NY Gov. Cuomo Holds News Conference 

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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo updates on the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Feb 15, 2021




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Beach Town Reseller
This is nothing but an attempt to deflect from Jan 6th. The Republicans are brilliant at this. They kill, and then they look for their next Democrat slaughter. We don’t all fall for it though. Andrew Cuomo is a good man, that has been a loyal leader to his state.
Mari Brenner
Mari Brenner 9 hours ago
Fuzzy Peaches
Fuzzy Peaches 2 days ago
They are waiting on Cuomo in heII
Fuzzy Peaches
Fuzzy Peaches 2 days ago
Fredo Cuomo makes you 🤢🤮
bryan buhrman
bryan buhrman 3 days ago
Tom 4 days ago
i thought he followed the science msm where are the followups
Tom 4 days ago
if i said that u tube would take down my whole channel now lets go over to twitter and see what he said nd what twitt is doing
Let’s Talk
Let’s Talk 5 days ago
Cuomo seeded the virus into vulnerable populations and blocked people from getting lifesaving therapy’s.
Let’s Talk
Let’s Talk 5 days ago
Cuomo need to be sued until he can’t afford a cup of coffee.
Darin Briones
Darin Briones 8 days ago
this is unbelievable, i watched the whole thing. his is self-confesting his futuer
Patsy Beck
Patsy Beck 8 days ago
So sad! Families were blocked from being with their loved ones that died Alone (lots of which shouldn't have died) so that lies and disgusting unfathomable actions could be covered up, "for politics, money and power!" Cuomo should be fired immediately, fined and jailed. He now claims upper authorities and staffs knew everything, that "He Reported Everything!" With that said, "Who If Anyone, Can We The People Trust... also on top of everything, Cuomo will not even admit fault or apologize for what he's done. Not even, I'm sorry for your loss. He couldn't care less about people.. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of hose that lost their lives.
Josh Lowell
Josh Lowell 8 days ago
Cuomo was and is the only voice of reason during this pandemic, a pandemic that attacked New York like a ragging bull. Cuomo grabbed the bull by the horns and took control of it. He worked without taking a day off for over 300 days. He is still working and fighting for New Yorkers. Now he is also dealing with the exaggerators and haters that are trying to discredit all the hard work he did. He got us trough hell and I don't forget that. He's a big boy he knows how to deal with the misleaders.
dasha wang
dasha wang 8 days ago
Cuomo! You are not insidious enough, your accomplices will call you to death
Jazzy Jeff
Jazzy Jeff 9 days ago
Too late. Doesn’t take responsibility. Impeach him!
whiskey buck
whiskey buck 9 days ago
He knows he is screwed
Relics Fabrication
MUREDERER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wenette hamilton
wenette hamilton 9 days ago
So if 15000 nursing patients got 2000 a month social security, he gave government 360 mil dollar a yearto keep, plus many were natives on pensions so saved his states union and pension plans who knows how much debt relief. Now, im not being cold hearted cause i have cried alot and and am saddened by these deaths. At the same time, i see cuomo and our government as evil and very capable of profiting off this black death situation. Didnt used to but his hiding things, beating up anyone elses ideas on other drug trearments, and refuseing help of tent and ship hospitals tell me its possible. What do you all think?
BIG 9 days ago
gov coumo is going to jail? no way his democrats there above the law, no one can touch coumo, fredo will get upset
Chelsea Is Irie
Chelsea Is Irie 10 days ago
IM here for the comments... and it’s so refreshing to see so many people waking up to this bullshit... 🙌
Angus0311 10 days ago
Ohhhh My My!!! Look! Its The King... The King Of New York Folks!!! The Great Powerful leading Wonder!!! Wait? Is it true Sir? You wat? You sent 9,000 plus possitives Where? To Old Folks Homes? Really?? But You rolled Em back to Hospitals in Their last minutes of life.... So good job!! Wait what? To cook books n fix numbers? You? Nahhhhhhhhh!! But Hey Ur books sellin like New York Cockcroaches on a bagel Sir... Good Job! Ur a liar, a Sham Wow Ragg, a Crook and it flows through Your Family like a? Virus for Gods Sake! Im thinkin Ill visit You when Ur 98 and in a Care Facility... With Full on FLU!!! Semper Fi!!
lobo de la suerte
lobo de la suerte 10 days ago
what else the democrats lying about?
Ray 10 days ago
People do not use critical thinking. Staff and visitors brought the virus into nursing homes. In March, 1) there were no mask mandates, or 2) social distancing or 3) 25% or 50% capacity for restaurants. Life was still normal with no social distancing. We now know that people who recover from COVID have antibodies and have immunity for 6 months. So why can't we assume that those who recovered in hospitals were no longer infectious? And why do people refuse to recognize that the memo signed by Cuomo was based on guidance by the federal government? And remember that that what we learned about COVID, including aerosol transmission, was not known in March. And let's not forget that Whitmer in Michigan had a similar memo, which further proves that guidance came from the federal government. If more people dies in nursing home in other states, based on population density, why is Cuomo being blamed for nursing home deaths? Are other states exempt from scrutiny?
I-T iyah man
I-T iyah man 10 days ago
The Trump curse strikes again Cuomo down Springsteen down who’s next
drew henni
drew henni 10 days ago
Mental heath crisis on the subway system?? Why she talking about mental health on the subway? They got therapists on the trains now?
John Parker
John Parker 10 days ago
Is anything ever Cuomo's fault
john hoyt
john hoyt 10 days ago
Got a book deal, Emmy, Covid19 timeline poster, and glorified by the fake news and Hollywood for killing 15 thousand elderly Americans. I’m so sick to my stomach!
Devon Nola
Devon Nola 10 days ago
This creep belongs behind bars. He continues to lie upon lie. NO ONE COULD VISIT THEIR FAMILY MEMBER , even before lock down.
George Mathioudis
George Mathioudis 10 days ago
Lock him up
David Augeri
David Augeri 10 days ago
Governor...PLEASE resign....if not you're no better then tRump when he didn't want to have his numbers go up a year ago. You did well early but you can't lie about the numbers because you didn't want tRump to make fun of you...please RESIGN
John Nixon
John Nixon 10 days ago
He is a dirt bag. He is responsible for a lot of deaths and should be held accountable regardless of his party affiliation. He was the person that we were trusting with are mom dad. Trump sent him a medical ship that he did not use. Shame on this man he is discussing. He should be held accountable for his actions.
Clifton Thompson
Clifton Thompson 10 days ago
Governor, as challenging as these pandemic times are for ALL of us and not to be purposely disrespectful to those who have lost loved ones, this too shall pass as you are a very good man. I honor you, kind sir....
J 7ech
J 7ech 10 days ago
Hypocritical morally bankrupt vile individual.
Vicki Kirchner
Vicki Kirchner 11 days ago
And the Emmy goes to the biggest liar and I don’t really care about the elderly
Brian Hassett
Brian Hassett 11 days ago
Khy Nau
Khy Nau 11 days ago
Andrew is mad that old people tried to set him up to fail, "they died to spite me."
And M
And M 11 days ago
Cuomo is just start. You will face disgusting hypocrisy of the left endlessly like your hero Karl Marx who cared people’s right and workers’ rights so much but abused own wife and didn’t get any proper job. Same as now the climate change and human right activists saying no single word against china that destroys the environment and the human rights the most because you get paid from the them. Who are more greedy? Wall street? or your type of people? Don’t call yourself activists and dont dare to say the people, citizen, justice, equality, human right, and what so ever you freaking scumbags. Equality, peace, justice are not achieved through pretending you are morally superior or saying the good words. Please fk off.
ThisisChris999 11 days ago
What a coincidence how this is the 2nd democratic governor in America that so many people want out, or at least want repercussions
Jkaku Rinpoche
Jkaku Rinpoche 11 days ago
rachelsatlas 11 days ago
Andrew Cuomo probably killed my father, he named a bridge for his father
Marilyn Holmes
Marilyn Holmes 11 days ago
You're even more awesome, as you continue to deliver the facts in the face of unfounded criticism. This is when you can tell what a real leader is made of. God bless you Governor Cuomo!
Casper Ghost
Casper Ghost 11 days ago
only factual update: GOV of NY is STILL A SCUMBAG.
S955US84 11 days ago
THINK about it. People are executed or imprisoned for life for killing one person. CUOMO killed THOUSANDS and gets an EMMY and the love of the Democrat party. WTF?
ぼくちゃん 11 days ago
FLADAY 392 11 days ago
He had a hospital ship sitting in the harbor empty, he had field hospitals are empty, he had a convention center empty, he is a scumbag politician blaming everybody else he should be put in prison but keep voting for him New Yorkers good job
Uohz Ynot
Uohz Ynot 12 days ago
how are the russians doing today? you guys seem to hate this video lol
henzo z
henzo z 12 days ago
pitt 495
pitt 495 12 days ago
cuomos new book JAIL HOUSE ROCK......👊👊👊
Madison Smith
Madison Smith 12 days ago
You have your head up high knowing that you have made a poor judgement and sacrificed helpless seniors in the nursing homes and yet you did not admit and blamed Healthcare Workers!
Madison Smith
Madison Smith 12 days ago
Resign! Do Not Blame the Healthcare Workers!
Latonia Bridges
Latonia Bridges 12 days ago
Governor Cuomo, you were still the calm in the COVID storm! You and Melissa DeRosa! 🙏🏾 for you, Melissa, and the families who lost loved ones in and out of nursing homes.
Chris Triky
Chris Triky 12 days ago
He’s talking as if he doesn’t care at all. Diverting attention with his speech
Cera Marise
Cera Marise 12 days ago
His "findings" about how COVID was primarily spread (via staff and visitors) in nursing homes were based on the undercount, presumably. We needed the accurate count in order to determine whether cases and resident deaths coincided with the return of COVID positive residents. This is why transparency is important. Hiding information to benefit oneself and for politics is not okay.
James Hill
James Hill 12 days ago
Thank God people are finally beginning to see this insanity for what it is.
Gene DeSalvo
Gene DeSalvo 12 days ago
Wretched gretchen whitmer of Michigan did it too.
Ron Schlueter
Ron Schlueter 12 days ago
King of New York. KILLER
rude Dog
rude Dog 12 days ago
White privilege
rude Dog
rude Dog 12 days ago
Talk about skeletons in the closets
rude Dog
rude Dog 12 days ago
Cuomo said the orange devil made me do it.
Cruzer Six
Cruzer Six 12 days ago
This guy filled the NY State Bathtub with water, It got dirty and he just pulled the plug and let it all go down the drain. Let the water department deal with it. I thank GOD I now live in Florida. Most of my family still lives in NY, and I pray for them every nite.
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 12 days ago
Dump this arrogant fool !
Jonjacobjinglehiemerscmit Sc
The most honest liar! In america
CB 12 days ago
Fire Of His Love
Fire Of His Love 12 days ago
I think he's getting the needle after convinction. When both the repubs and Dems want your blood, it doesn't bode well. Sorry bra, but this is a one way ticket.
willem feather
willem feather 12 days ago
Resign and do not show your face until you are in court facing murder charges.
MineWheaties 12 days ago
The rigged thumbs up and thumbs down data, which I also would often see on videos of people opposed to Trump's re-election last year, shows Kennedy-divorcing Cuomo sure isn't popular with hackers.
Elizabeth Torquati
Elizabeth Torquati 12 days ago
He had a grudge toward the President and he wanted to be a “hero” .. he failed.
HAYDEE STOFFEL 12 days ago
So sad for all the people that lost their lives unnecessarily 🥺. Nobody deserves to die alone and scared and so so sick 😟
Danny Johnson
Danny Johnson 12 days ago
Flusha Art
Flusha Art 12 days ago
What's the difference between "lying" and "acting"? Apparently an Emmy Award.🏆
Brody McCain
Brody McCain 12 days ago
Cuomo will never right his ship he needed to use the ship. Comfort. Resign dude.
P D 12 days ago
Is Cuomo going to prison?
Frank 12 days ago
To commemorate Cuomo's outstanding handling of Covid19 I wrote a song... It's called Rat_Scumbag_Prick. Who want's to sing it with me?
mattandsam32 12 days ago
Isn't this the smuck mob wanna be idiot that once said if people didn't wear mask he would like to see them charged with murder/attempted murder. Maybe he should be held to his own standard and charge him with murder for all the elderly he killed with his actions.
Doug M
Doug M 12 days ago
Cuomo the mobster killed more people than the muslims did on 9-11. Let that sink in!
Ed Bloom
Ed Bloom 12 days ago
I live in California and appreciate the thorough briefings you give. I don't think any other governor keeps people informed as you do. Thank you and your staff for all you do.
Henry S
Henry S 12 days ago
Shady Grady
Shady Grady 12 days ago
Does this mean we can all stop kissing his ass now?
Grange1140 12 days ago
Looking for DeSantis type Governor. Not this idiot liar
Mr Will
Mr Will 12 days ago
So if theres nothing to see here then why are your own people throwing you under the bus? Instead of sending covid patients to nursing homes why not send them to the boat or stadium to be treated? Could it be that woulda made Trump look good? Why leave the boat and stadium empty? Also why remove the executive order pertaining to sending them back from the govt website?
Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt 12 days ago
"a void" Thousands of deaths. This guy is cold blooded.
Jaded Optimist
Jaded Optimist 12 days ago
911 killed 3000 Americans and we have been at war for 20+ years because of it. Cuomo killed 15,000 americans and lives in the Govorners mansion. He will be rewarded by his handlers for the culling.
A C 12 days ago
Cuomo committed crimes against humanity. He implemented rules resulting in the most vulnerable populations dying by the thousands and then hid the results, which made it impossible to identify and act on the risks his policies created.
Apollo536 12 days ago
What a joke.
Chuck Shoomer
Chuck Shoomer 12 days ago
Governor Cuomo is in trouble - Melissa DeRosa is his assistant and she outed him and her mother-in-law, Audrey Strauss, is head of the DOJ’s SDNY.
Benjamin Harold
Benjamin Harold 12 days ago
He is so condescending and obviously offended he even has to explain anything to anyone. This man should be tared and feathered. Funny part is New Yorkers would re-elect this moron in a heart beat.
first last
first last 12 days ago
You killed the economy you killed all the jobs and you killed all our parents how will you pay for your crimes when will you go to jail!
first last
first last 12 days ago
You killed my parents!!! How will you pay for your crimes!!!!
first last
first last 12 days ago
Life in jail pay for your crimes cuomo!!!! You fake phony fraud
first last
first last 12 days ago
Murderer murderer murderer!!!!!!!!!!
Gary Agin
Gary Agin 12 days ago
Playing the proverbial fiddle while NY freezes and drinks and drugs and is forced to be " illegal " for everything throw the bum out and erase his horroristory
Noah Namey
Noah Namey 12 days ago
Governor Mengele.
John Countiss
John Countiss 12 days ago
Put Cuomo in jail
Bean Supreme
Bean Supreme 12 days ago
The lies how does he do it😐
Cool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke 12 days ago
Methinks you protest too much! BLAH BLAH BLAH - typical political speak saying it was a problem you, the Governor, created BUT then blaming everyone and everything else! How about taking the hour and a half of you and your staff each and every day that you take with stupid press conferences and taking that time to gather info? NO EXCUSES, but here are my list of excuses! You did not report because it would have exposed your blame in the loss of thousands of nursing home lives. FACTS!
Yvette Calderone
Yvette Calderone 12 days ago
I continue to stand by my Governor. God bless you Governor Cuomo for taking care of our state and for always taking the time to keep us all informed. You are a phenomenal leader and my family and I will continue to stand up and support you and your administration.
John Cortazal
John Cortazal 12 days ago
Cuomo will soon play the victim in an attempt to deflect the murder of 1,500 elderly people on his watch. He should be prosecuted for murder.
LadyNYC211 12 days ago
Blah blah blah, it was all Trump's fault. I wonder who are they going to blame next as people keep dying from the virus? Since Jan 24, 66k have died. The truth is Trump did his best to work with the lib governors. He even sent a Navy ship to this loser Cuomo, and the ship wasn't even used, as not to give Trump any credit. He sent the sick to the nursing homes, killing thousands. But yet it is still Trump's fault? Get out of here!
Diane 12 days ago
The "void" you created is the loss of many loved ones who had to die alone without the comfort of their family. Just so sad.
Diane 12 days ago
Misinformation, conspiracy theories, what a load of crap.
Ry Guy
Ry Guy 12 days ago
Cuomo killed Americans to stick it to Trump.