NY Gov. Cuomo Holds News Conference 

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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo updates on the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Feb 19, 2021




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Laura Brooks
Laura Brooks 12 hours ago
Keep the faith.. There are many who would like to see you fail and you just need to stand up strong amongst everybody with your convictions the testimony has been in the past year of how many you have defended in your heart and soul has been in saving lives just remember this every day when you wake up.
Brian Marshall
Brian Marshall 15 hours ago
Let's play strip poker said Andrew Granny Killer Cuomo
Speedy Gonzales
Speedy Gonzales 17 hours ago
Hell we voted a fat old dude to the WH with tons more baggage than is being alleged about Cuomo. No dice idiots.
S.S. Craddock
S.S. Craddock 17 hours ago
This "precedence" argument is BOGUS. Why not give both state and DOJ the numbers and info? How could that have caused a problem? Nice try Gov. Did any hack reporters ask him this question? Why hide numbers from anyone ever? DOJ takes precedence? Over numbers? That's just stupid.
L S 20 hours ago
Take that freak of a brother of his and him and get rid of them both !!!
Linda Houston
Linda Houston 21 hour ago
Good job with everything you have done keep doing what you’re doing WE KNOW WHY THEY WANT YOU OUT .
Tucker Alabama
He killed a lot of people. This guy should be in the prison. Democrats = communists.
Vortex 2 days ago
Only in America do we exonerate trump and attack Cuomo
BobKhatami 3 days ago
I sincerely believe that Andrew and Chris Cuomo were "involved" with Matilda in a very very intimate way.
Tommy Soliz
Tommy Soliz 4 days ago
Human trash
greg v
greg v 4 days ago
A talking dic&. Jail, Jail, Jail,Jail, Jail, Jail
Ajax Fernsby
Ajax Fernsby 5 days ago
Yes, New York had a snow storm, in addition to this blizzard of lies. Cuomo murdered 16,000 seniors
Alison Serrano
Alison Serrano 5 days ago
Go directly to jail ... and give us back our money you took in january 1st as a 25,000 raise!!! Oh yeah.. and the tappan zee...we want that back too!
High Roller
High Roller 5 days ago
accounting fraud, "1+1=0" zero death in nursing home, because the 2 is being move into the hospital and back into his pocket lol
fastd63 6 days ago
Anybody else notice that AOC hasn't tweeted about this or issued a statement or demanded and investigation.
Risemick N
Risemick N 6 days ago
Cuomo plays a audio recording of his press conferences when he goes to bed otherwise he can't fall asleep.
Ajax Fernsby
Ajax Fernsby 5 days ago
Me too.
Deborah Thomas
Deborah Thomas 6 days ago
Cumo gets an EMMY, writes a book on how great he is...killed thousands of nursing home folks and lies about it and not until Trump left did the democrats start coming down on Cumo for his stupidity. Propaganda. We the people are fully awake.
Darren Stephens
Darren Stephens 6 days ago
It’s insane people justify his behaviour of putting COVID patients in hospitals killing thousands of elderly, then lying about the data to cover it up. One day, the TRUMP excuse won’t be there anymore, and everyone will see your ugly insides for who you actually are. IMPEACH!! Why are there not any protests out in the street ?
If Trump can get away with 30 thousand lies, one year long cover up of a deadly virus, spreading the virus through super spreader events and killing thousands, then send thousands of hillbillies to attack the capitol and get another 5 people killed, & pardon two guilty criminal thug rappers then this Cuomo cover up is pixie dust compared to Trump
Rob M
Rob M 6 days ago
LOL you are DELUSIONAL and obviously not from NY.
billthestinker 6 days ago
Luca Brasi will visit Andrew soon 👎🏿
Donald Ducko
Donald Ducko 6 days ago
Why is he not in prison yet? The capital should be full of demonstrators demanding he at minimum step down. Don’t tell me more care about some black guy shot by police than this. PROOF all those BLM events (and most shootings) were staged and manufactured outrage. Seriously watch all the Floyd videos back to back including the redacted one. It proves itself.
Rand McNally
Rand McNally 6 days ago
Everytime I hear Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo speak, it is immediately apparent that they had their college degrees bought and paid for by daddy!! Both of them are sadly simple and useless 🤣🤣 Say goodbye to your career Andrew! Hopefully Chris gets canned as well!!! 🥳🥳
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 6 days ago
How many funeral homes does Mario Cuomo own asking for a friend?
Vicky C
Vicky C 7 days ago
This is not partisan cuomo You still don’t get it nor take responsibility for it But you gladly took the Emmy
Vicky C
Vicky C 7 days ago
Wow 😳 He just blamed Trump again Still won’t take responsibility Wow
Vicky C
Vicky C 7 days ago
How many hours of speech class did he take? He certainly mastered it. Great politician Certainly sounds like music You don’t hear words just such a calm
Vicky C
Vicky C 7 days ago
You created void cuomo And you got an Emmy for it
Vicky C
Vicky C 7 days ago
I can’t leave a message?
Vicky C
Vicky C 7 days ago
This guy is the biggest liar 🤥 drama Queen and yet media and Hollywood and their toxic world and bubble He is amazing Lmao What a joke
Max Dehnert
Max Dehnert 7 days ago
"But who cares?.....They died." Andrew Cuomo
Leslie Studer
Leslie Studer 7 days ago
I can not believe that they did not proof read and counsel Mr. Cuomo regarding his Thomas Paine quote. He emphatically stresses the fact the Thomas Paine was concerned with COMPLIANCE.... This would not be an effective term replacing compliance with COMPLAISANCE. A press conference of this importance, struggling to defend his actions, makes him look like his whole staff are inept.Good luck New York.
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson 7 days ago
Funny how Don Lemonhead isn't reporting, bashing, etc on this matter but had sooooo much to say about trumps words and actions and body of work🤣.
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson 7 days ago
But wait, Trump was bashed for the handling of the whole virus from the beginning. From shutting down traveling to and from China and was called xenophobia lol to doing a travel ban later. Telling the American people not to worry as this shall pass. All awhile people praised this man only to find out he was putting sick people in places housed for our elderly killing them as well and claiming his death rate was lower then what was counted and you Dems aren't protesting or coming for his head. You're not demanding he be put out of office and charged for murder. 🤔, I forgot Dems " liberals " are 100% hypocrites how did I forget that.
Shaibalini Khadka
Erik Fecher
Erik Fecher 7 days ago
blue- T
blue- T 7 days ago
So everything is going down ...hmm but not deaths nearing now 500,000 for U.S. so what about the fib about the nursing homes deaths? and why were they allowed back to nursing homes? Why is it the African-Americans and Latinos people always do worse according to Cuomo and liberals? They are living under liberal leaders and no improvement, huh? sounds like discrimination by local leaders.
Karen C
Karen C 7 days ago
It's NOT the Numbers .......THE QUESTION IS> why did you tell the hospitals to return COVID19 positive seniors BACK to the nursing homes, thereby infecting the whole facility?
Karen C
Karen C 7 days ago
Vaccinate the teachers? You know there's an extreme limited supply that you're sending to the "local" agencies, right? Why aren't you making the NYS sites vaccinate teachers for two weeks? Haven't seen that guidance.
Bro. Luv4J
Bro. Luv4J 7 days ago
A lot of ignorant people hate on Governor Cuomo because he tells the truth and a comprehensive manner most fools complaining on this thread are accustomed to being lied to and they become used to being in the dark and not really understanding what the heck is going on in politics then you have a brilliant Governor like Cuomo breaking things down The Good The bad and The ugly whether you like it or not. It's mind-boggling how people are willing to gobble up and swallow all of the great things that Cuomo has done and act like they didn't occur but whenever they have a complaint they want to run their mouths like faucets of diarrhea Non-Stop. Governor Cuomo has been one of the most effective Mayors in the history of this government during a crisis so you better recognize and give this man the credit he deserves you don't have to like his politics but the reality is he has been a shining star throughout this whole Covid mess. That whole nursing homes narrative there's nothing but b******* that the Trump loyalists have been peddling because they're salty about how critical Cuomo has been of that derelict Trump.
Bro.J Faith, News & MMA
Is the governor taking jabs at Andrew Yang with his questions about a potential new mayor's credentials?
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 7 days ago
Good news . No one believes you anymore. You made the chart up . You suck
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 7 days ago
Can’t wait for justice! Murder ! Your voice is the worst I can’t stand to look at you
Twodog 7 days ago
"Twist my nipple rings." - Andrew Cuomo
Fred Fournier
Fred Fournier 7 days ago
Lets see how DIMocRATS act about impeachment now, now that there are REAL reasons to impeach.
Joe Mora
Joe Mora 7 days ago
If the devil exists Cuomo is definitely one of his henchmen. 😈
Tamme Brown
Tamme Brown 7 days ago
t b
t b 7 days ago
You got what you voted for, a lying windbag
Chief Joseph
Chief Joseph 7 days ago
Cuomo isn’t to blame. Democrats are.
dttruman 7 days ago
Will Gov Cuomo receive another Emmy for his efforts here for trying to talk his way out of this nursing home mess?
ShouldHaveStood 7 days ago
Is cuomo a strawman sacrificial distraction and part of this entire Convid deception?
ShouldHaveStood 7 days ago
I find it funny that the *same* FBI which is in trouble with NYPD for the murd er of Malcolm X is the same FBI "investigating" Cuomo. 🙄 Mafia cabal taking care of it's own.
ShouldHaveStood 7 days ago
Bye Andrew. Your role in this deception is over. Imagine, being guilty of deaths which were said to be caused by a virus (which has never been isolated/proven) but rather, caused by neglect, isolation, over-medication, *pre-existing and underlying heath conditions* ...and then going down for it. Nevertheless, there is no virus folks. Just the seasonal influenza re-branded...re-named. You are experiencing a grand deception. Like spanish flu. Like aids. Like ebola, Etc..
Ivan mv
Ivan mv 8 days ago
He killed so many people how do people even care what he says!
Mrylyyn The Whitless
I'm suddenly not so much against prison rape for some reason...
Mrylyyn The Whitless
Cuomo 2/21/2021 8 days until 'early retirement "I can talk my way out of this"
Mrylyyn The Whitless
somebody get Skeletor's flesh cousin another Emmy, just another great performance.
Johnathan Martin
Johnathan Martin 8 days ago
What a shit bag
Karm Chand Pamarpana
Matilda Oyeyemi
Matilda Oyeyemi 8 days ago
Praying for every one / family hurting and mourning, may the divine comfort from the God of the universe reach out to them, and the Holy Spirit fill the vaccum, the souls of the deceased find rest in the Lord; may his healing stream flow to the afflicted and the sick ones. May all the frontier and essential workers continually be guarded and guided by the Divine Power from the above. Beloved Gov Cuomo, with your faithful hard working team, may your strength continually be renewed, as you operate in divine wisdom. Above all, may the LORD deliver us from every fake news and evil instigators, for our land to be healed, restored an revived. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, we are more than conquerors, the foundation of our Great Nation is "In God we trust", his love for us is unfailing. Shalom.
C Bo
C Bo 8 days ago
we really need to clean these clowns like cuomo out of our party. he is trailer trash, and they are all getting this way.
Ken Kall
Ken Kall 8 days ago
BREAKING NEWS ++++ Godfather Cuomo has put a hit out on NY Assemblyman Ron Kim! His brother Fredo will take a few days off at the C/osa N/ostra N/etwork to carry out the Don's order!! Luca Brasi is currently vacationing in China while attempting to obtain a shipment of knockoff N-95 masks to be sold at NY nursing homes!! Sonny is also unavailable and last seen approaching a toll booth leaving NY state!
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 8 days ago
All I would need is two minutes with this fool !
Mac 8 days ago
Jail, jail, jail, jail.... That's all this tyrant deserves!!! Murderer!!!
Billy Tran
Billy Tran 8 days ago
When he speaks, nothing but S..T come out of his mouth!!
Bob 8 days ago
He’s getting his boots ready? No, we’re getting our boots ready because a lot of bs is coming our way!😆
Marcy D
Marcy D 8 days ago
To the people that gave Cuomo an emmy ,you now look and will forever look, like the biggest fools in New York history,congratulations.
Marcy D
Marcy D 8 days ago
..blablabla............,it's Trump's,and gops fault.
Dan Blair
Dan Blair 8 days ago
Another career corrupt politician who's outstayed his usefulness from his early days
Carlos Ezarik
Carlos Ezarik 8 days ago
that journalist at the end, peter has a funny voice
Carlos Ezarik
Carlos Ezarik 4 days ago
Add me in Instagram @_mellowjello and tell me more
Avgeek1 Planes
Avgeek1 Planes 4 days ago
@Carlos Ezarik I’m for real
Carlos Ezarik
Carlos Ezarik 4 days ago
@Avgeek1 Planes omg really
Avgeek1 Planes
Avgeek1 Planes 5 days ago
LOL, thats my dad
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
All the people in the comments are all out of state Trump Trolls... just hoping to knock down a popular democrat. Real truth is you lost! And people with actual brains are running this country now. And fact is Blue states pay for you Res states. You have no say anymore because you want your cake and to eat it too- but guess what you barely pay for anything you receive Red state Trump supporters
J Dee
J Dee 8 days ago
Prison for this murderer.
Dianazhora 8 days ago
Lying to cover up the deaths of seniors is a lessor crime than causing the deaths of thousands. Was it incompetence or deliberate? How could such a ridiculous mistake be made?
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
What did he lie about?
Peachpie 8 days ago
First rule of pimpin. No conscious.
Mario 8 days ago
In a serious nation, this corrupt mafioso would be in jail.
Rosemary Glover
Rosemary Glover 8 days ago
I am going to wait until the investigation is completed as I believe in the saying that you're innocent until proven guilty. New York state has some of the best Doctors and health care system in the country. I am not saying this because I am a native new Yorker but based on my experience. I hope and pray that Governor Cuomo and his staff are vindicated. I agree with him that politics has played a major role in this controversy. IJS
News Now Adirondacks Redux
What a fool.
D. Scott
D. Scott 8 days ago
He wants to put a "profit" cap on Nursing homes, but not hospitals. Sounds promising. Can't even lower or balance a state/city budget without overspending. How can you hire "surge staff" in a nursing home, when you are recommending a profit cap? Too late Andrew, your ship is sinking.
D. Scott
D. Scott 8 days ago
Cuomo has been Governor for a decade now. His father, Mario, was just an OK governor of NY State. And remember, Governor Andrew Cuomo echoed his own fathers beliefs that "America was never that great". It was a spoken statement as well as a bumper-sticker for Mario's campaign and service.
Frank Enea
Frank Enea 8 days ago
Gas Bag Cuomo says it was a Void . I thought maybe the Flux Capacitor went bad....?
Maggie Pigg
Maggie Pigg 8 days ago
Sorry, this is just too bring and bs-filled. Turning Cuomo off now. One question, who voted for this guy once, twice, three times?
Jay Black
Jay Black 8 days ago
Arrest Cuomo!
Maggie Pigg
Maggie Pigg 8 days ago
So far he's talked over 4 minutes and hasn't said "I'm sorry" once. Just a word salad of stats we already knew.
Maggie Pigg
Maggie Pigg 6 days ago
@Jeffrey Haines Being alive
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
What should he apologize for?
Ken Cramer
Ken Cramer 8 days ago
COUMO' WORDS! If someone tells a lie and it keeps get repeated over and over people start to believe it as being the Truth. So isn't that exactly what they did to President Trump? Coumo himself admitted as much on all of the national news networks. So he believes he should be exonerated from the lies that was spread but We should still persecute Trump over false allegations. I guess there are a different set of rules for the democratic party.
Luis Lebron
Luis Lebron 8 days ago
One year of lie after lie after lie. Just another promoter of this fake pandemic. Only God can save us from a horrible ending.
cmscms123456 8 days ago
There is ZERO chance that this arrogant erse will be removed or convicted... "LAWYERS" all consider themselves "PRIVILEGED CLASS" those "Lawyers" investigating him.... are actually talking to him on the phone, laughing about how they are going to run up their bill $$$$ on taxpayers, and in the end.. NOTHING will come of it... Think of Hillary Clinton all over again.
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
@cmscms123456 ok what’s your cell phone number?
cmscms123456 8 days ago
@Jeffrey Haines Hey, try this one genius, tell someone on your cell phone that you have copies of Hillary Clintons 40,000 mission emails, and the FBI will kick your doors down and burn your house down in a minute and a half...
cmscms123456 8 days ago
@Jeffrey Haines hah.. yea, and I have a bridge Id like to sell you.
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
Both Hillary and Cuomo did nothing wrong
Frederick0220 8 days ago
NY: #2 in COVID deaths per capita FL: #25 in COVID deaths per capita Yet the mainstream media spent close to a year praising Cuomo and denigrating DeSantis. When will people learn most of the mainstream media is vile?
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
NY: ground zero for the pandemic in US when we knew nothing about covid.. and no one had a clue the virus was spreading quickly in the most densely populated city in the world... also you had Trump saying it will magically go away and now two years of our lives has been spent dealing with covid... Also treatments weren’t even available or good at the beginning of the pandemic... NYC was the start of the pandemic and so of course the rest of the country benefits from NY learning and taking the hit first..
joshualei98 8 days ago
The nerve of this guy.
carlos h
carlos h 8 days ago
He expect us to take him serious , after his failed concentration camps for the elderly , Hitler Cuomo needs to be prosecuted there is no excuse to be proud of your death camps.
M G 8 days ago
Jail him
Robert Godlewski
Robert Godlewski 8 days ago
This is what happens when one person is given too much power. The system must be fixed!!!!
Tom Salam
Tom Salam 8 days ago
Andrew Cuomo is a pathological liar
Charlie Muller
Charlie Muller 8 days ago
There is a delay in delivering the vaccine due to snow conditions? What? Do you want me do to it for you? I would not delay! It can be done. Just try harder! No excuse please!
Jeffrey Jameson
Jeffrey Jameson 8 days ago
Cuomo is sorry for creating a void and not releasing enough public information... how about lying about the actual numbers for fear of being punished by the current administration? That was your justification - that is what a criminal would argue.
Josh Lowell
Josh Lowell 8 days ago
Cuomo was and is the only voice of reason during this pandemic, a pandemic that attacked New York like a ragging bull. Cuomo grabbed the bull by the horns and took control of it. He worked without taking a day off for over 300 days. He is still working and fighting for New Yorkers. Now he is also dealing with the exaggerators and haters that are trying to discredit all the hard work he did. He got us trough hell and I don't forget that. He's a big boy he knows how to deal with the misleaders.
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller 8 days ago
RESIGN.....you killed a friend of mine....Why don’t the families of the dead bring a class action .....
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
@Kenneth Miller how do you know though? Do you know from Fox News.. or do you actually know they are bad? Do you know rumors or hearsay or conspiracy? Or do you just say they are bad?
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller 8 days ago
Are you saying he didn’t cover up the number to the Fed. C’mon.
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller 8 days ago
Hey .....believe what you want....you know the guy and his brother are bad guys !!
Jeffrey Haines
Jeffrey Haines 8 days ago
@Kenneth Miller he didn’t put patients in... the federal government said nursing homes could take covid patients.. that’s how it all started. NY followed federal government guidance. Also covid came to the nursing home because of staff.. those 46 people were already residence of the nursing home and got covid from staff.. so covid was already in the nursing home
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller 8 days ago
Change the subject loser !!!!!
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