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cooper cooper
cooper cooper 19 hours ago
Believe all women!!
Buck Shot
Buck Shot 19 hours ago
and get canceled d bag
Juliet Calimeno
Juliet Calimeno 19 hours ago
Is. Moron. Bofoon. I clown. Stupid. Retaire. Polices. Yes. Take. To. Jail. Is. Moron.
Melissa Parker
Melissa Parker 19 hours ago
So he wants an independent investigation, and not from the press. REALLY.
Game The System
Game The System 19 hours ago
Nothing new here. Cumo = dirtbag
Thomas Heer
Thomas Heer 19 hours ago
Since it is a Democrat Governor absolutely NOTHING will happen, but if he were a Republican he would be drawn and quartered.
Curtis Bischof
Curtis Bischof 19 hours ago
Bill Clinton has been appointed to oversea the investigation. Pants down, I mean, Hands down, the most qualified person for the job.
Alex Quevedo
Alex Quevedo 19 hours ago
I'm all for charging people for crimes if you got proof. All these women have is their words. People lie all the time
USA 4EVER 19 hours ago
Oh!? A "Democrat" did that?? WHAT A SHOCK!!! And sending people to their deaths as in the Covid-19 fiasco which is no different from sending people to concentration camps??? People have so forgotten history! BTW Socialists/Marxists/Communists can change their names to fool a few, but in the end they are the same and not much different from what they were yesterday! Even if they change their tactics slightly! Just look at what they're doing now silencing different opinions and people and canceling them which is what Fascists do! Control the media spreading lies and propaganda and covering for each others' corruption, being bigoted against Christians and other religions and turning people against each other (divide and conquer) such as the poor versus the rich, the white versus the black, Liberals versus Conservatives on and on and on! Like the saying goes, those that fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it! And BTW, the word NAZI literally means National "Socialist" German Worker's Party! Don't believe me? Look it up! And it "so happens" that the Democrats are Socialists and radical Marxists!
Q 19 hours ago
dave mitchell
dave mitchell 19 hours ago
Cuomo do you need some butter?
michaelmaccrazy 19 hours ago
Am I missing something, but would the governor hiring an "independent investigator" to investigate allegations involving himself be (to put it kindly) - a conflict of interest?
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson 19 hours ago
I wonder if his brother will cover this on CNN?
Ev Morals
Ev Morals 19 hours ago
anon andonandonanon
anon andonandonanon 19 hours ago
NY political machine is all mobsters. This is just normal behavior for people involved in human trafficking who covered for Epstein for years.
Sykosin 19 hours ago
Lying witches
Punch Top
Punch Top 19 hours ago
He’s using the Weinstein defense. I didn’t know. And WTF is he picking who investigates him
The Truth Is Out 777
Time to get Creepy Joe. Tara Reade!
Phung Tien vo
Phung Tien vo 19 hours ago
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Ed Bradley
Ed Bradley 19 hours ago
No real scientific proof, only "science speak"! If you present the science your posts and comments get censored. What could be worse? Courts that are too complicit to hear the case and the results of scientific method study of this medical treatment (It's not a vaccine). By taking this vaccine (treatment) your risk of serious complications is greater than your risk of getting "covid" or of serious complications developing from "covid".
Chris Waltz
Chris Waltz 19 hours ago
I told all them people are that are in power they think they can get away with anything
Outlaw All Outfitters
So after nearly a year MSM decided to report on his mass killings......sounds about right
seahawksarecool 0118
Who do they speak out so late
Sir 19 hours ago
Blues Lives only matter when it's not caught on film.
Patricia Blagrove
Patricia Blagrove 19 hours ago
Do not resign Mr. Cuomo.
Soren Anderson
Soren Anderson 19 hours ago
How horrible! 2 women accuse him of harrassment. Imagine if there were 29 sexual assault allegations against him? He might get elected president. Love the GOP clutching their pearls when Cuomo comes onto a couple of aides. Yet when the president is accused dozens of times of actual rape and sexual assault he's doing just fine. What a joke
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer 19 hours ago
When the left starts to eat themselves it’s awesome
A T Thomas I I
A T Thomas I I 19 hours ago
I'm NOT believing this bullshit! Use your fkng minds! This is some phoney bullshit orchestrated by some of these right winged asswipes! It has all the indications of their delusional claims that they are notorious for trying to spew against their real or imagined enemies of Trump! Just 10 minutes in a locked room with these lying skanks and I can GUARANTEE they'd recant........or head to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove my foot out of their asses
Kush King
Kush King 19 hours ago
Ok the pretty one yeah but the ugly one i don't think so
Jay H
Jay H 19 hours ago
Such a weak tactic. Can't nail him for the covid thing....so get him on something unescapeable.
Diana Gable
Diana Gable 19 hours ago
I think Cuomo is a first class ass but women who allow harassment hoping to gain some power need to know they will call you a liar and probably fabricate much about you that denigrate you. I don’t have sympathy for these women.
JAHSURH OF JUDAH 19 hours ago
well has this made to CNN Because they know how to ask all the questions as they have Trump for 4 years?
Pepe Le Frog
Pepe Le Frog 19 hours ago
An italo-jewish mobster with CIA connections no less.
flibble89 19 hours ago
Get this murdering thug out!
frank serpico
frank serpico 19 hours ago
believe all women, cuomo!
Sunshine Cool Water
Sunshine Cool Water 19 hours ago
Never trust a male governor that has nipple piercings.
Bean town Bud connect
Wow a politician that could be a sexual deviant
Miss Grinch
Miss Grinch 19 hours ago
We don't care. Y'all didn't care about Trump and his allegations or other repukes and their allegations.
Robert Trevino
Robert Trevino 19 hours ago
He needs to held accountable for the thousands of elderly he left to die of covid.
Thuan Le
Thuan Le 19 hours ago
Fire Him
johnlyndsay 19 hours ago
Funny how the trump trolls have taken over the comment section.
Ench8rted 19 hours ago
Biden just scared because coumo could run for president and ruin their plans! Rats eating themselves! Lol
TOM ALEX 19 hours ago
So no proof and evidence , just allegations, it’s so easy for females to destroy a mans life
J APC 19 hours ago
Liberals proclaimed in 2016 that all women must be believed.....that is the bar now....
Patricia Blagrove
Patricia Blagrove 19 hours ago
I do not believe they are telling the truth. It is another cause to investigate and if they are found guilty they must be prosecuted. They cannot be using their sexuality to get him out of been Governor of New York City. This must stop. First it was one now it is two and the news media is just as bad. Ready to plaster the man name over social media. God is watching you all.
Rick G
Rick G 19 hours ago
Mass Manslaughter, no big deal Hits on a few girls, demand he resigns... Wow
JJ LLama
JJ LLama 19 hours ago
Is this a peaceful sexual harrassment just like the "peaceful" looting and burning done by BLM/antifa?
Tanny Bogus
Tanny Bogus 19 hours ago
With Trump gone the media no longer feels such a strong need to protect these liberal politicians so we’re finally starting to get some reporting on these kinds of things unlike the hunter Biden situation that was suppressed by the media and big tech.
Glo Justice
Glo Justice 19 hours ago
Impeach him!
just a dude
just a dude 19 hours ago
Wow imagine my shock.
Jordan Angle
Jordan Angle 19 hours ago
But he hates Trump so he’s immune to doing anything wrong
William Hodgden
William Hodgden 19 hours ago
This does not surprise me one bit. He looks and acts like a douche bag.
1 19 hours ago
Democrat bites the Dust.
Frankie Geist
Frankie Geist 19 hours ago
He's an idiot n a criminal!! Get him out of office!!
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 19 hours ago
Well.. let's let the liberal mob handle this
Sonny D.
Sonny D. 19 hours ago
Mac Daddy Andy needed some sugah during ' Rona lockdown!😄😄
Onyx Logistic
Onyx Logistic 19 hours ago
He was on track too run for president but the last two scandals have ended that chatter. The GOP made sure he would not get out of the starting gate!!!!! They need too start putting old hags around them so they can focus on work.
Jkb Jkb
Jkb Jkb 19 hours ago
Holy shit is this cuomo or Harvey wienstien
Todd 19 hours ago
They are ignoring his murder of old people and then covering it up. Remember when the democratic party wanted coumo for president ????
Juan Macias
Juan Macias 19 hours ago
Biden will ban The conviction of Cuomo just like he’s doing it to all pedophiles and rapist.
Practical Bible Studies
Cancel Cuomo. If he was a conservative, he would have already been lynched.
Curtis Bischof
Curtis Bischof 19 hours ago
Enough already. Governor Kevorkian must step aside, step down, while this is investigated. Governor Cosby is about to make an appearance.
Dashone Edward
Dashone Edward 19 hours ago
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 19 hours ago
But but but they want him to run for president.. which makes sense now. Democrats use perverts like this guy to program and control
Kokonut Kokonut
Kokonut Kokonut 19 hours ago
He is a freak - it is clear as day! So many brilliant people out there this is the best we have???!!!
W P 19 hours ago
Waiting on Cuomo to blame Trump for the allegations.
J APC 19 hours ago
Cuomo leading the pandemic..lol...what a joke, not for those who lost loved ones in nursing homes....he wrote his book while the aged were chocking to death and alone....the actual figure will be over 30,000 ....his gave billions to the school unions......while working to cut the budgets for police....thank god he is in New York..because any other place he would be kicked out of office, like what is taking place with CA governor......
Big Daddy Jay
Big Daddy Jay 19 hours ago
Guess New York does have the biggest rats
First Name Last Name
Why is the press ignoring all the elderly he killed, where is Chris Cuomo and CNN
c karlsen
c karlsen 19 hours ago
epic scumbag
Brenda Elbert
Brenda Elbert 19 hours ago
What did the Republican have to do with this please look deeply because all of these years he's been in this position and now they come forward when the country is in a crisis what did they have to gain what is the Republican have to gain to bring damaged or discredit to the new Administration of the country now the governor of the of the state of New York what do these two women have to gain they need to really be investigated.
Omar Bautista
Omar Bautista 19 hours ago
But before we talk about let's talk about Ted Cruzs family is still on vacation. What terrible people
Peter John
Peter John 19 hours ago
Hahahaha dump his Ass!
philip brazis
philip brazis 19 hours ago
Ruth here, take that mask off
TOM ALEX 19 hours ago
Liberal politics bites him in his ass
Kokonut Kokonut
Kokonut Kokonut 19 hours ago
About time! If any one of us were responsible for the mistakes he made at work, we would be terminated! Different standard for the leaders? Let’s make him accountable!
cat lady
cat lady 19 hours ago
Do not forget about the nursing homes.
Pineyapplecent 19 hours ago
Federal Judges are paid through title IV funding even the catholic church is in bed with federal funding. I notice that he never denied the allegations but said he was sorry that his jesters were misunderstood also how do you misunderstand touching and groping. He did it and trying to intimidate them through the media
Eli Howard
Eli Howard 19 hours ago
You dumb fucks took two weeks to run this story. We’ve been calling for cuomo to go for almost a full month now
Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen
Unpopular take, you don't often hear people who fucked-up looking to start outside investigations so... 🤷‍♂️