‘Classic Cuomo': Bullying Claims Against Cuomo Surface Amid Nursing Home Investigation 

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As federal prosecutors and the FBI look into whether the Cuomo administration committed a crime by not releasing nursing home COVID numbers for months, numerous politicians have come out saying the governor and his team have used bullying tactics for years. NBC New York’s Jonathan Dienst reports.

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Feb 19, 2021




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Ander Ander
Ander Ander 59 minutes ago
No more fluff suck-up up pieces on Cuomo??....... LOL
Jkaku Rinpoche
Jkaku Rinpoche 2 days ago
M Caste
M Caste 3 days ago
When deblasio can call you stupid and a bad politician it’s time to resign. Deblasio can’t even raise kids without the help of crack cocaine in 2021. # resign douchebag. and AT&T should fire fredo.
Chuck Walker
Chuck Walker 3 days ago
Before June 40% of deaths were from nursing homes. In other words, Cuomo and governors alike nearly doubled the death rate in order to make trump look bad at handling the virus.
Pete Peters
Pete Peters 4 days ago
Hollywood gave him an emmy, biden said he was the gold standard on how to handle covid and joe Rogan said make him president. Smh the left is crazy
rafe one
rafe one 5 days ago
They won't do anything. They don't have the balls
taxachusetts blws
It's okay he's a Democrat keep driving.
Alison Serrano
Alison Serrano 5 days ago
Send him to jail
Linda Roper
Linda Roper 6 days ago
That's sad he treathen that man. That sounds like mafia working. Remember cuomo ,you reap what you sow. I hate this is happening, but you went after President Trump. Blamed him for the virus,and it come from china ,he had nothing to do with it. Praying for all , America don't need no more gossip and tearing each other down. Demercrats fess up to stealing the election, and put Trump back in office.🙏🇺🇸
MineWheaties 6 days ago
Far from new. bullying allegations against Cuomo were brought up in his 2018 election too.
Pie Mon
Pie Mon 6 days ago
Impeach Cuomo and vote his democratic cronies out of office.
Randy2653 6 days ago
He apologized. So it's all OK now.
Gmail User
Gmail User 7 days ago
Ask yourself ONE question, and one question ONLY: If this had been Donald Trump, rather than Andrew Cuomo, what would the media response look like today?
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 7 days ago
Lock CUOMO up
Tom Obrien
Tom Obrien 7 days ago
His brother has gone very quiet
Fred Frond
Fred Frond 7 days ago
MSM were trying to make Trump out to be the unhinged bully bad guy and Coumo to be the good guy. Trump played his role to the Max as the heel. Coumo not so good as the baby face.
Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison 7 days ago
*Cuomo is an incompetent fool. He has blood on his hands. He needs to resign.*
Karen Boyette
Karen Boyette 8 days ago
I am extremely sad for family's that lost loved ones.He needs to go to prison
P C 8 days ago
Five years of Bullying led by Obama and financed and enhanced by this elite and under educated enablers. I don't understand why if you dislike our Constitutional Federal Republic why do you stay here? Move Already! 60 communist regions may be a more comfortable fit for all these dictator NPD elitist!
god563616 8 days ago
Danny Corr
Danny Corr 8 days ago
Kudos to Kim👍🏻💪🏻
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 8 days ago
Recall this corrupt, lying POS !
Bobeo 8 days ago
If he doesn’t go to jail I’m done with justice and our government in this country.......Bye"............
Daniel Lawrence
Daniel Lawrence 8 days ago
Jim Szczech
Jim Szczech 8 days ago
Unethical and illegal. Cuomo killed the elderly.
Henry 8 days ago
This guy never takes blame for anything ! Everyone screwed the pooch but him! He is a Thug and loves belittling people to make himself look good !
Frederick0220 8 days ago
NY: #2 in COVID deaths per capita FL: #25 in COVID deaths per capita Yet the mainstream media spent close to a year praising Cuomo and denigrating DeSantis. When will people learn most of the mainstream media is vile?
Michael Kessler
Michael Kessler 8 days ago
When I watch and hear Andrew Cuomo speak there always seems to be something wrong -- like music which is severely off key. The problem is he does not seem like the governor of an important state. It would seem more correct and proper if he were talking about why the Cuomo Pizzeria has been falling down a bit in quality of late and blaming the deficiency on domestic rather than imported mozzarella and oregano. If this were the case then everything would click. There would not be this strange discrepancy. If the above seems funny I'm also being quite serious. I do not see or hear Cuomo as a governor but more like a pizzeria or barber shop owner. And I am not in any way demeaning Italians, or pizzeria or barber shop owners. I'm simply stating a reality. Cuomo, in his speech and general mannerisms, is a kind of stereotype -- and it's not that of the governor of a state. He is a carved in stone paisano. A guaglione. A South Brooklyn caffone, if you will. And anyone who is at all familiar with the stereotype knows exactly what I'm talking about. And the bottom line is, vafancoul Andrew Cuomo.
Nitiya Marr
Nitiya Marr 8 days ago
It’s nice to see Asian fighting back. This ignorant Cuomo must be removed.
The Big Guy's Ten Percent
Bullying? He's a murderer
Ben Buza
Ben Buza 8 days ago
When you lie it's fraud and you're charged...when politicians lie, it is an error and move on. Nothing to see here. At worst they bring in the dirty FBI to "investigate".
Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison 7 days ago
*Cuomo is an incompetent fool. He has blood on his hands. He needs to resign.*
Mark Skonecki
Mark Skonecki 8 days ago
What a piece of sh!t fredo and this trash are, those two think they are gods gift.
Nitiya Marr
Nitiya Marr 8 days ago
I puke every time I see his face on TV blatantly lying in every opportunity he has. He must resign. The guy is a moron.
Mr. Common Sense
Mr. Common Sense 8 days ago
By the way, Trump won in a landslide!
Dima Danovich
Dima Danovich 8 days ago
Removing governor in the middle of pandemic is insane step. Liberal NYC is unstoppable. No one will ever be good enough for dump as NYC. Cuomo was accused of being a bully? How about all politicians? How about AOC and Omar? The winner of all bullies ever is Hillary Clinton!!!! Oh no, I forgot about Trump. Queens politician talk about bulling. Amazing that DeBlasio opened his mouth. What a joke he is. Useless, incompetent Mayor that NYC ever had.
qk1964 8 days ago
Cuomo forced nursing homes across NY to take in COVID positive patients and planted the seeds of infection that killed thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers. Cuomo viciously covered the overall number of COVID-19 deaths among long-term care residents. Pelosi should push for a '9/11-type commission' to investigate this scandal.
dasha wang
dasha wang 8 days ago
Cuomo! You are not insidious enough, your accomplices will call you to death
Willie Villock
Willie Villock 8 days ago
Now every man wants to say something I thank that lady who happened to say something. I now want every man and woman whom runs in public office or works to be fired. In times like this you cant get bullied.
Typical leftist liberal democrat scum, every last one of em, and the voting populace of NY deserves everything that's happening to them and their dump of a state....
Leslie Rowe
Leslie Rowe 9 days ago
I see Hollywood has gone quiet where is di nero and his big mouth
Reverend Mr Black
He's been "bullying" for YEARS. What a joke the media is becoming. Look, the Socialist Dems need one of their own in the New York Gov office. Bye, Cuomo. You served your purpose. Now run along. Don't worry. No criminal charges. What a corrupt country we have become.
Jai Khalsa
Jai Khalsa 9 days ago
Knock it off !!! Stop blaming each other and fix the problems!!!!! We need regulations in these nursing homes . Most of these homes are for profit. Many of these patients had long term issues soooo it would be hard to pinpoint cause of death
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 7 days ago
Nice try. That does not justify the actions of a governor running around pretending to care and then sticking infected patients in with the very people the economy was shut down to protect. Premeditated murder. And it could be proved very easily.
Bob 9 days ago
De-Blazio is turning on the gov? Turn on the lights and the cockroaches scatter!😆
W L 9 days ago
Cuomo said nursing homes could accept patients IF THEY WERE ABLE TO CARE FOR THEM. Nursing homes WANTED the patients and the patients MONEY so they convinced officials they could, in fact, care for covid patients. No one was an expert on covid back them.
So Fly
So Fly 9 days ago
Cuomo's mandate he issued proves he put nursing home patients at risk
Just Whatever
Just Whatever 9 days ago
This all started from utubers comments. Now the main stream media is following conspiracy theories and QAnon?
Sturdy Thorpe
Sturdy Thorpe 9 days ago
The narcissist in him is telling all of us the only thing he's sorry for is that he was caught.
Sturdy Thorpe
Sturdy Thorpe 8 days ago
@LiberalsAreGarbage Thanks
Sturdy Thorpe....*narcissist
Itsmemike60 J
Itsmemike60 J 9 days ago
Why is it these Democrats always get away with this shit
Lily Compton
Lily Compton 9 days ago
Sanctimonious bully Cuomo protected by the propaganda media mob.
Luis F
Luis F 9 days ago
Mrs DeRosa, u better lawyer up sweetheart and quit your job before it gets much more worse for you. You know a lot about this cover up and should be thinking about a deal. Do it now before it's too late.
Anna Chan
Anna Chan 9 days ago
Cuomo is a great man, old people are going to die anyway, cant blame him
gunit 010
gunit 010 9 days ago
LOCK HIS ASS UP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U C 9 days ago
Texts, phone calls, a habitual pattern of abuse......ya....it's not looking good Andrew......hire a damn good attorney!!!
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 7 days ago
I heard Rudy Giuliani is available. 😁
Tara Hower
Tara Hower 9 days ago
They eat their own when there is no other scapegoat
chris neil
chris neil 9 days ago
The feast will be great to watch
armajay86 9 days ago
That’s right.. that’s exactly how it’s playing out..
twilady2500 9 days ago
These people that protest about bullying is because they were actually asked to work. Most of these people are the kind that always point at others when they are asked to actually do their jobs. Well he did do the best for his state with what little information he had, he had 5o shout at some who refused to act to save lives. Everyone has hsd experiences with both for profit and none-profit were you have to fight to get the care you need. Unfortunately in both situations the higher people go they forget what got them in that job and only really care for increasing their earnings, and cutting down on personnel to make up for it. These people become super sensitive to work, and will either hire others to do their job or demand the over-burden workers they have do even more. And eill start crying about been bullying when asked to perform. It is common practice to send people home as soon as the hospital can to complete their care, otherwise others with more urgent need will die. If a finger must be pointed, than lets start with the family who couldn't care fior their love one, than blame the facility who were unable to handle the problem because of the limited information they were given by former President Trump and his allies In all-l this is just a political attack by these that failed to act in their own time and must now place the blame elsewhere. This is very similar to these Republicans that refused to wear masks, held large gatherings even when they knew the situation was dire. We all saw them on tv, heard them speak and lie to their followers, and yet they are walking free, some stations even denied their own crimes, and who now try to wash their bloodied hands.
Nick Crawford
Nick Crawford 8 days ago
@twilady2500 cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug
twilady2500 9 days ago
@Home Grown Enterprises Do you recall these days in March, when Trump hid information and left every governor to themselves? Do you recall the horror of hearing how many people were dying in Italy! Information was coming in but no one knew if it was reliable. New York was a disaster area, our main government failed us than,. Coumo had to push people to do what was necessary to save as money lifes as possible. Now when the pandemic is more under control people are coming out of their holes and complaining, about bullying, about the mistakes the man made yet were where they than! The mayor of New York had to be pushed more than once to do the right thing. He made it a habit to defy the governor when ever he could.
Home Grown Enterprises
Oh, please.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 9 days ago
I've killed less New Yorkers than Andrew Cuomo.~ Osama Bin Laden.
Frederick0220 8 days ago
Lol, so epic
13e11even11 8 days ago
Dude I love this comment
j c
j c 9 days ago
funnily enough they probably have the same funders.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 9 days ago
Andrew Cuomo and his murdering of thousands of elderly when he had ships in port to use for infected patients. But that would help make Trump look good so he wouldn't use them. Elderly residents were not allowed to have visitors because of the "covid risk" so he knowingly infected thousands. Premeditated murder.
Mike H
Mike H 9 days ago
This guy killed more new yorkers than bin ladin
armajay86 9 days ago
Damn that’s a tough but true statement
s10 s10
s10 s10 9 days ago
Grandma killer
smol tings
smol tings 9 days ago
Cuomo is the Democrat version of Trump
Kiab Toom Lauj
Kiab Toom Lauj 7 days ago
@vanessa torres What mindless vomit gibberish. Oh, wait... he did built the Southern Wall and Mexico DID pay for it. Excuse me, I very ignorant. And, yes, he also formed Space Force, and right now Mike Pence is Commander, somewhere IN space. And, yes, after 4 years of Trump the world's no longer joking about America; and we have better healthcare. No wonder Dems stole the election. If they had ---- with such a LANDSLIDE win --- Trump could have made every working America millionaires by the end of his 8th year!
Jonathan Bhatty
Jonathan Bhatty 7 days ago
Trump didn't tell Cuomo to put those patients in the nursing hom.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 7 days ago
Cuomo wishes he were Trump about now. 🤣
vanessa torres
vanessa torres 8 days ago
only that trump has integrity and honesty . Thanks Trump for coming up with the vaccine in less than a year . Democrats even said impossible . Another Trump's promises made , promises kept . COvid Testing too.
Trever Whoever
Trever Whoever 9 days ago
not like it's the first corruption scandal Cuomo has been involved in... he won't face reprocussians.... never does.
paraspective1 9 days ago
Oh the goofy Cuomo sicaphants desperately trying to change the subject in the comments. He's a scumbag and has always been a scumbag and now it can't be denied anymore
christian Record breaker
I think Diblasio should worry about NYC before he starts weaseling into NY state problems.
OceanGuy 0610
OceanGuy 0610 9 days ago
Cuomo must go!
ofz 9 days ago
Impeach Cuomo
K. Genie
K. Genie 9 days ago
Lives were lost and he received an emmy...Let that sink in. My heart goes out to the families.
Just Whatever
Just Whatever 7 days ago
@Brian Smith I'm sure the actual footage of Trump saying grab them by the p..... And him saying he could kill someone in Manhattan and get away with it wasn't heartless though right?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 7 days ago
@Just Whatever Really?🤣🤣 So im sure you have seen CNN and MSNBC take Trump out of context daily. The only difference here is Cuomo actually said people died.. who cares. Followed up by his actions. Perfect context.😎
Just Whatever
Just Whatever 8 days ago
@Brian Smith Taken out of context.
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 8 days ago
Disgusting !
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 8 days ago
@Noir Path oh you must be so proud of your very own stupidity. BLMers were terrorizing all summer egged on by Democrats and the media. People protesting the election was certainly valid. Nobody said to vandalize the capitol. The only person to die as a result was shot by capitol police.
K. Genie
K. Genie 9 days ago
Should we be surprised!!!
xi li
xi li 9 days ago
he is a bully
James Mullaney
James Mullaney 9 days ago
The nursing homes are just the tip of the iceberg. The DOJ must investigate the manslaughter allegations brought against Elmhurst Hospital by the visiting nurses from Florida in the spring of 2020. Please interview Erin Olszewski, RN; and please view the video footage and audio she recorded while working in the covid units. It's available on several You Tube channels. Nurse Erin has also published a book detailing the criminal medical malpractice which led to so many deaths at Elmhurst. It's called: Undercover Epicenter Nurse.
Eddie Figueroa
Eddie Figueroa 9 days ago
Let de Blasio keep gloating and talkin’ trash. I’m just waiting for this... *Knock knock* - Who’s there? *FBI* - FBI Who? *FBI who wants to ask you questions about the $800 million from ThrIveNYC* - 👀 Bill de Blasio, you are next.
Mark Skonecki
Mark Skonecki 8 days ago
Lock em both up and throw away the key.
Noir Path
Noir Path 9 days ago
Guess you didnt hear that NY Health dept told Deblassio to shut down the city and he refused.. they quit.. His stuboorn bs costs 20k lives
liyaberi 9 days ago
Fritz Volz
Fritz Volz 9 days ago
A few months ago when Trump was president; Governor Cuomo threatened him by saying, forget your bodyguards if you come back to New York", you will need an army.
Debbie Barker
Debbie Barker 9 days ago
We now know why, he also didn't use the help trump gave to him for the state, now trumps away he hasn't got a anyone to blame, it's a shame I'm sure Nicola sturgeon has done the same here in Scotland with the care homes, something ain't right.
Annie Warbux
Annie Warbux 9 days ago
So, let's NOT hold a Criminal, Domestic Terrorist, Bullying President Accountable for his crimes and also withholding Covid death data but, go after the ONE Leader who stepped up in our time of Crisis. If Kim is literally going to CRY on National TV then maybe he should NOT be in Politics! No doubt, Cuomo would have to be stronger when dealing with weak minds! If these morons want to go after Cuomo, then I best see them go after every other Governor whose totals are inaccurate! You can start with mine!!!
Annie Warbux
Annie Warbux 9 days ago
Lee & Hillary Blair, Newman
Anyone can’t stand the heat....(just saying)
W L 9 days ago
All this time I thought he was banging Melissa 🤣
liyaberi 9 days ago
@Noir Path and who said I cared, I just said maybe he is.
liyaberi 9 days ago
@Noir Path I don't.
Noir Path
Noir Path 9 days ago
@liyaberi who cares?
liyaberi 9 days ago
Maybe he is?
Tailor Made
Tailor Made 9 days ago
It's over Cuomo , the people won , you lost
Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison 7 days ago
*Cuomo is an incompetent fool. He has blood on his hands. He needs to resign.*
Virginia S
Virginia S 8 days ago
I like Cuomo I don't think he did that stuff that that guy is saying about him
Seah Shu Huae
Seah Shu Huae 8 days ago
get lost
William Moore
William Moore 9 days ago
Guilty criminals blame others. so far he's blamed God, old age, Trump, the electriician, the plumber, the delivery guy, the nursing home staff and "people". How pathetic.
Concrete Lightbulb
*"Guilty criminals blame others."* - That and constant whiny victimhood is trumps entire playbook.
Rob Hodge
Rob Hodge 9 days ago
Lock him up!
Robert Fernandez
Robert Fernandez 9 days ago
Cuomo the tyrant!
Obama's Fried Chicken
Cuomo is a stunad. Fredo sr. Killed those people
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann 9 days ago
Takes one to know one
Dom 9 days ago
lock him up
Joey Harper
Joey Harper 9 days ago
@Noir Path You are on all these comments desperate to defend Cuomo's ignorance while blaming Trump. Get your TDS checked out.
Noir Path
Noir Path 9 days ago
shut the F up