph Virgillito He not even American.
Joseph Virgillito
@Troy Z According to scumbag Alan Dershowitz in his debate with RFK Jr., "the government has a right to jab a needle into your arm."
Troy Z
Troy Z 5 days ago
You have a right to choose to get vaccinated or not. This isn't China.
Joseph Virgillito
500,000 dead from COVID, yet the overall statistics of total dead in the US from 2016-2020 hasn't budged. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 granted the State Dept. the ability to disseminate domestic propaganda (previously intended solely for foreign audiences) in the US by dispersing grants to MSM. What were those "foreign audiences". China for 1 back when Kissinger was propping up Mao Ja Dong. Venezuela is a more recent example.
Brooks Price
Brooks Price 8 days ago
Although legal. It shows her boss has no morals. But thats the New York leftist way!!!
John Martin
John Martin 8 days ago
Wouldn't the business have to prove that a person can get the virus ? Wouldn't that be discrimination, grounds for a lawsuit ?
Joseph Virgillito
Synagogue of Satan runs Brooklyn.
peachberry015 8 days ago
Joseph Virgillito
Requiring a vaccine for an illness with a 99.97% recovery rate? Get bent, you globalist rats.
Youdeserve Abundance
We went from 14 Days to slow the spread to NYC Restaurant Fires Woman for Refusing Vaccine quickly. I don't understand how on part of the media, governments, and organizations with authority the coercion techniques could be any clearer.
Ray Rombeck
Ray Rombeck 8 days ago
If ya so impatient to be a mom, ADOPT. Do you even know how many lives are needing a home and a mother right now?
Robert D
Robert D 8 days ago
How dare she think for herself!!! It's like she thinks she's in America or something.
J Groov
J Groov 5 days ago
@Leevon Bradshaw 😂😂 a joke is never a joke
Leevon Bradshaw
Leevon Bradshaw 6 days ago
@J Groov oh lol true I get it 🤣 it was funny tho that for sure even more now I know its sarcasm haha
J Groov
J Groov 6 days ago
@Leevon Bradshaw it’s sarcasm. Because America ain’t America no more.
J Groov
J Groov 6 days ago
Leevon Bradshaw
Leevon Bradshaw 6 days ago
She is in america though lol
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 8 days ago
You won't be able to sell, buy or trade.
Covidiotocracy 8 days ago
Nice thumbs down to thumbs up ratio! Can tell folks are no longer asleep to the fake pandemic thank God! And, it's been a solid year and nobody knows of a healthy person anywhere that "died of covid" that was not already terminally ill.
Eh not saying either side is in the right, but she really should have gotten the vaccine. If she’s working with food and countless numbers of people, they can’t take the chance of her getting it and spreading it. I’m simply looking at this from a business point of view
Nikodim Tsar
Nikodim Tsar 8 days ago
and here we go>> Yayyy
mustaffa1611 8 days ago
they can't fire you. if this is real she will get a good settlement.
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley 8 days ago
They can fire you if they want. Black, white, red, brown, purple, blue, disabled, healthy. It doesn't make a damn but of difference. People need to stop with the social justice bs! That's life! Live with it!!
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 8 days ago
Well how do we start a bill to make businesses implementing mandatory vaccines illegal? Strike? Protest? Viruses will continue to mutate and jump across species. So how many vaccines will become mandatory in the future? This is a slippery slope. If this virus was significantly deadly I would understand but this one isn't. My body, my right is powerful and we need to make sure we never let that right be infringed on by others....ever.
Contending for The Faith
sca-m-dem-i-c de-pop-ul-a-tion new-wo-rl-d order
Victorian Crow
Victorian Crow 8 days ago
I’m nervous about getting the vaccine too just because I have a bad immune system and I ALWAYS get sick whenever I get the flu shot (I’ve had covid once and getting it again is a severe fear now)
virus56777 8 days ago
7000. A. Day. Not covid. Where’s your fake concern for them. Oh ya. New York. How’s that Epstein coverup going. Haven’t arrested any judges yet
Joseph Virgillito
The Synagogue of Satan runs Brooklyn.
Anna Lafayette
Anna Lafayette 8 days ago
Mark of the Beast
Mr. Sir01
Mr. Sir01 8 days ago
What’s the @
KennM12 8 days ago
there is no evidence that the vaccine decreases chance of pregnancy or causes infertility... i keep hearing people spreading that crap.
Connor S
Connor S 8 days ago
yeah because there haven’t been any studies on pregnant women? that’s kind of the point this woman was making... why would someone who is planning on having children take a new mrna gene therapy vaccine if there aren’t any conclusive results regarding the effects on pregnancy/infertility.
A R 8 days ago
Instead of getting laid she got laid off lol Seriously, it's up to her employer whether to keep her or not It's called Capitalism, not Socialism. lol
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 8 days ago
Socialism at its finest
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 8 days ago
LD Hans
LD Hans 8 days ago
Give my dose of that poison to some fool who actually wants it.
Robert Childress
Robert Childress 8 days ago
Hello.......Zimbabwe Officials Green Light Massive Importation of !vermectin to Treat COVID-19 Demand it
Dino Ferrante
Dino Ferrante 8 days ago
Seeing that getting the vaccine is for the public good and getting a stimulus check is a public reward, why not tie the two together? No vaccine. No stimulus check.
Joseph Richter
Joseph Richter 8 days ago
My family and I, as well as plenty of friends and coworkers I know, as well as many on such videos like this, will not be getting the vaccine, even if threatened with a firing.
Cheyenne Life
Cheyenne Life 8 days ago
What part of this is at all legal? Tell the Doctor in Florida after he died that the vaccine is completely safe. Oh, you can't, he's dead.
El Dub
El Dub 8 days ago
Well... i understand.
Douglas Garner
Douglas Garner 8 days ago
that is seriously f*cked up. that woman deserves every $ she gets.
VC VIDEOS 8 days ago
The establishment is ON...ahhhh....Trump 2024👍🇺🇸.