NY Gov. Cuomo Holds News Conference 

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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo updates on the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Feb 22, 2021




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sheila schatz
sheila schatz 4 hours ago
sheila schatz
sheila schatz 4 hours ago
sheila schatz
sheila schatz 4 hours ago
Great One
Great One 11 hours ago
Cuomo destroy new york state open back up all new york state and let the people make their own decisions
Melodie Brown
We know what you’ve done! We know who you are!! We don’t trust any of you. Trump wasn’t the problem. You were.
Melodie Brown
You are the reason we don’t trust the system. I do not trust you.
Melodie Brown
We don’t trust you at al. No one should. Y’all have shown your true colors.
Melodie Brown
Yeah covid did show us the evil in our world. Like you!! This man doesn’t care about anyone. Especially poc. He is trying to play with your emotions. Racism and covid have nothing to do with each other. You are being played. These people allow insulin to be $600 a month or more. Please stop trusting them. They are lying to you.
Deborah Thomas
Deborah Thomas 2 days ago
More lies and cover up's Cuomo? Thank Trump for letting you all expose your own corruption...all the rope you needed.
Ken G
Ken G 2 days ago
The gold standard!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fuzzy Peaches
Fuzzy Peaches 2 days ago
Coumo makes you 🤢🤮
Fuzzy Peaches
Fuzzy Peaches 2 days ago
Under chomo grandparents died at 20 times the rate of the rest of the nation
Fuzzy Peaches
Fuzzy Peaches 2 days ago
They are waiting for coumo in heII
Politics with Pat Real and True
Cuomo, COVID lined your pockets with cash. Your a disgrace of all people. God bless you!!
Jihn Chu
Jihn Chu 3 days ago
Jihn Chu
Jihn Chu 3 days ago
Impeachment. Federal chargers. Familes should sue him also. His brother is fraud. Why would anyone fake lifting a 100 pound weight. I bet fredo has a little weewee that's why.
Kev smalle
Kev smalle 3 days ago
Cuomo needs to be in PRISON !!!!
IronSeaBee Lost
IronSeaBee Lost 3 days ago
Nothing will happen to him. He'll be re-elected. This is New York and they vote democrat!
Not Without My Father
He talks slow when he's talking thru his ass.Which is kinda,always.He drags his sentences as he goes.Annoying.
Victoria Tolsdorf
Wow he has no remorse for killing thousands of New Yorkers. Would not use the Navy ship to save lives because it would be positive for the Trump administrations. Told you all nothing would happen to him. New York wow thought you people were tough as nails. Now I see you have been deceived by clever lies and liars that counted on your gullibility. Bible is Truth. Jesus is Truth when everything else is a lie. The big push for Alien life form is next.
Grange1140 3 days ago
Vick Kara
Vick Kara 4 days ago
So, there was a big fire in a building. The supervisor and staff were trying to put it out. They were also shouting for neighbors to come help. The fire died down a bit. THEN SOME BYSTANDERS COME BY WITH THE GIFT OF BLAME AND CRITICISM? And we're supposed to listen to the bystanders? GTFOH! PLEASE! THE GUY WHO MESSED UP IS NOW FIRED AND IN FLORIDA. CUOMO WILL HAVE HIS JOB AS LONG AS HE WANTS IT.. HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?
Vincent van go
Vincent van go 4 days ago
Clik Clack
Clik Clack 4 days ago
david martin
david martin 4 days ago
When will he be blaming Trump for his sexual harassment? It shouldn't take long....
Vick Kara
Vick Kara 3 days ago
@david martin excellent argument Mr Martin! Thanks for reminding me!
david martin
david martin 3 days ago
@Vick Kara Trump is not President dbag
Vick Kara
Vick Kara 4 days ago
For as long as trump blames obama for everything
Jeff Walsh
Jeff Walsh 4 days ago
Now he's got the sexual harassment claim. Strip poker, Clinton's cigars, damn.
Andrew Nicholas Joseph Benenato
All you people talking crap about Governor Cuomo armchair quarterbacks from your lazy boy in your living room don't know what you're talkin about the man has done more than any other governor in the United States and did more than the president of the United States all you idiots are stuck on stupid.. You have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Governor Andrew Cuomo has saved lives and has been on point since day one what have you done except Kim playing wine and b**** like a little snowflake.
Jeff Walsh
Jeff Walsh 4 days ago
Hi Fredo!! Is that your US-first name???
Lisa Daley
Lisa Daley 4 days ago
This is unbelievable, the Little Dictator has Killed American citizens and stands there like everything is rainbows and lollipops ! This S O B, needs jail Time.
dnice 4 days ago
1). He signed into law that Nursing homes could not be sued for covid related problems. 2). sent covid patients in nursing homes 3). prior to 1 and 2 he took 1.5 million dollars from Nursing home lobby for his campaign. 4). thousands died. 5). Cuomo said "who cares where they died?"
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 4 days ago
Is this dude still in charge ???
Ban Abed
Ban Abed 4 days ago
The caravan is going and the barking of dogs does not harm him , keep going Brother you are in my prayers every day the Lord will be with you.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Protest Compilation
Karen Califano
Karen Califano 4 days ago
I don't get his strategy now with reopening everything when our vaccine rollout in NYC is HORRENDOUS!! We lag behind a lot of other States in vaccinating people quickly yet our Covid numbers aren't all that low compared to other States. He has taken a complete "about face" all of a sudden and I think it's due to him wanting to steer attention away from his nursing home scandal. I used to like him and thought he was doing a good job of handling the Covid crises in NY, however, now I just think he's a huge phony.
George Powe
George Powe 4 days ago
The wolves are circling you Cuomo. They are about to start feasting on your tainted flesh. Forcing yourself on women and murdering the elderly. You are about to find out that socialists can be put on trial too. Hell has a nice warm fire pit waiting for your sorry excuse for a soul.
Tom Salam
Tom Salam 4 days ago
Andrew Cuomo is the ugly face of American political corruption
James Garrett
James Garrett 4 days ago
Cuomo lied...people died.
Punch Top
Punch Top 4 days ago
I can’t wait for Anderson Cooper to condemn this Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration got swindled trying to buy millions of dollars of Chinese medical gear amid the coronavirus crisis. I won’t hold my breath.
Punch Top
Punch Top 4 days ago
@Jeff Walsh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jeff Walsh
Jeff Walsh 4 days ago
Anderson is afraid Fredo will "ruin his sh*t".
sun flower
sun flower 4 days ago
Bella Relax
Bella Relax 4 days ago
Wow! I really need to interview: Trump and Cuomo. It’s incredible, the skills, the thick skin, resilience and high tolerance of handling the heat.
Dana Brinkmeier
Dana Brinkmeier 4 days ago
Yes..Yes !..Trust this Governor and trust this vaccine...and then remember his famous words of a few days ago..." When there dead there dead !....and remember...you too can join the 9000 plus who were not reported as being dead !
Tom 4 days ago
if i said what he said my twitter and u tube channel would be locked out ithought you were going with the science guys
Terry3241 4 days ago
No questions today? Boy that's weird.
William Hamilton
William Hamilton 4 days ago
Ecclesiastes 10: 1-20
s v
s v 5 days ago
Never forget that this man wrote a book in the middle of all this.
Terra812 4 days ago
🤣😂 On Leadership 🤣😂
Masha 4 days ago
And was blatantly showing off nepotism daily on CNN
Jeff Walsh
Jeff Walsh 4 days ago
And won an Emmy!!!???
S O 5 days ago
ThePsychopompos1 5 days ago
There is a special place in hell for this man.
Gish Core
Gish Core 5 days ago
Good job media on all the questions you asked.
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus 5 days ago
Cuomo conference are so biring.
Tiger Tough
Tiger Tough 5 days ago
Why does Cuomo talk like he thinks we’re stupid?
Deborah Thomas
Deborah Thomas 3 days ago
Because he think we are as ignorant as their supporters....we're not.
Tiger Tough
Tiger Tough 5 days ago
Cuomo lied .. our Grandparents died 😥
pitt 495
pitt 495 5 days ago
Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will meet them on the way down, hey cuomo its great seeing you squirming 👊
mike talley
mike talley 5 days ago
I can't watch this any longer. Does he ever take any questions about the people he killed? Black community hates Cuomo. Disgusting.
Dan Colvin
Dan Colvin 5 days ago
Stop pannnnnnderriiinnnnng to brooooooownnnnnn peopepleeeeeeeeeee. Youreeeeeee doooonnnneeeeeeeeeeee!
Dan Colvin
Dan Colvin 5 days ago
Stooooooooppppppp blammmmmminggggggg evvvverrrryooonnnneeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Colvin
Dan Colvin 5 days ago
NBC are you listening to the people? Get on the right side of this.
Gwendolyn Alowolodu
He's a piece of s*** in the Democrat Party is a piece of s***
American Patriot
American Patriot 5 days ago
......"So, Andy.....You think you're going to like prison?" 🇺🇲
Let’s Talk
Let’s Talk 5 days ago
Need to sue Cuomo into the poor house!
bucket0rocks 5 days ago
Fake news. Dude should be in jail.
Shela Shela
Shela Shela 5 days ago
as a independent voter ( and having a family member who almost died from this virus) there is one thing I do not understand about republicans...you all claimed this virus was fake but now you are all going after Gov. Cuomo for putting covid patients in nursing homes.....I thought this virus was a fake? ..so does that mean these republican Governors who are just letting everything be open not having people wear masks (putting lives at risk) shouldn't they also be compared to Cuomo?
Major Cynic
Major Cynic 5 days ago
He should get an Emmy for THIS
Pie Mon
Pie Mon 5 days ago
Impeach Cuomo
Youre Boys Gottem
"Who cares" like for real who cares that you lied about how many people in nursing homes actually died because of your stupidity.
Miguel Bruguera
Miguel Bruguera 5 days ago
Granmas killer
Yuzi Drexel
Yuzi Drexel 5 days ago
How does the murderer walk free ? Only in ny !
Michael Simko
Michael Simko 5 days ago
People look at the people behind him. They need to go too.
Rich Anderson
Rich Anderson 5 days ago
Just doing this now?
phantom193 5 days ago
theres something about listening to a rich white career male politician preach about institutional racism that makes me laugh. this guy likes listening to himself speak
joe biden has dementia
NY C 5 days ago
Now I know the reason behind so many threats he made to others. Not so innocent after all.
Jax Jax
Jax Jax 5 days ago
Get this clown out
MrSadie 5 days ago
In a free country they don't have to take it if they don't want to "It's Their Choice NOT Yours"! He just talked to grown people like they are toddlers and can't think for themselves how degrading and racist of him, i would assume they just want access like everyone else but the belittling of their ability to make a decision is absurd and oppressive!
Mario 5 days ago
In a serious nation, this corrupt mafioso would be in jail.
James Richard
James Richard 5 days ago
jo johns
jo johns 5 days ago
Everytime I see Cuomo He reminds me of the school bully Just beating up people for fun He needs to go
William Hamilton
William Hamilton 5 days ago
His reign is over, get someone in there that really cares about all of N.Y.
William Hamilton
William Hamilton 5 days ago
Rid N.Y. of this criminal Dictator and his clan,he has done nothing but separate the People. Make America Great Again. God Bless
Maria Christina Bari
Chris L
Chris L 5 days ago
Well, give him another Emmy...
Mom Me
Mom Me 5 days ago
The reason people don't trust is because people like you ...And the virus is not racist it doesn't care what colour you are how much money you have ...Ridiculous to even make that statement You should be ashamed of yourself
Sakina Mengle
Sakina Mengle 5 days ago
Oh my gosh! Why is he in public talking? This black woman does not want to hear you talking about black people dying. What about the elderly people in your nursing homes dying? Get out of here!
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 5 days ago
Step down you disgrace
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 5 days ago
Worst governor ever lock him up
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 5 days ago
Lock CUOMO up
On Holiday
On Holiday 5 days ago
False prophets won't get you out of this one.. Using convid1984 for political speech is what all the corrupt politicians are doing today!
Simon Wasserman
Simon Wasserman 5 days ago
We got to put this person in prison without any chances no judgment it's a very judged everybody agrees
Tamara Gough
Tamara Gough 5 days ago
Why isn’t he taken down???
Tamara Gough
Tamara Gough 5 days ago
Karma will get this creature. Do people hate it?
Andre A
Andre A 6 days ago
The only reason the deaths dropped off in New York was everyone vulnerable already died. The Democrat biased networks will do this. They won’t count Cuomos failures during the first few months that decimated New York. Instead they’re like “well THIS month New York is doing better than others” No shit.
SmithloTravels helenmike
Here he is folks, needing attention and praise.....what a schmuck ! In my state, when the shipments of vaccines arrived, we had an add on line and well as newspaper, where to call and schedule an appt, address of where shots were to be distributed, and any questions you can refer to the phone number listed. All the supervisors "thanked " gov Cuomo....dont know what for.... Too bad they didnt have the families of the "Euthenized" elderly *uninfected* residents, when he forced the *infected* people to co mingle . Its painful to just see his face!
sergisaias 6 days ago
Another award for the liar killer
carlos h
carlos h 6 days ago
He's explaining why he send people to die in the death camp nursing homes , so now that he admitted to it he needs to go to prison.
joe biden has dementia
Mr Monk
Mr Monk 6 days ago
Why is people clapping? Are they mad
ThxGod It'sOver
ThxGod It'sOver 6 days ago
John Rheiner
John Rheiner 6 days ago
Arrogant, selfish and self-righteous....all the best character traits of powerful politicians.
Betty Boop
Betty Boop 6 days ago
Cuomo's nursing home policy is the real reason NY covid death numbers were so high. This was premeditated murder in order to bring numbers up high enough to push the lockdown measures designed to destroy the economy and put the public in a place of fear. Other Democrat politicians had the same approach. Levine even took his/her own mother out of the nursing home before they put the covid patients there. Completely deliberate action.
Ernesto Maldonado
The media is not laughing at your stupid jokes now ah Cuomo...
mrshiney2 6 days ago
Just like Don Corleone wanted...the mob is now the government
C R 6 days ago
Pab Mun
Pab Mun 6 days ago
Meanwhile other vaccination sites have been open for months. Way to go Coumo. Too little too late.