Case Against White Woman in NYC Confrontation With Black Birdwatcher Is Dismissed 

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The charge against a white woman accused of falsely reporting that a Black man had threatened her during a wild caught-on-camera confrontation in Central Park last May was dismissed Tuesday after the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office agreed to put her through a restorative justice program meant to address racial biases, officials said. Erica Byfield reports.

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Feb 16, 2021




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Anthony Q warner Stephen Paddock
This is what I expected white doesn't have to do right . I guess the some of the people at the DC Capitol will get the same treatment. Business as usual.
Ricardo Franco
Ricardo Franco 7 days ago
The problem is only one: People see media like the formal justice center. It's only one system of justice, trust on it, that's democracy, is the law. Respect Police Officers, Prosecutors and all the people who are professionals on their jobs. Learn to understand when you're wrong, or have a false perception of reality. That's it.
beast mode
beast mode 8 days ago
Black or Latino will be sentence to 2000k year's
Mike Jordan
Mike Jordan 8 days ago
If we’re Amy Cooper, I’d tell her attorney to just shut the hell up for her sake. It tells us her so-called apology was insincere. She’s learned nothing if she still wants to make excuses and be the victim. If she has a job, I’d fire her again just because of that.
Hey There
Hey There 9 days ago
I mean the real crime here is a bird pervert. Why can't this dude go to and "bird watch" at his local walmart like the rest of the pervs?
Trish Alvarez
Trish Alvarez 9 days ago
Dismissed. Sounds about Whi--- Nevermind 🙄
Wuhan vc asleep at the wheel
ha ha ha White Woman win's goooooooooooooooooooood down with blm
Liza Gates
Liza Gates 10 days ago
I love that white guy
GetYourGameOn 11 days ago
In fuckin real...and guess what people ? Nothing happened to her for this..only some counseling ..I didn’t know we now had counseling to treat white people that hate and fear black people..if this was 80 years ago this man would have been hung..she literally became frantic and acted as if she was actually being physically attacked..I disagree that she didn’t have to sit in jail for false allegations and abuse off 911...but I’m sure it was a white judge that set this racist free
GetYourGameOn 11 days ago
In fuckin real...and guess what people ? Nothing happened to her for this..only some counseling ..I didn’t know we now had counseling to treat white people that hate and fear black people..if this was 80 years ago this man would have been hung..she literally became frantic and acted as if she was actually being physically attacked..I disagree that she didn’t have to sit in jail for false allegations and abuse off 911...but I’m sure it was a white judge that set this racist free
XerXes 11 days ago
She lied to the police and said she was being assaulted, she was raising her voice as if someone was about to k!ll her. Police could've k!lled that guy because of her blatantly lying and putting on a big ACT. Like the lady that jumped on the kid she falsely accused of stealing her phone. Oh what about the 1 that pulled a gun on 2 ladies about a parking issue. So when the lady put her gun away IF the other 2 ladies had a gun too, what would have happened? when someone's life flash in front of their eyes from a RACIST.
Marie E.
Marie E. 11 days ago
I am not surprised, I know a case of a child abuser and he is free. However, they have to live with themselves and that's punishment enough.
P2Feener 305
P2Feener 305 11 days ago
did anyone really expect anything different ?
Democracy Lives
Democracy Lives 11 days ago
Why is this not falsely reporting, in violation of Penal Law § 240.50 (1)
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 11 days ago
I am not surprised with this nutcase! I have seen it all in America.
wolf blitzer
wolf blitzer 11 days ago
What a horrible racist women
I FAMILYIH 11 days ago
I FAMILYIH 11 days ago
Steve Pirovolikos
Steve Pirovolikos 11 days ago
The worst thing is loosing your freedom over dumbasses creating false accusations
Nefer khnumu Builders Society
How it's literally camera footage. Now she's emboldened to take legal action when she was wrong . They empower the criminal to create more damages . He needs to sue
Jhonny 2 chains
Jhonny 2 chains 11 days ago
Only in America... And other Apartheid States
DEDMAN INC 11 days ago
Bs if a non white person did this they would be fined and jailed for miss use of 911 and false police report
Jamaal Rainey
Jamaal Rainey 11 days ago
Lmfao white people still racist
DM DM 11 days ago
Ofcourse she is free. Privilege in action.
David doe
David doe 11 days ago
They did just to get the masses upset
Kat Televised
Kat Televised 11 days ago
Attempted murder but ok
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 11 days ago
Juicy smollet
Christopher Diaz
Christopher Diaz 11 days ago
wooooooooooooooooow smh no number of bias courses is going to change her mind set and prospective
Cedric jones
Cedric jones 11 days ago
Lol of course it was dismissed. She’s white🤷🏽‍♂️
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze 11 days ago
@FireBench Videos ok Darren!!!
FireBench Videos
FireBench Videos 11 days ago
Stop overreacting Tyrone
Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection 11 days ago
Liberal white women check yourself before you wreck yourself
John Mellor
John Mellor 11 days ago
New Yorkers must be soft or retarded dog back the hell up before you get smacked up
John Mellor
John Mellor 11 days ago
Christian Cooper was no bird watcher he's a stalker dude was in there if you played the whole freaking video you'd see what he done the lady was over there he didn't show her first he pops his camera on he walks over towards her and stands there watching her that's a stalking man yo get a real life dog you better watch it I got a bird you can come look at you can come film this bird all day long baby
John Mellor
John Mellor 11 days ago
personally I think you're trying to make the woman out to be a racist or turn her into a racist by your actions and that's not the full video Play the full f****** video cuz I've seen it from beginning to end the lady was in the park walking her dog on the lease he was supposedly coming out with the camera facing it then she hasn't stopped recording her play the whole
TWEED SQWEEZLE 11 days ago
Good, should of been no charges!
cedrick samaniego
cedrick samaniego 11 days ago
Lol people 🤣
famfirst718Ent 11 days ago
That's how it is in America when you white it's all right
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez 11 days ago
This woman's absolute trash. She should serve jail time if you ask me...
ThirtyFiveEDU 11 days ago
How convenient.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 11 days ago
I have other problems in life.
KenCaz_ 11 days ago
Cuz all are sick of the BLM shit...!!!!
Kalimah Maurice
Kalimah Maurice 11 days ago
Of course. This is america. I would still civilly sue her.
joe guy
joe guy 11 days ago
new york has bigger issues to deal with 8 shootings yesterday
tocrob 11 days ago
@1:48 - also damages to the justice system/process.
1209Misty 11 days ago
This is bullshit, this is exactly why these white people continue to act this way!.🖕🏾 this is why colored people take the law into their own hand and handle their own business!. White privilege🖕🏾 I love how they’re only interviewing white people, as if they could possibly fathom what us colored people actually go through when people threaten us like that!. 🖕🏾
john joel
john joel 11 days ago
The damage created ??? No that is not enough !! She literally was recorded lying on the phone about an assault using color as a motivation to urge cops to come faster !! Point is she lied on an emergency line & that is against the law ! She should be in jail especially with everything going on... I’ve heard families lose their kids over prank calls to the police stations so how come she isn’t losing her freedom which ultimately would have ended those things anyway 🤔 I’m pretty sure a trump supporting company would hire her no problem 🤷🏽‍♂️💯
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 11 days ago
Anti white
Pikachu or Picasso
Pikachu or Picasso 11 days ago
Disgusting laws! White privilege!
Gen Xer
Gen Xer 11 days ago
That's racist.
Yet1 11 days ago
Typical Democrat. Crying wolf like AOC.
Holly Campbell
Holly Campbell 11 days ago
She's disgusting and Abandoned Angels should have NEVER given that dog back to her.
Santrice McPherson
Santrice McPherson 11 days ago
Oh No
Oh No 11 days ago
That’s horrible and the justice system is a joke
rgw1380rw 9 days ago
@BradLee Jones Where's all this footage in this day and time of cameras dammed near everywhere?
BradLee Jones
BradLee Jones 11 days ago
What about the thousands of times black people freak out on white people that don't even go as far as this case did? Just became it's in the Lamestream news, doesn't mean it's ballanced!
Jae ME
Jae ME 11 days ago
Prime example of “white privilege”
Donna Griffirh
Donna Griffirh 11 days ago
What happened to black young man who punched little white old lady in the face for no reason or black woman who knocked over old lady with a walker what happened to them I like the news to report on that you always have to say white and black when it's a black victim but it's not said when it's a white victim
A H 11 days ago
​@Donna Griffirh we always take care of the white victim
Donna Griffirh
Donna Griffirh 11 days ago
Yes they are two very different types of cases but the media is always saying when it's a black victim and a white perpetrator but they don't say it when it's a white victim any black perpetrator the last event with the Asian person oh not person persons elderly who were knocked down or punched by a black man they won't even call it a hate crime they did say Asian victim but they didn't say the perpetrator was black I blamed the media and the people that listen to everything they say on all this stuff that's been going on in our country
Joe Matthews
Joe Matthews 11 days ago
Two very different types of cases
codebrker24 11 days ago
I am sure they are going through the court system as well. I am also sure they will not have the same fate as Amy Cooper.
Messiah's Daughter Beaton
She's one of Satan's minions 😈
Jacqueline Perry
Jacqueline Perry 11 days ago
Trust me had that been the bird man doing what Karen did he’d be in jail but he didn’t want her jailed he just wanted her to learn something from it and hopefully she did and if not she will pop back up again.
Fear GOD & Worship Him
Ladies and gentlemen.. GODS children. Repent & be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins & you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Acts 2:38) Everyone will have eternal life after this one.. but you decide whether it's Heaven or Hell. GOD Bless
Fear GOD & Worship Him
Seek The LORD While He May Be Found, Call Upon Him While He Is Near. Let The Wicked Forsake Their Way & The Unrighteous Man His Thoughts. Let Him Return Unto The LORD & He Will Have Mercy Upon Him & To Our God Who He Will Abundantly Pardon!!
Fear GOD & Worship Him
If this isn't race baiting idk what is.
A H 11 days ago
Viva La Raza!
Viva La Raza! 11 days ago
So many of trump's racists supporters are losing. I love it.
Sergio Burgos
Sergio Burgos 11 days ago
not even week of community service? just a few classes to deal w niggas , she suffered enough!
Sane1 11 days ago
Stiff penalties for making false 911 calls is called The KAREN law
Shawn Recognize
Shawn Recognize 11 days ago
It really grinds my gears the way some people can just dismiss what this woman did and say "well she's been through enough already" knowing that if the roles were reversed, the black man would be under the jail. There REALLY needs to be some legislation passed that says if a person (regardless of color) calls the police on another person without just cause, they should face a penalty. Jail time or a hefty fine should be the punishment for such a heinous and deliberate crime. That man could have been killed for nothing!! all because she took offense to him reminding her of the LAW.
Phuck Cough
Phuck Cough 11 days ago
yolanda ramos
yolanda ramos 11 days ago
Oh yea OFC dismiss the case Bc y’all thought we wasn’t gonna pay attention. CLASSIC
Britney Parker
Britney Parker 11 days ago
Woooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!! Lmaoooo I am not surprised. Y’all be safe out there
K G 11 days ago
Florida Man
Florida Man 11 days ago
I'm glad she'll be free
Fuwasi Cong
Fuwasi Cong 11 days ago
falsely accused...lol...thank goodness the news knows when someone feels threatened...
smiley garcia
smiley garcia 11 days ago
Making a false police report is a crime!!
smiley garcia
smiley garcia 11 days ago
Racists!! 👎
claudia rodriguez
claudia rodriguez 11 days ago
Wow really?
Dj Jayfresh
Dj Jayfresh 11 days ago
White privilege
RedEnvelopeMedia 11 days ago
Damn that was like a year ago. It was in limbo that long? Then again i guess NYPD is busy with all the violence these days. Atleast give her a citation for misuse of emergency calls
Nae’ Nee’
Nae’ Nee’ 11 days ago
Not surprised it’s been happening for years. The privileged not being held accountable for their actions.
rocknrobert1 11 days ago
Isn't it great?
Rolling On Three Wheels
She will speak publicly to profit off on the damage she did to society
She did an awful thing, but she’s paid dearly already. She’s been publicly shamed and lost her livelihood. She probably won’t ever be able to get another job in her industry (finance) bc of the reputational risk involved. Anyhow, more punishment at this point is just piling on.
codebrker24 11 days ago
No, it's not. She made a false report. That is a crime. I want to read the judgement of the judge to understand why it was felt charges needed to be dismissed. I also want to see what Ms Cooper was actually charged with. This also makes it possible for Ms Cooper to sue to get her job back. I am sure her former employer is currently meeting with the legal team to discuss if, how, and or when a suit against them by Ms Cooper will be forthcoming. By having charges dismissed, she can effectively argue that she was wrongfully terminated because under the court of law she didn't do anything wrong.
Shih Tzus Rule
Shih Tzus Rule 11 days ago
he did threaten her. All you had to do was read his transcript of the portion of their conversation before he started filming and his admission that he and his birder friends who didn't like other people in that part of the park and especially not with dogs had a practice of filming people with dogs and harassing them; of the videos he showed of that, only one was a man and he knocked his phone out of his hands, a dog walker not in the mood. And he admitted to taking treats to the park to lure people's dogs for just such "intransigences". She should have sued her boss Franklin Templteon, who promoted an employee who was a wife beater and gave out far too much information over the phone to the public about her. The mistake Mr. Cooper made this time was pulling his stuff early in the morning, when no one else was around, and picking on the wrong woman. Instead of getting up in his face and arguing with him, she got scared AFTER he did threaten and try to intimidate her and tried to lure her dog with his treats "he carries for just such intransigences"- which is why she shorted out on his video, that's when he started recording or he cut the first part. I would have described what he was wearing. and the NY cops were NY cops and barely bothered investigating. It was already decided early on - too flammable to touch.
IAMBUN BUN 11 days ago
codebrker24 11 days ago
The dog walkers are committing a crime under the park statute. You have just proved the case against her. Thank you.
lilly j
lilly j 11 days ago
You really typed all that dam write a book get paid for it
lilly j
lilly j 11 days ago
@Shawn Recognize he’s the cops
Shawn Recognize
Shawn Recognize 11 days ago
This is all fraudulent, WHERE did you get such an outlandish story from? The imagination of some people is astounding.
Minka Oppey
Minka Oppey 11 days ago
The games people play.. PETA needs to go after her for animal abuse!
Minka Oppey
Minka Oppey 11 days ago
@codebrker24 gtfo! Omg, we need to find the dog and steal it right away!
codebrker24 11 days ago
The dog was returned to her as well.
Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown 11 days ago
The racist white "LEFTIST", fixed that for you!
Joey Gee
Joey Gee 11 days ago
White privilege at its finest
SCIENCE SAVES 11 days ago
Did that old lady at the end really just say the unfortunate thing in all this is a white woman ruining her reputation?!?! Holy shit
Kent 11 days ago
If you really thought that they were going to put that woman in jail, then I have a bridge in brooklyn for sale and you can cashapp me the funds
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards 11 days ago
White privilege is real ! 🤣🙄
D Eppe
D Eppe 11 days ago
So gross of that woman and the District Attorney's Office. Disgusting.
Blind Spot
Blind Spot 11 days ago
All you have to say is vegas $$ superbowl & people around here know you mean gambling. Smh
Christian 11 days ago
In may
Melinda Hernandez
Melinda Hernandez 11 days ago
Disgusting, she got a slap on the wrist for LIVES IN HARMS WAY! The black man could've been assaulted/killed by the POLICE . The dog was LITERALLY BEING CHOKED! HE/SHE probably suffered some injury to his/her trachea. The punishment DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME! She should've at MINIMUM serve community time at a a rescue shelter for animals and NOT in the office area. SHE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN THAT DOG BACK!!! Karma is going yo bite her on the butt, or perhaps somewhere down the line SHE'LL BE IN A CHOKE HOLD😡
Chris Smithtown
Chris Smithtown 11 days ago
People talk about white privilege but thats only for white liberals who get that.. too funny how they are
Bag Man
Bag Man 11 days ago
Oh no it's black history month
Lali Bela
Lali Bela 11 days ago
My name is Karen . No more Karen calling.
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 11 days ago
1955 it was Emmitt Till... 2021 and black men are still falsely accused of violence without recourse... US "justice" system is a joke
Nikki4MW 7 days ago
So certain comments are being deleted now. No need to @ me if you don’t want to hear another viewpoint.
james thomas
james thomas 8 days ago
@Nikki4MW how many innocent blacks are killed at the hands of other blacks but that is never talked about and its the biggest threat to the black community when is the discussion going to happen.
Nikki4MW 8 days ago
@james thomas it’s not victim mentality when it’s been proven over and over again that racism and false claims have been made against black people. Whether a person votes for the Democrat or Republican Party or not, the issue of racism is still here alive and well. How many unarmed black men, women and children have gotten killed because of hate and false assumptions that were made about them? The only way people’s attitudes will be changed is when they receive harsh punishments for committing hate crimes against black people. If you can’t seem to grasp that, then you’re also part of the problem.
james thomas
james thomas 8 days ago
@Nikki4MW it's the narrative you have been feed all your life it's the victim mentality you are told blacks can't do this or that because of their skin color. Joe Biden said the other day that black and Latinos do not know how to use computers and yet blacks vote democratic every election even though that party historically has held the black race down. Change will never come with democrats in office don't get me twisted I'm not pro trump but he was not the big racist the liberal media would have us believe. I would love to see the divide in this country end we are stronger together but they want us separated it's easier for them to control us.
Nikki4MW 8 days ago
@james thomas Like I had stated before, how many blacks have falsely accused a white person of a crime that was never actually committed? When black folks call the police on a white person it’s for a reason not because of their skin color. It’s definitely a one sided situation. Whites are more protected and believed just on the strength of their skin color. That’s not division that’s facts; that a lot of people just refuse to accept.
Shell m
Shell m 11 days ago
yeah republicans can do what ever they want.including choke there dog
Malachi Ben Yisrael
She should have been charged for that false report to 911 no matter how much damage she's done to herself.
Mike Jordan
Mike Jordan 8 days ago
@Wuhan vc asleep at the wheel she lost a 6 figure income job and had to move out of an apartment she could no longer afford. At every interview she’s going to have to explain this video. And you calling her a winner and crowing about it is why we have cancel culture. We have to make her regret what she did some kind way because of people like you supporting her.
Wuhan vc asleep at the wheel
you should have been charged ha ha ha White Woman win's goooooooooooooooooooood down with blm
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 11 days ago
Quit crying
Joseph Jackman
Joseph Jackman 11 days ago
That’s what she was charged with.
maya m
maya m 11 days ago
black man should be charged poor dog almost died and he did nothing
danny watson
danny watson 12 days ago
Another leftist Karen.
BlueVelvet Lilies
BlueVelvet Lilies 12 days ago
Of course 🤢
This man could of lost his freedom because of false accusations . Playing with another mans life is no joke
Joseph Jackman
Joseph Jackman 10 days ago
Clare Keys
Clare Keys 11 days ago
@Lapis Lazuli do you have proof? Where is this said in the video? Or is that what she claimed?
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 11 days ago
@Clare Keys he threatened to kill her dog....his black privilege
Clare Keys
Clare Keys 11 days ago
@Red T nah, don't make excuses for her. I don't call the cops for every stranger who says something to me. That being said this I what the victim wanted and she completed it.
Red T
Red T 11 days ago
He didn't get arrested,nothing happened, she called because she didn't know who this man was.
Dawg Face Gremlin
Dawg Face Gremlin 12 days ago
What about animal cruelty charges?
HellRaizer 11 days ago
For real, she's practically hanging her dog throughout the entire video! What's up with that?
Jordan Michael
Jordan Michael 12 days ago
Somebody should take care of her. Somebody post her address. Amy Cooper is her name.
codebrker24 11 days ago
By doing that, she could come after you for harassment, intimidation etc. Do not give this woman any way to make money or make your life a living hell.
james thomas
james thomas 11 days ago
Yes because this is the number one issue facing the black communities its definitely not the black on black violence
jon smith
jon smith 12 days ago
the complexion for the collection and protection...smdh
DRIVER 84 11 days ago
What happened to jussie smollett?
Love how all the women are quick to forgive her.. meanwhile had she of gotten her way would she have allowed the african man to be arrested and taken away to jail?? Charges should NOT be dropped against her and she should be charged with harassment and uttering threats... her dog was taken away by how she treated it... is that supposed to be her punishment for almost getting another african american killed or incarcerated?? SHE is NOT SORRY!
codebrker24 11 days ago
@boyd norfleet would you be so kind to explain your comment?
IAMBUN BUN 11 days ago
@boyd norfleet NO obviously you do God calls for accountability for what is just Now she has her judgment but it is our job to forgive and hold accountable. He requires we love that person in TRUTH not that we let them do whatever because we "forgave" them forgiveness is key...Thank you for giving me this experience it's for him but accountability is key for recompense. All of this is in the Bible maybe you should read it some time.
boyd norfleet
boyd norfleet 11 days ago
@IAMBUN BUN Obviously It is you who wishes to be the arbiter of accountability.
IAMBUN BUN 11 days ago
@boyd norfleet Accountibility is key Norfleet lol and there is no good Christian there is Christian or sinner.
IAMBUN BUN 11 days ago
@boyd norfleet No you need ACCOUNTABILITY. And forgiveness later we can't just let a killer off because they're forgiven. There's forgiveness sure but we have to hold people in sin accountable.
Hulk Papa TV
Hulk Papa TV 12 days ago
It's crazy how they both have the same last name