I-Team: Rikers Island Correction Officers' Claims of Grueling 24-Hour Shifts | NBC New York 

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Correction officers claim they’re being forced to work inhumane 24-hour shifts at Rikers Island. NBC New York’s Sarah Wallace reports.

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Feb 15, 2021




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Jose Esparra
Jose Esparra 4 days ago
Rikers island correctional officers are pieces of shits,,they are not doing their jobs,, They are abusing the system They don’t even proceed with televisits they always busy,doing what ,,,nothing
J Tronix
J Tronix 10 days ago
Good for you NBC, bringing their story to awareness
Louis Gallucci
Louis Gallucci 10 days ago
Walk out. I worked at EMTC from 1986 to 2006 . The so called wardens and chiefs and this thing we call a mayor . Should be ashamed of themselves. . They are nothing but cowards. My name is Louie Gallucci 8745 . GOD bless every Correction Office out there
Louis Gallucci
Louis Gallucci 10 days ago
Walk out take the bridge like we did in the summer of 1990 . All the so called wardens and chiefs are cowards . You are not Men or woman you are cowards . My name is Louie Gallucci I worked at EMTC from 1986 to 2006 . You should be ashamed of yourself
xivinrah 10 days ago
The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered: "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, then dies having never really lived." Even the threat of losing a roof over my head, being broke, and destitute isn't enough for me to stay on any job that would subject me to the aforementioned scenario or the conditions being described in this video. I can't buy back the life I missed or the health I had. But I can always get a new job and recover whatever material possessions I had under much better conditions.
Joel Santiago
Joel Santiago 11 days ago
Stop crying you guys treat the inmates like shit so deal with it or walk away from your job and quit
realdeal139 11 days ago
This is a move to force officers to quit. It’s an old tactic to thin the herd. Walking out like the guy at the end suggested is what they ultimately want. Smh
realdeal139 11 days ago
This is a safety concern and is unacceptable!! Treat workers with dignity!
Andrew M
Andrew M 11 days ago
They can’t retain any officers. Most quit in the academy or right after. Or many leave to become cops
Thomas Ackerly
Thomas Ackerly 12 days ago
Please they get paid$$$$$ real gd for sitting on there ASS
Chief Tafari
Chief Tafari 12 days ago
Lady take a vacation . You making money.
Jon Whick
Jon Whick 11 days ago
Cant take a vackay if they wont approve the time off
j 12 days ago
I thought they let all the criminals out in NYC. It sure seems like it on the streets and subway.
Marcos 12 days ago
DeBlasio can’t even manage his own daily life how the heck is he gonna manage Rikers
H 2 days ago
By shutting it down. Time to close it
Vernon Niles jr
Vernon Niles jr 12 days ago
I've avoided this episode because I'd applied for correction officer after coming home from the military and they told me that they're put a hiring freeze at the time and they did me a huge favor by not hiring me my prayers to the correction officer's for their health this is not right 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mr. Royal
Mr. Royal 12 days ago
De Bozio will tell you anything to get the attention of him!
C 12 days ago
NYS Correction make you work 16 hour shifts everyday!!! Officers don’t have a life! The inmates have more rights than the officers. We’re not the ones who committed a crime.
Jack Handy
Jack Handy 12 days ago
WTH 🥺!!! It's way cheaper to hire more staff than to make people work overtime and worse double overtime. People need jobs right now I know a lot of people that will be willing to take a job there!!!!!
Gunna Gang
Gunna Gang 12 days ago
Technically the guards doing time to
Yee ItsTanGo
Yee ItsTanGo 12 days ago
Get a new job 😭
Yuri Bezmenov was right
Shut up
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 12 days ago
Jordan Coronado
Jordan Coronado 12 days ago
I worked at AMKC as well, man am I glad that I left that shitty job lol. It was literally taking a toll on my mental health and my body - I was eating super unhealthy, my sleep was all over the place.
arain764niara 12 days ago
One of them might want to change her nails after this
John Snow
John Snow 12 days ago
There being pussys in the army you go to the field and work for weeks straight sometimes you have to stay up longer than 24 hours
Saifuddin Alston
Saifuddin Alston 12 days ago
I want to speak to the police their leaders are a poor excuse I'm here to help
Joy Ace
Joy Ace 12 days ago
WOW that mayor he should work there and see for himself how dangerous that is do your job mayor get these people help that they need they have families to take care too 😡 so mad 😡
Amono_ 12 days ago
@Di Rene’ he has always known LOL the mayor is personal friends with the head of the DOC. Please dont be fooled
I Am Chedda
I Am Chedda 12 days ago
The mayor didnt do it jackass. It's the DOC doing it. What's wrong with you ignorant people?
Di Rene’
Di Rene’ 12 days ago
Why are you blaming him when he just found out and said that shouldn’t happen?
rookforce1 12 days ago
That's a lie they don't make you do 24 hour shifts. NYDOC CO's work 4 days on 2 days off. OT is 16 hour tours 4 of those days and they get 5K checks twice times a month. They sit on their post and watch inmates fight all day that's it!..
Tom Atos
Tom Atos 12 days ago
Just like Serpico said Cops lie all the time.
John D
John D 12 days ago
The subway is just as dangerous
SIGNOFZODIAC 12 days ago
...or stop housing lifers, and start killing them like in the old, old days!
Gen_97gaMer 12 days ago
Thats sad. Good thing I turned down this job
superfuresh 13 days ago
How tf does this even make sense?! 24 hours OT you can hire another officer for that. Stupid a** management
Ye FG 13 days ago
No one cares. It’s a job. Suck it up buttercups
John. Numbnut3000
John. Numbnut3000 13 days ago
Now the reason why she don't want to show her face is that she knows she's f****** lying and the people that work with her will make her quit or fire her
John. Numbnut3000
John. Numbnut3000 13 days ago
Blame it on your governor Alexandria acacia cortex BLM antifa if you don't like your job you can quit but you can also quit your whining do your job and shut the f****** cuz if you don't your governor and your f****** mayor will put illegals in your place with half the money and no benefits
Frank Albarran
Frank Albarran 13 days ago
Ban 24hour shifts!🦸‍♂️
I Am Chedda
I Am Chedda 12 days ago
U ain't got no job Tommy
Jose Mercado
Jose Mercado 13 days ago
It sounds like the same thing when we were in uniform and serving in the army. I tried joining DOC and was given my sequence number when I took my test. They passed me by and I am soo glad that I didnt make it. This is too much. Ive done 96hr shifts when I was on active duty. never again. and as far as the National Guard taking the CO's spot...That will never happen because its not declared a state/national emergency. They will have to fill the slots with recruits and the recruiting process needs to stop being picky as who they want to hire or not. I have 17yrs total active duty who has been under extreme situations and they bypassed me like I was nobody and decided that the average joe will fit better in a position to handle a situation like that. look at the situation now...
black intel
black intel 12 days ago
Most law enforcement agencies are.
BlimpCityFeeder 13 days ago
CO's have been disrespected by Mayor Bill even before having to relinquish their Covid masks to FDNY during last year's shortage. May have to start pushing those classes out in the Academy, like when PD has attrition/mass retirements.
Amono_ 12 days ago
@Di Rene’ if you don’t understand that the politics is woven into the departments operations then you are gravely mistaken and have no clue how treacherous those jails are... Don’t speak on what you know nothing of. They suffer a lot in that agency.
Di Rene’
Di Rene’ 12 days ago
Leave the politic out of this.
Alkaline PH
Alkaline PH 13 days ago
I looked at this job years ago and was warned about this. Although some officers love the money others need a break at times. C O’s can make over 100k annually with overtime but at a cost. I hope these officers get help no one wants to be locked up all the time
nathan desrosiers
nathan desrosiers 13 days ago
But that check$$$$ is super phat tho!!!!!
xivinrah 12 days ago
What can you do with money when all the time that you had to live was spent working for it? There is absolutely nothing you can buy that can replace the years of life you wasted.
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 12 days ago
They don't even get paid a lot & working 24hrs is freakin ridiculous
security base
security base 12 days ago
Yeah but working 24 hrs shifts is illegal. And A Fat Check With A Slash Thru Your Face
Amono_ 12 days ago
It’s not worth it. Sometimes they die on the job before age 50! They’re miserable
I Am Chedda
I Am Chedda 12 days ago
xi li
xi li 13 days ago
we all know they pretend to work 24 hr shifts the year before they retire so they can gin up their pensions and scam the taxpayers out of money. doctors in training also work these hours
Dh Tj
Dh Tj Day ago
Your a true retired
BlimpCityFeeder 12 days ago
@Vocal 1616 When its taken over and you ran into dude you previous had a run-in with on your block, you would know why. OT is time and a 1/2 except for specific holidays. Feel free and take the test as it seems Mayor Bill will have to start hiring en masse.
BlimpCityFeeder 12 days ago
"we all" better take a trip to DCAS at 1 Centre St as 1) NYPD, FDNY, DCNY work 16 and in extreme emergencies 20+ hrs. 2) Pension system changed where it is a flat, you cannot boost the pension by working much overtime in any 5 yr period like years ago. 3) Doctors in West Facility rely on the same COs to keep them safe when assisting inmates with mental problems or other issues.
Vocal 1616
Vocal 1616 12 days ago
Tone A
Tone A 12 days ago
Ur literally an idiot. The new pension system doesn’t work that way
Lord Truth
Lord Truth 13 days ago
Tbh no one cares anymore to much nonsense and immoral bs has been allowed not even the national guard wants to do your dirty work
Kim Jong Skillz
Kim Jong Skillz 13 days ago
They're free to quit at any time.
Glen Jones
Glen Jones 12 days ago
sounds good.. but if it was as simple as that it would have been done
Di Rene’
Di Rene’ 12 days ago
@88ntil only damaged man babies makes these stupid comments
Adrian 13 days ago
Finding another job that provides the same pay and benefits is not easy. So, they practically don't have the choice of quitting; they need the job to survive.
common sense
common sense 13 days ago
One of those inmates raped my sister and those officers are keeping him there till he is sent up north where that mans Ass will be taken...for his crimes you idiot....I never wish bad on nobody but u dont know the pain she is going thru and how much my family is hurting
Hank White
Hank White 13 days ago
Maybe you should be PART TIME
Amono_ 12 days ago
There are no part time options as an officer. Have you heard of being “STUCK” or on the “WHEEL”? These are phrases that describe getting to the end of your 10hr shift and being told by leadership that you MUST stay an extra 10 more hours because someone else banged in... Never mind that you have a spouse and kids at home, or that you only brought enough food for one shift.. people have had awful accidents going home after double and TRIPLE shifts. Glad the Unions are on it and getting news coverage...
I Am Chedda
I Am Chedda 12 days ago
Lmaooooooooooooooo that's a career dummy
Hank White
Hank White 12 days ago
Darien Pittman , you’re the type to CRY IF THE SKY IS TOO BLUE , foh
Darien Pittman
Darien Pittman 12 days ago
Tone A
Tone A 12 days ago
Lol another idiot. Theres no part time options u meat head
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 13 days ago
Who cares I worked 27 hours str8 and I'm a union carpenter and the work is more physical....stop crying and find a new job...I bet more than half the people locked up are a victim to a racist CJS...change my mind
BlimpCityFeeder 12 days ago
@Robert Brown NYPD, DCNY, FDNY are especially not to work 24 hr shifts due to the danger involved for themselves and general public. Mayor Bill allows this to go on and they may very well forgo the pension (which keeps most coming back) and walk off the job entirely. Difference in putting wood and wires together vs stopping riot with heavy gear on or reacting instantly when dudes look for that quick punch or slap to the face.
Amono_ 12 days ago
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 12 days ago
@Amono_ I wouldn't give a shyt....I would let them take over the jail cause I DONT CARE...find a new job or stop crying
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 12 days ago
@BlimpCityFeeder find a new fukn job or stop crying...they knew what they was getting themselves into
Amono_ 12 days ago
Lol they would LOVE to see you maintain balance and calm, in a housing area filled with assaultive inmates with mental health needs that are known to smuggle scalpels and other shanks in their butts.... Best not to compare your job to others, it’s a silly game to play when you haven’t walked a mile in someone else shoes.. worst you worry about is hurting YOURSELF on your job, while others have to make sure they can go home to their kids with both of their eyeballs! LOL Apples to oranges..
That Place
That Place 13 days ago
Hand in your shield. It not worth it.
Tom V
Tom V 11 days ago
@hilda beaverhausen I did call an attorney and followed up but from what they told me the case would be difficult to prove. I was out of work for 8 or 9 months. I was not getting unemployment but I decided to appeal it and only won because my employer sent three people to the hearing that could not keep their mouths shut. I was interrupted several times during the hearing. The U.C. representative warned them that if they interrupt again he would rule in my favor. And I guess they were on drugs or something because they interrupted me again. LOL SO I won and he said something funny at the end of the hearing. He mentioned that it is very rare for a claimant to win in that situation. But since they could not show courtesy to him or the process they lost.
hilda beaverhausen
hilda beaverhausen 11 days ago
. Well, that sucks. I hope you sued them.
Amono_ 12 days ago
@Kim Goode some love it enough to stay... others say it’s not worth it! JUST ASK JOSEPH GRIMA!! (RIP) all money is not good money.
Kim Goode
Kim Goode 13 days ago
They wont. They love the money...🤷🏿
Tom V
Tom V 13 days ago
Yeah and do what? Her best bet is to put in for medical leave and when she gets fired she can file a lawsuit. I put in for a short medical leave from a job about 8 years ago, I was asking for two weeks and I was fired. So it does happen all the time. I needed surgery and a radioactive iodine treatment. Conservative estimate of time required was two weeks.
swift3891 13 days ago
Do an investigation on every city/ state job and see what's really going on. Smfh The worst !!!!!
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 12 days ago
I bet they find that them c.o. be treating they ppl like animals
Derrick Brehon
Derrick Brehon 13 days ago
Y’all acting like y’all the ones LOCKED UP
Yuri Bezmenov was right
@Jordan Coronado and when someone bangs out, you get stuck there.
Yuri Bezmenov was right
They practically are a hole.
Jordan Coronado
Jordan Coronado 12 days ago
Worked there, same exact jail.. and in a way, we were locked up, literally could not leave home even if you wanted to - they need bodies
Amono_ 12 days ago
You’re bugged LOL you must have been on the count!
Alkaline PH
Alkaline PH 13 days ago
They are!
D 13 days ago
We need a create a city with huge walls. Like Escape from LA or NY for all criminals.
I Am Chedda
I Am Chedda 12 days ago
The dumbest shit I fuckin read this morning.
PainandMotivation 13 days ago
What about the officers who want to work 24 hour shifts? There must be some who are making a lot of money.
BlimpCityFeeder 13 days ago
No CO in their right mind wants a 24 hr shift, especially if alarms go off and having to walk across those football field long corridors with protective gear on. Unable to keep your eyes open and make proper counts will make a CO infamous among their fellow staff.
Elvin Ferreras
Elvin Ferreras 13 days ago
Inhumane??!!....wonder what the inmates gota say about that!!!....if you dont like your job you could always quit!!!...
Elvin Ferreras
Elvin Ferreras 12 days ago
@Amono_ my brother my comment wasnt meant to be disrispecful!...i came really close to become a CO in Ny...but i saw the bullshit from the orientarion!!...the system looks for people whose mind they mold and manipulate!!...i understand people sing up for this type of jobs ...not because is their dreamjob, but because of financial circumstances!....which was my case!!...what i meant with my comment was not to be afraid to quit a job ...where you not happy and miserable!...dont be afraid ...the system was created by the oppresor!...and for profit they dont mind oppresing even the people that works for them.
Amono_ 12 days ago
Elvin I’m sure you know that there are certain jobs that if the operations are not well organized and if the workers and the clients are not supported, it can be MAYHEM and HELL ON EARTH. Being slashed, spit on, having feces thrown on you, being sexually assaulted (female officers) are things no one can imagine dealing with. This is a job that even NYPD won’t do!!! So please have some respect.
common sense
common sense 13 days ago
One of those inmates taped my sister...I want him locked up u idiot and those officers are keeping him there till he is sent up state where his ass will be taken...u lowlife
BlimpCityFeeder 13 days ago
What do you think happens when the told to be "patient" Housing Area CO's walk off the job? Be careful what you wish for.
Dani23 Dani
Dani23 Dani 13 days ago
Better treatment for our family in blue!!!!!!! This is a disgrace!!!!!
john kane
john kane 13 days ago
I was a New York state Corrections officer for 26 years. I have been retired for 9 years. I can not believe that the most evil and dangerous jail I have ever heard of is making those HERO Officers work 24 hours straight! Absolutely disgusting and dangerous!!! Please stop this terrible injustice NOW!! God bless my fellow men and women in blue!
Dh Tj
Dh Tj Day ago
Quick question do you pick your location for correctional officers
Nylvia 13 days ago
Same thing is happening to Texas Correctional officers.
BLACKOUT 2.5 13 days ago
Them officers ain't lieing. They work 12 to 24hrs and suppose to get a break but sometimes get stuck without a break. I was a ( s.p.a). I work all shafts as a (suicide prevention aide. In Amkc obcc c73 c74 c76 & bacon My point is they are not lieing. If u a new officer it's harder for them to get home on time without getting stuck on the same post for 12 or 24hrs. They become high payed free inmates. tHat go home for a few hours and come right back to jail . In the hour payed inmates.
j Blaze
j Blaze 13 days ago
Used to be a corrections officer don't worry they sleep on the job all the time worst kind of officers just quit never going to change as long as you showing up saying I guess so SOPs dumbass
T H 13 days ago
Sad this is why their taking their attitudes out on the inmates. They have state sentences inmates still in rikers island months after being sentenced for upstate bids.
clara clara
clara clara 12 days ago
@T H Maybe if those criminal savages, you're concerned about, we're not breaking the law in record numbers, those officers wouldn't be overworked.
Yuri Bezmenov was right
@T H fr fr
T H 12 days ago
@clara clara yeah so what don't come on my comment questioning me ok Keep it moving.
clara clara
clara clara 13 days ago
Yeah, so?
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 13 days ago
Good Lord!