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Fred Austere
Fred Austere 9 hours ago
The MSM is responsible for this.
Rodger Woods
Rodger Woods 9 hours ago
Guess BLM takes on a new meaning in jail. "Better Like Men"
Leviathan Cain
Leviathan Cain 9 hours ago
Christopher Whitener
the audio is shit
Joe Manguel
Joe Manguel 9 hours ago
This attack was caused by the cop hating news media, antifa, blm, and your common dirt bag criminals!!!!! I hope the police go on strike nation-wide, until this bull-shit ends!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE POLICE !!!!!!!!!!!
Brigadier General
Brigadier General 9 hours ago
Rest In Peace
Bruh! 9 hours ago
Speaking of Asian hate crimes... oh wait, I guess Hunter Bidens laptop isn't part of the psyop.
riptorn 9 hours ago
People blaming all 2.5 billion East Asians when most of them have nothing to do with it lol, we don't even know where Covid came from maybe they're lying.
chan sohhar
chan sohhar 9 hours ago
God bless to you and all who care
Datum Informatics
Datum Informatics 9 hours ago
Public executions have consequences
True Tech
True Tech 9 hours ago
Can almost hear keanu reeves voice saying that in a movie.
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon 9 hours ago
I would suggest, as I may, to recruit the transient people to patrol the public areas that law enforcement personnel can not reach. Prepaid phones are very economical.
Tracy Bone
Tracy Bone 9 hours ago
Self prescribing???? What a nut.
pk yang
pk yang 9 hours ago
Thank you to people who stand up against racism. God bless you.
paul mcclaren
paul mcclaren 9 hours ago
Read Psalms 91. Then listen to the great hit from 1970 by Quicksilver Messenger Service entitled "Take Another Hit." There are 2 lines in this song which say (1) 'take another hit of FRESH AIR ' and (b) 'take another hit of (sweet California) SUNSHINE.' Do this this and you will be cured of any disease. If you want the vaccine then do this: (a) substitute the word 'vaccine' with the word 'MARK (of the beast)' every time you hear and read it and (2) view the needle as the fang of a cobra. Then make your decision. We all have a free will. Take the MARK and you've no one to blame but yourself. Read John 3.3, 33-34 and you've no one to thank but your CREATOR for his free grace. addendum: there are no air conditioners in hell.
Freddy Oshana
Freddy Oshana 9 hours ago
So sad RIP
supremekickz 9 hours ago
😂😂😂 “ they violated them”
Stefano Stefano
Stefano Stefano 9 hours ago
We Asians will boycott all American products because America is very racist towards Asians 
Vaughn Brunson
Vaughn Brunson 9 hours ago
He had that just for the cops. Cause they keep killing people. On random traffic stops.
For Me To Poop On
For Me To Poop On 9 hours ago
LOL....Mabye, you should just comply next time if you're worried about getting shot by the police.
David Giles
David Giles 9 hours ago
Anyone who has read my comments knows that I am not a fan of the Police. I do regard them as renegade (on a National level). But, I will defend any Officer who is attacked in this manner. This attack is atrocious. It only reinforces the paranoid Schizophrenic "I am in fear of my life"/"We cops have the most dangerous job in America" attitude. We do not need to reinforce such attitudes. I will come to the aid of any Officer (who is attacked in such a cowardly manner). It is wrong to do so. Cops have a difficult enough time as it is.
David Fernández
David Fernández 9 hours ago
Motivation?? The media, who's spreading hate and confrontation turning criminals into victims
Guy Montag
Guy Montag 9 hours ago
In what way did they turn this guy into a victim? Or spread hate or confrontation?
True Tech
True Tech 9 hours ago
Should've not thrown anything beyond throwing a voice, not a shirley temple, not a molotov cocktail. Now he threw his freedom away, creepy arsonist sociopath.
Arul Mugilan
Arul Mugilan 9 hours ago
If the MSM didn't have a double standard, The headline would be " Racist Black man threw molotov cocktail at the police". And the news would be "The attack was preplanned and is classified as a hate crime. The motivation behind the attack was the attacker belived in the fake news media. And as expected the attacker will be released without any bond and DA will drop the charges as soon as it's filed. And the attacker will go on to commit more violent crimes"
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
"MSM" The call of the empty headed Fox parrot.
Isauro Guzman
Isauro Guzman 9 hours ago
The guy brought her a sandwich then came back and shot her?
Jim Black
Jim Black 9 hours ago
I don't agree with trump Much but I agree with everything he said about Covid
Rafael Bautista
Rafael Bautista 9 hours ago
Adam Tingue
Adam Tingue 9 hours ago
Sad so much anger and hate
Golden Boy
Golden Boy 9 hours ago
They only wear their masks at night😉
Colin the gamer
Colin the gamer 9 hours ago
If only he was white he’d be plastered everywhere
Eric S
Eric S 9 hours ago
Blacks Launch Molotov
Garret Tously
Garret Tously 9 hours ago
The Cop probably deserved it and much worse
Chris S
Chris S 9 hours ago
Honestly, thank you for showcasing what police officers go through. People don't understand how hard it is for law enforcement. If we don't make people understand what these men and women go through, we will not have law enforcement in the future. I promise you.
Douchebaggio 9 hours ago
Sparks Keys
Sparks Keys 9 hours ago
No suspect photo? Really?
Eric S
Eric S 9 hours ago
Lucky he didn’t get blasted
SGT Paul
SGT Paul 9 hours ago
Man refuses to comply, and throws a molotov cocktail. Wondering how this will be spun to make the cop look racist. Smh (...wondering how many people will automatically assume I'M racist for saying that).
Fam Eight
Fam Eight 9 hours ago
THE TRACKCAR 9 hours ago
The one time when shooting a suspect would have been justified the officer did not shoot. 🤔
j b
j b 9 hours ago
I wonder if the guy surrendered peacefully after crashing or if he tried resisting arrest when they came to apprehend him.
BrownTiger 9 hours ago
No footage from the dashcam of anything lit? Who would have time to light a molotive? No evidence it wasn't planted for the story? The cruiser was hit not the officers. We need all the details first. 🤔
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
The number of feeble brained paranoid idiots is unbelievable.
Sarah Kaufman
Sarah Kaufman 9 hours ago
We need to keep our citizens and law enforcement in our prayers. This is insanity.
True Tech
True Tech 9 hours ago
No we don't, because arsons and pandemics never cause victims to go to a happyland in the sky, and only scammers and easily scammed types of people want people to pray because it is insanity, that part you were correct about.
bpxl53yewz 9 hours ago
She was the mom this guy needed, to show him right from wrong. Brave woman.
Sarah Kaufman
Sarah Kaufman 9 hours ago
This is evil. All this hatred.
Adam Tingue
Adam Tingue 9 hours ago
See its not guns that's the problem people are work so much trying to keep up and they want more and more tale we have nothing more to give its the corrupt government acting like they're kings that what they say as to be they forgot this is America
donjen3 9 hours ago
Obama started this mess.
Andrew Canoy
Andrew Canoy 9 hours ago
It deffinatly started under him.
Adam Tingue
Adam Tingue 9 hours ago
See its not guns that's the problem people are work so much trying to keep up and they want more and more tale we have nothing more to give its the corrupt government acting like they're kings that what they say as to be they forgot this is America
Rosa Castro
Rosa Castro 9 hours ago
The cops punks there in nyc
Chiahao Chou
Chiahao Chou 9 hours ago
Very cool. Hope to stop by!
Sgt warden
Sgt warden 9 hours ago
Pretty soon somebody is going to have to make a decision. It cannot continue like this.
TheNinjaPicker 9 hours ago
In about a week they will find out if they can cause damage to the suburbs. My guess is they will not fare well.
Mike Salgado
Mike Salgado 9 hours ago
He'll now need to level his crafting items back up, could be grinding for a while...
Lucky 9 hours ago
Dude has an interesting build, that's for sure. It seems he dumped all his points into speed and put nothing into Intelligence.
unclesmrgol dragon
unclesmrgol dragon 9 hours ago
The progressives won't stop until someone murders a policeman.
Ivan and Ginger
Ivan and Ginger 9 hours ago
BLM will blame the officer as usual
Jesse Rice
Jesse Rice 9 hours ago
Getting attacked for no reason sucks doesn't it? Maybe they should stop doing it to us
j b
j b 9 hours ago
@Mike Barry what the heck are you talking about?
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
@j b Wrong. Unless you consider a cellphone, a hose nozzle or empty hands up resisting with a weapon. The cellphone was a 12 year old kid in his bedroom. is it that hard to see both sides?
j b
j b 9 hours ago
Obviously you know nothing. None of the people who were shot by police were just doing nothing. The common denominator that led to the getting shot was resisting. Dont know how many times people have to point out that fact. If they hadnt resisted then the chances of getting shot while in a scuffle with police is zero to none.
Andrew Canoy
Andrew Canoy 9 hours ago
No reason? You don't know the facts about any of these cases.
kegginstructure 9 hours ago
Sounds like the young man was guilty of WWS - walking while stupid.
myopinions46 9 hours ago
Lock him up lock him up lock him up.
Douchebaggio 9 hours ago
@myopinions46 So you can tell the future of court cases? How? Go on... type something else stupid. I have time today
myopinions46 9 hours ago
@Douchebaggio about to get out on his own recognizance genius.
Douchebaggio 9 hours ago
@myopinions46 Where you think he is now genuis?
myopinions46 9 hours ago
@Mike Barry he needs to be jailed or.... Forever. Guys a danger to society.
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
Trumptards really like like any three word chant. "U S A" "Stop the steal"
coolguy556 9 hours ago
We can’t normalize this type of stuff, it’s ridiculous
coolguy556 9 hours ago
@Andrew Canoy never too late to fix things👍🏼, be optimistic
Andrew Canoy
Andrew Canoy 9 hours ago
It already has been.
Ivan and Ginger
Ivan and Ginger 9 hours ago
Finally...glad to see America is getting back to normal
Erin Hobbs
Erin Hobbs 9 hours ago
When the chosen people stir up hate, and then the hate rears its head in their big city.
Mike Dickinson
Mike Dickinson 9 hours ago
Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
Bits Of Everything
Bits Of Everything 9 hours ago
Dancing Diva
Dancing Diva 9 hours ago
I'm black and I live in Brooklyn..this is one perp they arrest who attacked them. Legit shooting..the unarmed ppl they kill...mind boggling.
Dancing Diva
Dancing Diva 9 hours ago
@j b bullshit..many blacks have not resisted arrest and were killed..research...GTFOH with that b.s.
Douchebaggio 9 hours ago
@RatherB_Skating Assume all you want. "High I.Q person" But your wrong on alot of things you typed. But I can care less. Continue eating boot lil boy. One bad apple spoils the bunch. So I could care less what you NYPD lickers think honestly. So... enjoy your evening boot.
Dancing Diva
Dancing Diva 9 hours ago
@j bresisting is not a death sentence..there are numerous videos of whites with guns threatening police and they are rarely shot to death..stop lying.
RatherB_Skating 9 hours ago
@Douchebaggio "Bootlickers", "ACAB"....grow the f*ck up dude. You obviously don't know any police officers or anything about the job at all. Get off social media and get educated before you decide to talk about something you are wildly ignorant about
Douchebaggio 9 hours ago
I just wanted to let the boot lickers know ACAB The whole bunch of apples is rotten.
Don Tacare
Don Tacare 9 hours ago
Democrat controlled media caused this with their anti-cop reports leaving out important information about criminals involved
True Tech
True Tech 9 hours ago
There are good cops and there are bad cops too, and lucky for us that most of them are not textbook case sociopaths, though there was one time when i was age 13 when i was clubbed and kicked without provocation by 5 horrible types of cops i never knew existed in real life until then. After that, i feared forms of authority due to their actions had the potential for being very sociopathic and the bad ones are more than willing to cover up for eachother like gang member types do. They got away with it. Like i said, most cops are good cops rather than bad cops, and that was the only time i was ever clubbed and kicked without provocation, however, i tend to not seek anyones help whenever i really should be. Alot of people feel that way really as you can perhaps understand why with some perspective.
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
Sore losers will spin anything, just like a spoiled brat that couldn't get his way.
Tru 9 hours ago
Would this be considered road rage?
Eugene S
Eugene S 9 hours ago
Aggravated assault against a police officer. Up to 15 years, many states have minimums.
The Dream Police
The Dream Police 9 hours ago
how will a plastic bottle break on impact to explode....fail
The Alpengeist
The Alpengeist 9 hours ago
The guy was obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.
UK MedicFRCS 9 hours ago
I'm so sorry that Police officers are subjected to this violence. Thank you law enforcement for everything you do to keep us safe.
#4MK1 9 hours ago
A. Greywolfe
A. Greywolfe 9 hours ago
Amazing a. Black man ATTACKED a cop with a chemical attack and he was not shot... Hmmmmmm
Imhotep Genius
Imhotep Genius 9 hours ago
But wasn't shot.....wow
j b
j b 9 hours ago
Probably because he followed orders when they arrested him. This disproves the fact that cops are trigger happy. If they were they would of shot the guy. Instead they followed procedure and the guy most likely submitted instead of resisting, so he was taken in peacefully
David Grover
David Grover 9 hours ago
Arson used to be a death penalty offense because of the high likelihood of killing people. It still should be.
LEGIO X Equestris
LEGIO X Equestris 9 hours ago
i got a gta add
Good morning, Sunday morning!!!
"Damn straight, we are coming after your Molotov cocktails!!" ~ Beta O'Dork
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
@Good morning, Sunday morning!!! I think you have me confused with Gaetz and his lover boy, Nestor. And here you had your nipple clamps and ball torture kit already for a 3-way with them and now it's not going to happen. So I understand the bitterness. Anything else? Or do you want more more. I'd be happy if you did.
Good morning, Sunday morning!!!
@Mike Barry I remember you! You named yourself after the first gay president. Quit following me!!
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
The juveniles are at it again.
QuickStix26 9 hours ago
And people wonder why Police are on edge when approaching a suspect.
Vaughn Brunson
Vaughn Brunson 9 hours ago
He like you ain’t shooting me.
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
Really? If you think "people wonder why Police are on edge" you run with a very strange crowd. About the same number if it was a GI trying to take out a pill box.
GenzGuy 9 hours ago
"he wuz a gud boy"
Wendull 81
Wendull 81 9 hours ago
Quick put a ban out on gasoline and Bic lighters.
Brian Haggerty
Brian Haggerty 9 hours ago
On my momma- "claps hands"
Wake Up
Wake Up 9 hours ago
Words matter and actions matter even more!!! 🤨
j b
j b 9 hours ago
@Barack Hussein O'Biden words do matter to an extent. They become meaningless when actions fail to bring meaning to those words over and over.
Barack Hussein O'Biden
Words actually don't matter at all, 0.00%. actions are all that matter, 100%.
nanxy z
nanxy z 9 hours ago
we need to see more ppl stand up to stop this kind of lonely wolf racism behavior if you see something ppl say something plz
Michael Schooley
Michael Schooley 9 hours ago
Happy New Year!
Wake Up
Wake Up 10 hours ago
What motivated someone to try to kill the KKK??? LOL!!! 🤣🤣🤣 ALL COPS ARE DERICK CHAUVIN IN AMERIKKKA!!!
Rights dont come with Permits
So no fried bacon, sad.
iconoclast137 10 hours ago
iconoclast137 9 hours ago
@Mike Barry no he lives next door
Mike Barry
Mike Barry 9 hours ago
Are you the guy always yelling at his TV?
GE Witchey
GE Witchey 10 hours ago
sync redrover
sync redrover 10 hours ago
DeanK_68 10 hours ago
No wonder they get shot.