LIVE: Trump Plaza Implosion in Atlantic City 

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Donald Trump's once-majestic Atlantic City casino, later bankrupt and crumbling from disrepair, is imploded to make way for redevelopment. (NOTE: The implosion is scheduled for 9am ET but could start earlier or later.)



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Feb 17, 2021




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debbie Fu
debbie Fu 6 days ago
You are my mirage
Evan 7 days ago
Bankrupt and crumbling from disrepair. Yep, that's the Trump legacy if there ever was one.
Ricardo Franco
Ricardo Franco 7 days ago
Too long video for 7 seconds
Lee Epps
Lee Epps 8 days ago
Trump Casino Stock Went Down !! You Get My Joke ?
Follower of The Way Maker
“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.” - Jesus Christ, as recorded in Matthew 7, verses 24-27 (NKJV)
Blood Orange
Blood Orange 9 days ago
Y’all are s t u p I d. He didn’t even own this building. Hasn’t in a very long time. Why does some news mislead people? Stroking your egos a little much. 👎
KEK 9 days ago
Look at a city collapse
EMS 76
EMS 76 9 days ago
good. next up: the Trump properties in Manhattan. Who's got the dynamite?
Snowmaker moh6
Snowmaker moh6 9 days ago
I’ll save you some time the actual implosion starts at 11.45 in the video .
irish granny
irish granny 9 days ago
Media has Trump Derangement Syndrome
M Wang
M Wang 9 days ago
11:44 :)
This world system is nearing an end. Bitcoin is a clue. JESUS is Returning SOON! ALLELUIA! "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."
MegaMr46 9 days ago
Dah Hell?! Was it under construction before being demolished?
Cynthia Lonesome
Cynthia Lonesome 9 days ago
Just like Vegas..what happens in AC stays in AC...end of a great era...
LARVA 9 days ago
i say let it die
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald 10 days ago
Go to 11:40
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 10 days ago
Wish the whole trump was on hand for the celrbration
Marina Duran
Marina Duran 10 days ago
Kinda looks like how the twin towers fell. Huh, weird.
Marina Duran
Marina Duran 10 days ago
Lol y'all are obsessed with Trump. He owned this building a long time ago. He literally has had nothing to do with it for years. But NBC will do anything for the clout apparently. Trump=views.
Aero FPV
Aero FPV 10 days ago
The family name, Trump will go down as a real American travesty for the history books.
alejandro rodriguez
Its like ancient rome when they destroyed monuments of a just dethroned emperor.
Linda Bergman
Linda Bergman 10 days ago
Help of MSM traitors outlets for past 5 years
Linda Bergman
Linda Bergman 10 days ago
Nah that was Obama's farewell to USA.blasting us into division racism hatred sedition rioting along with the help find t DNC n MSM propaganda outlets
Eduardo Ramirez Jr
Eduardo Ramirez Jr 10 days ago
Do my eyes deceive me, but are those windmills in the background working on this freezing NE day?
MusicalMercy 10 days ago
There goes all of our tax dollars.........
Weißer Wolf
Weißer Wolf 10 days ago
FYI..Trump sold this building 12 years ago for a profit, and the new owners couldn't cut it and went bankrupt.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 10 days ago
Everything Trump is going down 😂
꧁Rin Tohsaka꧂
꧁Rin Tohsaka꧂ 10 days ago
Wish trump was in it when it went down 😁
Gavriel Musheyev
Gavriel Musheyev 10 days ago
Why is the media making it look like it’s still Trumps. He sold a while ago
robert23456789 9 days ago
there just not that smart to do less then 1 min of reseach
River Riverbent
River Riverbent 10 days ago
they should have done it on January 20th
Vickie Lynn
Vickie Lynn 10 days ago
President Trump is one of the best Presidents ever, along with Ronald Reagan and John F Kennedy!
Se7en Sunny Day Real Estate
Somebody should make this into a meme of Trumps entire presidency, this could be used as a beautiful metaphor for his presidency.
Weißer Wolf
Weißer Wolf 10 days ago
Yep Trump had one of the most successful casinos on the boardwalk that employed thousands of people, he than sold the building 12 years ago for a huge profit=his Presidency sold it to a guy(Biden) who made horrible decisions and then the casino went bankrupt so he had to blow it up(America and it economy). Yep a great metaphor.
Mauricio Morro
Mauricio Morro 10 days ago
The "millionaire" that couldn't make any profit running a casino LOL
Mauricio Morro
Mauricio Morro 9 days ago
@GITAHxgCoo and its been that way for the last 40 to 50 years only a moron will try to run a luxury casino there. Yes that moron.......
GITAHxgCoo 10 days ago
To be fair no one is profiting in atlantic city except drug dealers.
Ankoku Shi
Ankoku Shi 10 days ago
Well I’m honestly not surprised keep fighting trump I love you if everyone doesn’t
Moto Lisa Soucy
Moto Lisa Soucy 10 days ago
Sorry to see Atlantic City go down the drain
Moto Lisa Soucy
Moto Lisa Soucy 10 days ago
Sorry to see Atlantic City go down the drain! I loved Atlantic City very happy memories
Cultuurbehoud Nederland
🇺🇸 Trump rules
Christopher Fergo Jr
Remember that part in Return of the Jedi, when they knock down Palpatine's statue...
Christopher Fergo Jr
This is my ASMR.
Johnny Jacobs
Johnny Jacobs 10 days ago
*...just like both impeachments...DEMOLISHED, DESTROYED, IMPLOSION. Haha!*
Bikes&Bees 10 days ago
Just like the twins in New York....
Pete L
Pete L 10 days ago
Reminds me of the twin towers ...........quit similar
Arthur Cerami
Arthur Cerami 10 days ago
Anyone here recognize the similarities to WTC 911?
im energy from god
im energy from god 11 days ago
Look at all the trump stalkers😂the hate is really real dam sad.
David S
David S 11 days ago
David S
David S 11 days ago
What is taking so long for the implosion? Why all the hubbub over an old eyesore that didn't even have an escalator.
Valerie Banks
Valerie Banks 11 days ago
Great display of yet another failed business but running for president was actually the smartest business move Trump made this far . He got out of paying millions , and all his assets was protected for 4 years . Good thing for him is ; he now has his cult following. Those idiots will pay off all his debts for him
arya logo
arya logo 7 days ago
he sold the towwer yrs ago stop overacting and hating so much
David S
David S 11 days ago
Look at that. Potus Trump everlasting doesn't even leave any detail unfinished. Good bye Trump Tower in Atlantic city...Hello mr. Potus at least former Potus Trump everlasting.
Kimball Beard
Kimball Beard 11 days ago
Great, super cool. Now close 5he D.C. Hotel and turn it over to the D.C mayor for homeless Apartments.
Marcus 11 days ago
Hopefully Donald Trump was inside
Esuper1 11 days ago
Reminds me of trumps re-election bid. Boom, goes the dynamite!
mrs brodie sangster
11:44 for people waiting
Bob Will
Bob Will 11 days ago
The small screen in the right hand corner ruined the shot, I wouldn't expect anything better from an nbc affiliated network. Just totally screwed the poach. Someone should get fired if this is how it was broadcasted.
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 days ago
NOW they need to do maralago!
George K
George K 11 days ago
Thanks to whoever has made this happen.
Pen Knight
Pen Knight 11 days ago
The Twin Towers fell exactly the same way.
jeepien 9 days ago
Nope, not even close.
Ibe Spirit
Ibe Spirit 11 days ago
911 vibes
WWZenaDo 11 days ago
So where are the pigeons going to roost NOW?
WWZenaDo 10 days ago
@Colleen Good one!
Colleen 10 days ago
Dillon Casteel
Dillon Casteel 11 days ago
Could they not use the building for something jeez lol
Red Baron
Red Baron 11 days ago
Not with all the shoddy work trump insisted on being done to the place. It was literally falling apart!
fakenewsbuster jj
fakenewsbuster jj 11 days ago
fakenewsbuster jj
fakenewsbuster jj 11 days ago
Robert Gambling
Robert Gambling 11 days ago
I hope the pipe organ that's in the Convention Center next door wasn't damaged by all that dust swirling about.
Big Stepper
Big Stepper 11 days ago
Whoever edit this need to be smackkkkkkkkkkkkkk
ocean on fire
ocean on fire 11 days ago
Great news
TruckerLee 11 days ago
Doesn’t this prove the 9/11 incident
TruckerLee 10 days ago
@Rich Marceau nice sarcasm
Rich Marceau
Rich Marceau 11 days ago
No. It proves that gravity exists.
droznig 11 days ago
The actual demo charges start at around 11:16
dragonlord0 11 days ago
If only we could see him cry at the loss of his business.
- 11 days ago
Obama bin biden and bush did it, but isis and covid claim responsibility
Scott M
Scott M 11 days ago
Proof 911 was a setup. Quibs
Kaye Pullen
Kaye Pullen 11 days ago
All of you naysayers act like insidious, out of control, vengeful, disrespectful jerks.
Megan Lauro
Megan Lauro 11 days ago
Man these liberals must love this only problem is right now hes building something bigger and better and will be back in 24 to piss everyone off the truth will always come out. U really think out of all these voter frauds out of all the people every single one is gonna keep mouths shut or evidence hidden forever unless the Clinton's get to them
Dan Estrada
Dan Estrada 11 days ago
Please bomb mar i lago too.
Kyle Huber
Kyle Huber 11 days ago
Looks just like 9/11.. because the twin towers were controlled demolished......
long rider
long rider 11 days ago
Rise and fall of the trump's
SPAMaudio FEEDBACK 11 days ago
Remember the WORLD TRADE TOXIC PLUME?Trump tower coming down just gave countless people cancer!,TRUMP laughs last...again...
SUQOON BD 11 days ago
Why couldn't they turn this building into a homeless shelter?
Robert Gambling
Robert Gambling 11 days ago
The building was in poor structural condition
Teddy Furstman
Teddy Furstman 11 days ago
This Feels like the ending to the movie Casino, only with Trump Losing it all.
Knight Spask
Knight Spask 11 days ago
Trump: "This is a magnificent building that no one have ever seen in modern times" People: That was a magnificent great implosion we have ever seen, it was an eyesore for many people around the world, now it have taken a greater big fall, and never to be seen again, but where is humpty trumpty? Narrator: That is a long lawful story for another time. Trumpsters: Rawr!!!, his your presidents Rawr!!! Narrator: -______- Children please wait tomorrow for another story, you don't want the big bad FBI to come after you. Trumpsters: no Narrator: good children, nap time!
arya logo
arya logo 7 days ago
he did sell it yrs ago so your point
Sayville Tech
Sayville Tech 11 days ago
How is the dust from doing this any different from the dust at ST on 9/11?
WWZenaDo 10 days ago
@Sayville Tech More likely a combination of three elements - the hazardous products you've just mentioned, plus the jet fuel, plus fire and accompanying high temperatures.
Sayville Tech
Sayville Tech 10 days ago
@WWZenaDo Yes, I thought about it and they probably remove everything from inside the building (pipes, electrical, etc.). But I don't think the problem with WTC was the jet fuel, it was the asbestos, plastics (wiring), pulverized computers and monitors (at the time mostly CRTs).
WWZenaDo 11 days ago
For one thing it doesn't have tons of burning airplane fuel gunking up the atmosphere.
The Dolphin
The Dolphin 11 days ago
9/11 ... 9/11 ... 9/11 ... 9/11 .... 9/11 Anyone gunna do a side by side comparison of fall rates with WTC 1 and 2 and 7. Just waiting for this comment to be removed.
SirManDudeGuy1 11 days ago
Made cheaply and disposable like his presidency
honeysucklecat 11 days ago
Where are the paid trolls?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 11 days ago
Long overdue. Erase his legacy. The racist doesn't pay his bills.
pick yogum
pick yogum 11 days ago
The collapse of Trump's casino is a metaphor for the Former guy's inability to run a lemonade stand, let alone run a once might nation like our USA. The former guy lost $900 million dollars over the course of 15 years on his classic foolhardy approach to business. How you can lose a billion dollars on a surefire business like a casino? In all of history, only a fool like Trump loses his pants and then writes a book "art of the Deal". His book should have been titled "How a lost my daddy's billion-dollar fortune and called myself a Genius".
Kymco Rider
Kymco Rider 11 days ago
That implosion was rigged. I demand a rebuild.
kiabia136 10 days ago
The funny thing is that's what they plan to do. I have a Peoples 250 😉
Josie Tennyson
Josie Tennyson 11 days ago
Stan Leeger
Stan Leeger 11 days ago
Well done! It crumbled just like the liar's presidency.
Jack J
Jack J 11 days ago
yep, just like his presidency...
EOJ 568
EOJ 568 11 days ago
Just like bldg 7 on 9/11
Louie Reda
Louie Reda 11 days ago
It really fits in with the end of his presidency as well.
APlaceHolder BPlaceHolder
Let this be the foreshadow of that murder's future.
Jon 11 days ago
Too bad he wasn't in it.
DaSourOrange 11 days ago
Michael Owens
Michael Owens 11 days ago
All USMC army have a very blessed night family have a very blessed night michael d owens sr
Daniella Giammarino
What a beautiful sight🥰
Emmanuel Arath
Emmanuel Arath 11 days ago
Collapse like World Trade Center 7 😨
buymecola1 11 days ago
Demolition at its finest.......wow!
Paulieboi12u 11 days ago
Just like the Trump presidency; buh-bye!!!
Marina Duran
Marina Duran 10 days ago
Have you gotten your 2000 stimulus yet?
Sentinel Magnus
Sentinel Magnus 11 days ago
Sibby 11 days ago
One flush🤣And its down the drain🤣one big pile of shit🤣
Derek Berger
Derek Berger 11 days ago
Building 7 didn't Clinton itself.
Double9lus 6ood
Double9lus 6ood 11 days ago
Q: Like WTC7 on 9/11 did it collapse at free-fall for 2.3 seconds? A: Not so much.
Tom Markham
Tom Markham 11 days ago
Is the earth is flat too?
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